Z0MB1EZ: Undead Is No Trend

After getting bitten by what she thought was a crazy kid, her life turns underground. Lead by a new friend into a secret hide-out within the cemetery, she arrives as a new student of Zombi High as, Zee Flesh-Eater.


2. Flesh Wounds

With music playing, and a crowd of people in the room, their voices were louder than the 70's/80's/90's songs playing. The sounds of pins being knocked over by each bowling ball makes me jump every time. Alice took me into the arcade room where everyone else is.

During the game, where Alice is just about to win, I got a bit iffy. The bite pulsing through my skin burns like something is eating away at my flesh.

I cried out holding at my arm. Alice freaked with worry, "How bad does it hurt?"

"It's like something is eating through my arm!"

She got me to sit down at one of the tables. The feeling ate and ate, "Want me to take you home?" She asked. Tears burst more down my face. I tried to fight it, "That... would be good!"

She informed a friend that she's taking me home, and so we left into her car. She drove down into my street, "Hold on. We're almost there." The burning, so intense, drove me crazy inside, I wanted so bad to scream and just... lose my mind.

Mum saw us coming, "Back so soon?" Alice explained that she had to drive me down. After I already dashed into the bathroom, yelling, going insane from so much pain I'm in, mum called the doctor.

Resting calmly in bed, the doctor unravelled the bandage. I saw a look of surprise on their faces, "It seems that... the bite on her arm is no longer there." The doctor said. Confused, I looked down at my arm; maggots were eating in the flesh of the opened wound. I screamed. The panic lifted my heart pumping.

Waking in bed in sweat, and heart thumping, I checked my arm again. The bandage is still there, left untouched. With relief, I pulled the blanket over my head, never wanting to fall asleep again.

The next morning, the doctor unravelled the bandage from my arm. From the nightmare I had, I'm not going to see it this time. No way.

With surprise, he looked more shocked than careless unlike the nightmare, "It appears that the wound has... developed. See the flesh here?" Mum looks where he points around the wound, "It appears that the flesh is at a stage of decay."

My heart never raced so fast in its life, "What!?"

The doctor raised his hand, "It may seem so, yes. It appears the boy who bit you has a disease. I'm not really sure what."

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