Devereaux's Inferno

World famous supermodel Guinevere Ryan is getting over her failed marriage. Wealthy playboy billionaire Reichen Devereaux V is a ladies man who is enjoying his bachelor status and is not looking to settle down. When Gwen and Reichen meet sparks fly, but fate intervenes,so when Gwen and Reichen meet again, the attraction is still there and the two embark on a passionate love affair that will change their lives forever.


6. Chapter Six

“As for me, to love you alone, to make you happy, to do nothing which would contradict your wishes, this is my destiny and the meaning of my life.”— Napoleon Bonaparte

 Reichen's POV

I’m awaken from my sleep by the aroma of flesh coffee, I look down at my hand, where I see the wedding band, I can’t believe I got married last night. I reach over into my bedside drawer, to get my testosterone injections that I have been taking since I was sixteen years old. I've become so used to the injections, that becomes second nature to me. It doesn't take long to adminster the injections. I put the viles of testosterone back into my drawer. I roll out of bed and start putting on my pajamas. Then my thoughts wander to how Rafe, Harper, Connor and my parents are going to have a heart attack, when I tell them. I’m happy that I have until the weekend to them, it’s gives time to prepare. I get out of bed, and my way to the kitchen, where I see my lovely wife fixing breakfast. She turns around when she hears me come into the kitchen. She walks over to me and places kisses all over my face. I pull her into my arms, she then wraps her legs around my waist.

“I love you, Mrs. Deveraux, and this moment I have a urge to make love to you on this kitchen table.”

“I really would love that,but I want to talk to you about. It's very important, so I want you to listen okay."

“Okay, this sound serious.”

I sit Gwen back down, and we walk into the living room, we take a seat on the couch.

“Not really,but it is important. I want to meet up with Brennan and tell him about us getting married.”

I immediately don’t like what she’s telling me when I hear Brennan’s name.

“Why,” I say with so much conviction in my voice. I never really liked the guy, because he’d beat Holden at some major tennis tournaments, but more importantly he was married to the woman I love.

“I want him to hear it from the news or someone else.”"

“I understand sweetheart."

“So you’re okay with that.”

“Baby, I’m okay with that.”

Gwen jumps into my lap, and gives me huge huge.

“Thank you for so understanding baby.”

“I only I have on request.”


“I would like to be there with you when you tell him about us.”

I know I’m asking a lot when I see Gwen’s expression quickly change. It’s just that despises Brennan. To be honest, I should thank him for being a self-centered asshole, because I’m now married to the most amazing woman in the world.


The mood quickly changes, we lay back on the couch, I run my finger down Gwen’s cheek, her lovely green eyes looking back at me. The moment is short-lived when a knock at door breaks the moment. “I’ll go answer the door babe, and then we can get back to our lovemaking.”

“Don’t be long.” she says with her mellow voice that I love so much.

“I will.”

I jump off the couch and head to the front door. I open the door,expecting it might be Rafe whose been hiding out with Rachel.  Oh Shit , I say to myself when I see my father standing in the doorway.

“Hey dad, I say completely shaken up by his unannounced presence. I feel like I might have a heart attack or something. I run my hands through my hair. He’s completely caught me off guard.  The sooner the better I say to myself.

“Hello, son may I come in,” he says.

“Um..Hi dad..Of course you can come’s just I have something to tell you first.”

 He stops midway, still standing at the door.

“What is son?” I can tell he’s becoming worried.

I lead him into the penthouse and we stop before we get to the living room where Gwen is waiting for me.

“Dad..I don’t know to tell you this.”

 “Son, what’s going on, you are starting to scare me.”

 “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s nothing bad, it’s actually something pretty amazing.”

 “Okay, Riechen just tell what it is.”

“Dad, me and Gwen Ryan got married last night.”

I see his wrinkles start to flare up and his eye-brows raises up and  I know that he’s shocked by my confession, but I see a smile form on his face and he suddenly gives me a bear hug.

“So take it that you approve of me and Gwen.”

 “I more than approve, I’m over the moon for you and your new bride, I’ve been wanting you to settle down for a couple of years now. I had hoped that you and Guinevere would hit it off, but I never thought it would be that fast. I take it you and Guinevere haven’t told her parents yet?”

“No we haven’t we wanted to wait to this weekend.”

“So son when I’m going to meet your wife?”

 “Um, now, she’s in the living room right now.”

I lead my father to the living room, where Gwen is sitting on the couch. When she sees us, she jumps up with a worried and concern expression on her face. I smile at her to reassure her that everything’s okay. I walk over to Gwen and motions her back over to my father, who is still standing.

“Dad, I would like to introduce to my wife, Guinevere.”

My father reaches out to give Gwen a hug.

“Welcome to the family Guinevere.”

“Thank you Mr. Deveraux.”

“, my dear you can call me dad okay.”

“Okay, dad.”

Well I’ll leave you two newlyweds alone to enjoy your honeymoon, and me and your mother can expect grandchildren next year."

“Okay dad,” me and Gwen say in unison.

As we watch the my father leave the penthouse, a rush of panic takes hold of me. This is real, I didn’t dream the hold thing. I really did marry Gwen and amazingly she loves me too. Gwen looks at me with her beautiful green eyes.

“What are you thinking about.”

I grin. "I’m how this is really crazy, I’ve never really been the kind of person acts in the moment.

“Me either, but it felt right, it feels right.”

“Yeah it does.”

“So want do you want today, my sexy husband.”

“I would for us to stay in the penthouse, and make love all day.”

“I like the sound of that, but we have to make a decision on the firm we are choosing for the construction of the wing for the children’s hospital.

“I totally forgot about, we could go to the office next week, to go over the details of the building plans for the wing.” I want the remaining of week to like our honeymoon, before we go back to business."

“I’m okay with that.”

I walk back over to the couch, and take I sit. Gwen must have notice the serious expression on my face, so she came and sat next to me. I gather her into my arms and we both laid back on the couch.

“Reichen what’s wrong?”

I look into  her beautiful green eyes.

“Gwen, I just worried that when we have children, how will I explain my trans status to them, especially if we have a son.” How will he feel about me being a trans man."

Gwen places her hand on my chest and my fear subsides a little.

“Sweetheart don’t worry, you are a amazing man, our children will love you.”

"Thanks for saying that babe."

"It's the truth Reichen, you are going to be an amazing father.

"I think so too."






























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