Outside - h.s

Things weren't suppose to go this way, things were meant to go back to the way they use to be, but nothing was the same any more. The world has changed. The world that we used to know, the green grass, the blue skies, the white fluffy clouds. They were all gone. Ever since 'it' happened, things haven't been the same. There wasn't any more green grass, blue skies, white fluffy clouds, all that filled this dreadful world was the red sky and the things that rule the world outside the wall.


4. Chapter 3

I opened my eyes, I tried moving my head when a excruciating pain shot through my body causing me to scream quietly, the pain it was unbearable, I just wanted nothing more then to get rid of the pain that was going through my body, I looked at my hands to see they were tired up against the chair that I was sitting on.

I heard a loud, dark and evil laugh go through my ears, I fought against the pain in body and faced what seemed to be the doorway. My eyes widen as I saw who it was or should I say what it was. The demon. 'It' stared at me with a evil grin/smirk on his face as he approached me, he bent down to eye level staring at me with the same evil glint in his eyes that I saw in his eyes every time I saw him. 

"Hello Dakota" I glared at him, how does he know my name? I questioned in my head ugh I didn't need to know what I do need to do is get out of here.

"Oh come on don't be that way" He teased reaching up causing me to flinch a bit, he grabbed a strand of my hair twirling it in my hair before smelling it, I stared at him wide eyed. He let go of my hair before looking at me with a smirk seeing the fear in my eyes. It stood up opening up it's mouth really wide, it grabbed my mouth and opened it up, I tried to stop him but it was no use, it was stronger then i'll ever be.

It started breathing in before I realized what it was doing, it was going to suck the life out of me. My eyes widened and I used all the strength in my body to push him away causing my chair to fall, me along with it. It stared at me and rolled it's eyes before it walked over to me picking up my chair and setting me down. It started to walk away and before he left the room, it turned around still smirking 

"You have no idea what's ahead of you" It smirked before slamming the door shut, I waited for the loud foot steps to disappear when I started to try get out of the ropes that hold me bound to the chair. I struggled against the ropes as the pain became more painful then it already was. I felt the ropes scrape hard down on my wrists, I looked down at them to see they were already going a crimson red colour. I needed to get out of here.

Now! I need to get back home! How did I even survive? How did I survive the fall? I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, who even pushed me? and why? I shook my head, I didn't have time for this, I needed to get out. I pushed my body up harder but it was no use I couldn't get out of the chair. I tried to scream but I couldn't, I breathed heavily my chest going  up and down.

I looked around trying to see if there was anything I could use but it was too dark in here to see anything. I looked to my right to see a window, I saw my mothers star twinkling, I smiled at her star, as I stared at it I whispered "I love you mum" Before my vision turned black and my body went limp.

Ally's POV

Ally got out of her bed, she raised her hand up and wiped the tears that were falling down her cheeks off her face. She took a deep breath and walked out of her room and down the stairs to find that Dakota wasn't there, she looked around the house trying to find her but she couldn't, she wanted to explain why she went up to her room.

You see her twin sister Alex she was noticed by a demon and Alex was convinced that the demon loved her, Ally tried to tell her twin not to go out there but Alex wouldn't listen, she still went. Ally had to watch her sister step out of the wall and get ripped to shreds by the demon that told her sister that it loved her and now the same thing is happening to Dakota now and Ally doesn't want that to happen to Dakota. Ally sat down on the couch grabbing the remote hoping for Dakota to return any time soon.

Two hours had past and it was around nine-thirty pm and Ally was still on the couch when she heard the door open, she hopped off the couch running towards the front door shouting "DAKOTA? IS THAT YOU?" She turned the corner only to run into a hard chest, she looked up to see Dakota's dad standing there looking at Ally with confusion running through his eyes. Ally stood up quickly and apologized quickly 

"Sorry sir" All he did was nod at her before walking into the kitchen grabbing an apple out of the fridge and sat on one of the kitchen chairs, when ally noticed what he was wearing, he was wearing the army uniform. She stared at him wide-eyed 

"Why are you wearing an army's uniform" Ally asked softly sitting down next to him. He shook his head.

"The army is going to war with the demons, going to try see what they can do to get rid of the demons, to try find out their weakness." He paused looking at his apple before continuing.

"They needed more people and I offered to take up the job and I got it.... and Dakota saw me... in the uniform" He paused again, standing up chucking the apple in the bin, he walked over to the counter and placed his hands down on the counter.

"She.. she sounded so heartbroken when she asked me why I was wearing it even though she knew why I was" He finished before he slammed his hands down on the counter in rage causing Ally to gasp and flinch when he started yelling 

"I SHOULD'NT OF EVEN OFFERED !! SHE ALREADY LOST ONE PARENT, SHE MIGHT LOSE ANOTHER NOW! WHY ?! WHY DID I HAVE TO GO AND GET THE JOB, WHY DID EVERYTHING HAVE TO HAPPEN THE WAY IT DID ! Why did this have to happen" He screamed before quietly saying the last bit, he fell to the ground, Ally rushed over to him, she bent down sitting next to him putting a arm around his shoulder, pulling him into her chest making soothing sounds while she rubbed his back.

"Everything happens for a reason Dave, It's not your fault that Maggie died, it was no one's fault. And with what happened with those things, no one knew that it was going to happen, no one could stop it" Ally finished, Dave looked up at her.

"But I cant even look at Dakota anymore because every time I do, I see Maggie, I just cant, I want to but I cant, it must break her heart" Ally didn't know how to respond to that so she just hugged him harder. After a few minutes she pulled back when she remembered Dakota 

"Would you happen to know where Dakota would be?" Ally asked since Dave had seen her before so she thought he might have known if she said anything to him though. Dave shook his head 

"No I don't, I thought she would've come back by now" Ally shook her head "I checked everywhere in the house and I didn't find her anywhere"

"She probably wants some space" Dave responded, hoping nothing happened to her. He got off the floor helping Ally up as well before bidding her good night. Ally nodded her head at him before walking back to the couch watching some more tv. She looked out the window to see Maggie's star 

"Please if you know where she is.. Keep her safe" She finished.

 By morning, Dakota had not returned home and now Ally was seriously worried, she had went into Dakota's room this s'morning to see it had been untouched. Dave had already left the house since the army started training new recruits at 5am in the morning.

Ally grabbed her bag with a photo of Dakota and walked out of the house, closing the door on the way out. She went down to the town and everyone she pasted, she asked them if they had seen Dakota while showing them the picture but every person had shook their heads and continued on with their day. Ally sighed where was she? she asked herself when a gust of wind blew causing ally to stumble a bit into the alley that she was currently standing in front of. She quickly got out of the alley shivering a bit, she hated alley's so much. She was about to walk again when another large gust of wind blew her into the alleyway again. She huffed crossing her arms, when she saw it. The Ladder.

She quickly walked down the alleyway hoping that there was no one in there, hiding in the shadows. She quickly ran out of the alleyway on the other side. She walked up to the ladder wondering who would put it up against the wall, why was this here? she wondered, she looked up to see that there was a small ledge near the top of it.

She looked at it confused, she tightened her grip on the ladder before putting one foot on the ladder and started climbing up. She grabbed onto the little edge and pulled herself up, she looked down, her eyes widening from the height. She stood up hoping that the floor would hold her weight. 

She looked down what looked like a small hallway that lead to some stairs when she saw a small book on the ground near the stairs, she slowly walked over to the stairs bending down and picking up the book. She took a deep breath and blew onto the book, as it was a bit dusty. She opened the book, her eyes scanning the page reading the small words written across the page.

"Property Of Dakota Faith" 

Ally's eyes widen at the words, Dakota was here, her eyes looked at the wooden stairs, Ally looked up to see how high it lead up. She reached out and just as she touched the wood, she was blown back, she smashed against the wall, hitting her against the concrete floor.

She gasped at the pain that was running through her body. She lifted her hand up in front of her face to see it was burnt and warm crimson blood was running down her hand, her eyes widen at the site of her hand, she looked back towards the stairs to see it wasn't there anymore. She tried pulling herself back up but she fell back onto the ground, her entire body was in so much pain, she couldn't handle it. 

She tried getting back up, she had to get out of there. She couldn't stay there. She used all of her strength and got up on her knees before getting up on her feet, she turned around and slowly moved out, her body was shaking badly. She gripped the ladder tightly, trying not to let go of it because of how badly her hand was shaking.

When she got down on the ground, she ran away from the ladder, she ran through the alleyway and up the street, everyone she had passed looked at her strangely as she was holding her badly burnt hand in one hand and her eyes were bloodshot an effect from the electric blast she had just survived from. Once she was in her street she slowed down a bit, she looked down at her feet trying to hurry to get to the house.

Her still shaking hand grabbed her keys and tried putting them in the door, but she couldn't by how much she was shaking, she put the key against the lock forcing the key to go into the lock, she turned the key and opened the door before shutting it, she ran up the stairs slowly.

She walked into the bathroom putting on the water, she grabbed her hand ready for the extra pain she was just about to go through. She grabbed a towel and put it in her mouth biting down on it hard. She stared at the running cold water before placing her hand under the water, letting the flowing water go onto her burnt hair causing her to grip the towel in her mouth hard screaming at the extreme pain that was going through her body. Nothing could describe how much pain was going through her body.

Tears started welling up in her eyes as she screamed. She pulled her burnt hand away from the running water, she pushed the towel out of her mouth, she silently screamed before opening up the cabinet grabbing the bandages, she wrapped the bandage around her hand before putting the rest of the stuff away. She closed the cabinet, and walked out of the bathroom, going into her room, she laid down on her bed pulling her damaged hand close to her chest as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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