Devereaux's Inferno

World famous supermodel Guinevere Ryan is getting over her failed marriage. Wealthy playboy billionaire Reichen Devereaux V is a ladies man who is enjoying his bachelor status and is not looking to settle down. When Gwen and Reichen meet sparks fly, but fate intervenes,so when Gwen and Reichen meet again, the attraction is still there and the two embark on a passionate love affair that will change their lives forever.


1. Chapter One

“No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time."  —James Baldwin


Reichen’s POV



It was a rainy day in June in March, there no sun, only dark clouds in the sky, I was staring out of the window, I was was feeling a little under the weather, because my idiot brother for the fourth time decided that he wanted to miss the monthly board meeting. “Why do I even bother”, I say to myself out loud. I walk over to my desk to take a seat. I mind begins to drift towards lovely Gwen Ryan, the woman who haunts my dreams, the only woman who had a hold on me, the only woman that I would’nt mind having a long-term relationship with. I want her with every fiber of my being. I want to make her mine’s. For the last couple of years I’ve my life, particularly my love life has received worldwide attention, with newspaper headline title asking _What Woman Can Tame the Playboy._ I laugh at the headline, but to be honest the only woman who could tame me is Gwen Ryan, if she wanted too. For the last nine years I’ve kept my distance from her, she was happily married to that tennis player Brennan Cooper. For time to time we would see each other, and we would have small conversations, but then we would have to part, that would cause me to feel a emptiness in me. If only I had met her first, I would have swept her off her feet, then I would have been the one she was married to. I remember when Max, one of my best friends since childhood had told me Gwen had split up with her husband. I’m snapped back to reality when suddenly my father the great businessman Reichen Remington Devereaux the fourth, or as I like to call him, Remi  for which the name was passed down to me, walks into my office. I can tell just by looking at him, that he is not in a good mood, so I take a seat at my desk, and brace myself for the worse.



“Where is your good for nothing brother of yours”, he ask me. “I have no idea dad, he could be hold up with Rachel somewhere.” It was just like my lazy brother who really didn’t have one clue how to run a business empire. These days the only thing that was on his mind, is his beautiful fiancee Rachel, not that I could blame him, Rachel is very beautiful. I was really happy him when he told me he was planning on proposing to her last year. I really evnied him, I wanted that type of relationship. At that time I was dating Lily Rousseau a famous French actress, that my other best friend Holden had introduce me to.



“Well can you get in touch with him, I have some important business to discuss with him”. 



“I’ll try dad, but you know how hard it is to get in touch with Mr. Noshow”,plus I’m begining to think they might have eloped."



“Oh Lord, if thats happen David would be in my office yelling at the top of his lungs, so I don’t believe they eloped, so maybe they’re just hiding out”.



“Yeah, they’re probably just hiding out from the world”, I say.



“Well just leave them alone for now. I have something to ask you. Guinevere Ryan wants us to donate money to build a new wing for Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital so I want you work with her for the project”.



At the very mention of Governor Ryan’s daughter, I begin pacing around my office, thinking about the only woman who to break the armor around my heart. While I’m pacing around my office, I’m trying to think when the last time I saw Gwen, I think I might have been earlier this year at one of President Obama fundraisers. I"m beginning to remember because Max had pulled me aside to tell me that Gwen had file for divorce from her husband of nine years Brennan Cooper, and she had hired Max’s law firm to handled the divorce. I’m slapped back to reality when I notice my father staring at me blankly.



“What’s wrong son”, My father ask me with a concerned look on his face.



“Um nothing, So when do you want me to start on the project. I would really like to finish with this project this week. I want to take a little vacation to get my mind off business.” I was thinking of leaving Harper and Connor in charge while I’m gone, they really got a good head for business."



“That’s a very good idea son. It can be a great learning experience for them and it will give Harper something to focus on, since she and David broke up. Plus it would give me and your mother some peace and quiet."



“I set up a meeting for you two at about 1:30 this afternoon”, it shouldn’t take more than four days and then you can take your vacation." Just maybe you meet a woman and fall madly in love with, marry her so me and your mother can have some grandchildren to spoil."



“Here we go again, dad listen I’m not looking to settle down at the moment, anyway you do know that you have three other children who can provide you grandchildren, and besides that you have Rafe whose getting married two months from now, so you and mom will probably get grandkids before the end of the year.” I look at my watch, and notice it’s 12:30. “Thats an hour away”. I’m feeling flustered and a little nervous. I haven’t seen Gwen since last month, and for some strange reason I’m feeling excited about seeing her.



“I know that, it’s just that I would love to to see my first born son settle down first. Well I know this is going in and out your ear so you better get moving then.” Then my father known by the public as Reichen the fourth gets up from his sit and walks out the my office leaving me in ruins. I’m about to see Guinevere Ryan in less than an hour and I feel as though my heart is going to burst from my chest.



 Gwen’s POV



I can’t believe my father is asking me doing this, Gwen said to herself while sitting in her office in Trump tower. She begins thinking about ReichenDevereaux, the only man to make her heart feel like its going to explode, not even her ex-husband made her feel like that, and she had loved Brennan very much, but there was just something about Reichen that that made her pulse speed up.  In the nine years that followed after meeting Reichen, she would increasingly become jealous whenever Reichen would get a new girlfriend. She would even fantasize, about how it would feel to be beneath him while he is making love to her, that’s why she would try her best to stay away from him, she didn’t want to betray Brennan, even though he had a wandering eye himself, time after time she would forgive for cheating, but last year, she had finally had enough with him. It was what to needed to finally leave him for good. Maybe this project is the perfect excuse for getting close to Reichen, maybe if she played her cards right she could get the playboy to fall in love with her. Gwen starts to laugh, at the idea, yeah I’m going to get Reichen Deveraux to fall head over heels for me, on in my dreams. There’s a knock at the door. “Come in,” I say. 



A couple of minutes later Emily Hunter whose been Gwen’s best friend since childhood walks into her office.



“Hey, what are you still doing here”? I thought you had left".



“No, I’m still here”.



“Are you okay”, you look a little bit worried".



“It’s just that I’m about to go see Reichen Deveraux in about forty minutes”.



“Wait, the Reichen Deveraux that has women all over the world throwing themselves over. The Reichen Deveraux whose baby blues melts any woman’s heart. The incredibly sexy blue-eyed jet black hair Reichen Devereaux , that you are crazy about.” I mean you gotta admit Gwen, the man was born to be a love-making machine."



Gwen begins blushing. “That’s the one, and for your information I’m crazy about him okay. It’s just that I really enjoyed to talking to him, anyway that was almost nine years ago, he probably doesn’t even remember me.” We’ve seem each other from time to time at social events, he’s usually there with his girl of the month." Anyway I was happily married to Brennan so I couldn’t really act on my attraction to him. So I secretly pined for him.



“Right”!! So how did you two meet again".



Gwen sighs. “I can’t believe you forgot Emily, but anyway we met at the 2003 French Open, where Brennan was playing in the finals against Holden Campbell, me and Brennen were only married for a about a month and was getting use to him playing on the ATP tour. I was sitting in the VIP section, when he walked in. We just looked at each other, and it was an instant connection between us. He came over to me and introduce himself to me. He was there supporting his friend Holden. It was so crazy, we talked for hours it seem, I didn’t even watch Brennan’s match. He was so captivating that I couldn’t even think straight. He was so amazing and sexy, than I just wanted to jump in bed with him, even though I was happily married at the time”.



“Girl join the club, every woman wants to jump in bed with him. Sometimes I forget that he’s a trans man, hell I don’t even care that he’s trans. He’s just so fucking hot. No wonder he has to fight women off of him, he’s a Greek Adonis.”



“I know what you mean,that’s why I’m so nervous about seeing him again”. Gwen turns around to look at the clock on the wall.



“Oh shit, I have to go Emily, I’ll see you later on tonight okay”.



“Not if you are in bed with Riechen you won’t.”



Gwen turns bright red. “I wish.”



Emily starts laughing and walks over to Gwen to give her a goodbye hug. “Call when you get back to your place.”



“Okay I will.” Emily walks out the office leaving Gwen alone with her thoughts. Just calm down, Gwen she says to herself. He probably doesn’t even remember you. You are going to be okay. Gwen takes the elevator to the lobby and catches a cab to Deveraux Corporation.






I’m watching the clock on the wall as the seconds tick by. In just a few minutes I will be face to face with Gwen Ryan. I walk over to my desk to take a sit. Suddenly my intercom buzzes, it’s my secretary Grace.



“Yes Grace what is it”.



“Mr. Devereaux, Miss Ryan is here to see you”.



“Send her in Grace.” I get up from my desk. The door opens and I see Grace leading Gwen into my office. Instantly our eyes meet. I know she feels the connection, I see in her eyes. I walk over to Gwen.



“Thank you Grace”.



“You’re welcome Mr.Devereaux ”.



I reach out my hand to shake Gwen’s hand. The minute our hands touch, it’s like I’m engulfed in an inferno. I can see the expression on face to know, she felt that same inferno as I did.



“Hello Gwen, it’s been a while”.



“Hello Reichen, and yes it has, I’m surprised you even remembered me”.



I start to laugh.



“What’s so funny”, as she glares at me.



“Gwen I could never forget you. You are a amazing woman”.



Gwen starts to smile and I led her over to take a sit on my couch. Being to close to her again is affecting me, her hair is brunette and I have to sudden urge to run my hands through it. Hell I wanted to pull her in my arms and just kiss her.



“I bet you say that to all the girls”. You know you have a reputation of bedded women".



“Actually I don’t, and for the latter, what can I say I’m a lover of women. But you Gwen are a very special woman who makes me very nervous.”



Gwen looking surprised, “I don’t believe you. I just don’t see you as person who would get nervous. You are a businessman who has rivals who shake in their boots when they are around you.”



“Well Gwen I’ll have to change your perspective of me, so working together on this project is perfect. I really want to get to know you”, and that’s not just a line".



“I really want to get to know you too Reichen.  I have to be honest with you. I’ve missed you. It’s so crazy because I was a happily married woman, but I wanted really bad. 



“I’m happy to hear that, but want to be blunt with you Gwen, I’ve wanted since that day we met. I backed off because you were married. And when you walked into my office I wanted to take you in my arms and make passionate love to you on my desk”. 



“Oh Reichen, I don’t know to say. I’ve just feel so overwhelm.”



I reach out for her and take her in my arms, I whisper in her ear. “Gwen do you want be to me to make love to you”. 



Gwen pulls away from me and looks into my eyes". “Reichen I don’t want to be another conquest on your bedpost. I want this to be more. So I would love for you to make love to me, I’ve been divorced less than two months so I want to go slow, and must we not forget about the building project for the hospital.” 



“Gwen you are not an conquest for me, you are so much more. I understand that you want to take this slowly. And you are right, we need to focus on the project.” 



“I was wondering if we could go to your place to go over the building project”. I’ve been reviewing some architecture firms in the area."



“Of course we can.” I motion Gwen towards the door and we walk out of my office, as I pass Grace, I tell her to take my messages, I’m going to be out my office all day. Me and Gwen take the elevator to the front lobby. My head is spinning at this point, I'm unable to form any thoughts that aren't about Gwen. As we make our way through the lobby, my arms are gently around Gwen's body, sending shivers down my spine. She leaned into my body, I could also feel her want, her desire for me. Only me. We grab a cab to my penthouse in Matthattan.



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