Z0MB1EZ: Undead Is No Trend

After getting bitten by what she thought was a crazy kid, her life turns underground. Lead by a new friend into a secret hide-out within the cemetery, she arrives as a new student of Zombi High as, Zee Flesh-Eater.


6. First Class

Zen entered the room with my already delivered uniform. After handing it to me, he turns to leave, "Hey." I said, he stops and looks back, "I'm sorry... for freaking out and... asking you to get away from me. I'm not use to this and I'm sure you know that. You don't seem like the type to hurt me on purpose, but... did you do it out of spite?"

He looks down, "You're lonely?" I guessed. He looks away as if to say, yes, "But you got have friends, right?" He continues to stare at the floor, "Have you ever tried?" He rubs his arm, "Want me to help you?"

He looks up at me as if unsure, "I can speak for you. You don't have to say anything. Uh... can you even talk at all?" He shook his head. All this time I thought he's just too shy, and as it turns out he... can't even say a word.

I took out a note pad and pen from the desk and gave it to him, "Here. You can write down anything."

At the click of the pen, he began to write, and when he was done, he showed me. I took back the note pad. The writing wasn't big and messy than I thought it would be, "You have nice handwriting for... uh... mute." He smiled a little. I read, "You're... sorry?" He nods. I gave him back the note pad, "It doesn't matter anymore."

As class is about to start soon, I got dressed in my uniform. For girls, black dresses with mouldy green trim, black stockings, and leather shoes, and the school logo sewed in what looked like two Zs facing opposite from each other, looped in together with ZH in purple over it. For the boys, all black as well with mouldy green trim t-shirts and pants with the logo sewed in, and leather shoes.

I arrived in ready for cooking class. I saw Zen still wearing the black hood, but with the logo. I sat in the seat next to him.

After everyone settled to find a spot, the teacher began. His skin's pale blue, and his grey hair, a craze, dressed in torn chef clothes with a hat. He spoke in grunts, groans and moans. I looked to Zen, and then at the note pad he wrote, 'Just go along with it.'

The teacher wrote the ingredients and method on the board to make Maggot Stew, which is really gross. The bowl of real live maggots wriggling around made me sick to my stomach. Zen took the bowl and poured it in the pot over a hot stove and stirs. He looks to me and writes on the note pad, 'Are you all right?' "I'm ok." I replied.

He points to the ingredients; I picked up one for him to pour in next. After stirring from the pot, he points to the bowls in the cabinet, I walked over to take two and bring them over. I heard someone speak from behind me, "How sweet that she's partnered with Zen. No one ever talks to him."

I held the bowl out for him as he scoops the spoon up to pour in the stew. I looked over to see two girls, one with pale grey skin and long dirty blonde hair, and the other with pale blue skin and pixie red hair, watching us.

He poured the next bowl in with the stew. We went back to the table. The teacher grunts and begins to try his bowl of Maggot Stew. After sipping at the spoon he gave a delighted impression, gesturing for us to try.

I watched Zen take a spoon and scooped for a taste. My stomach still churned at the idea of maggots even though they're now long dead. He waited for me to have a taste. I picked up the spoon, "Ok. Here goes." I swirled it in the bowl, seeing the dead maggots scooped on the spoon I just wanted to pick them off and sip the damn thing.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I went ahead and did it. I chewed at the dead maggots in my mouth. Disgusting as it is, it actually didn't taste that bad at all. I really thought I'd puke.

I looked to Zen and he smiled. The teacher grunted and groaned. As I still have no clue what he's saying, I am enjoying this class a lot more.

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