Devereaux's Inferno

World famous supermodel Guinevere Ryan is getting over her failed marriage. Wealthy playboy billionaire Reichen Devereaux V is a ladies man who is enjoying his bachelor status and is not looking to settle down. When Gwen and Reichen meet sparks fly, but fate intervenes,so when Gwen and Reichen meet again, the attraction is still there and the two embark on a passionate love affair that will change their lives forever.


4. Chapter Four

“I do not think that what is called Love at first sight is so great an absurdity as it is sometimes imagined to be. We generally make up our minds beforehand to the sort of person we should like, grave or gay, black, brown, or fair; with golden tresses or raven locks; -- and when we meet with a complete example of the qualities we admire, the bargain is soon struck.” --William Hazlitt 


I can tell by Gwen’s expression on her face that she was not expecting a marriage proposal, but then again yesterday I had no idea that I would be proposing to anyone. I guess that’s life for you, it always throws a curve ball at you. I kneel down on the floor by the bed so I’m facing Gwen, I grab Gwen’s hand and I place it into mine’s.

“Can you say that again, cause I think you just ask me to marry you.”

“I did ask you.”

“Reichen are you crazy, we barely know each other.”

“Yeah, I’m crazy about you, I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

Gwen gets up from the bed and begins pacing around the room, I know I’ve caught her off guard with my proposal. It’s just I’ve felt this way about a woman before, and there’s no way hell I’m letting her go. I know she feels the same way about me. Then it hits me, I had’ve said anything about love. I’m crazy in love with this woman for nine years. Here goes nothing.

“Gwen I’m in love with you, I have been for nine years. The day I met I wanted to sweep you into my arms and ride off in sunset. I know it’s corny as hell, but that the way I feel. Gwen if you don’t feel the same away about me, please tell me now so I can try to move on with my life.”

Gwen cups my face with her hands stares at me with her sparking  green eyes that make me feel like I’m finally home.

“This may be very crazy Reichen, but I’m in love with you, I been since we met. I just realize it. I had just gotten married and was adjusting to being Mrs. Brennan Cooper, I really couldn’t see my love for. I however would always get jealous whenever you got a new girlfriend. So I know it’s crazy, but yes Reichen I would love to marry you.”

I immediately sweep Gwen in my arms and beginning swinging her around. When I finally come sown back to planet Earth, I gently lay her back on the bed. I fall beside her and wrap her into arms.

“Gwen you have made me the happiest man in the world.”

Gwen reaches over to caress my face, the warmth from her touch arouses me, as she stares at me with her beautiful green eyes, it’s as sees my soul. I feel that I’m finally at peace. When I was younger I thought that I had to hide who I really to please the people I love. I was just afraid that that would reject me, I guess that’s why I’ve been jumping to woman to woman, I was afraid that if let my guard down, they would hurt me. But with Gwen I didn’t have a choice, I love her the moment I saw her. I will my best to make her happy.

“You know that you will be breaking a lot women’s heart by marrying me. I consider myself the luckiest woman in world. I can’t wait to be Mrs. Reichen Deveraux.” We should go take a shower and get ready."

I laugh, “I really don’t care about the other women feelings, I only care about the woman who is laying my arms.”

I scoop up Gwen off of the bed into my arms and carry her to the shower. We take off all our clothes. I turn the shower on, and we both step in, the water is warm, me and Gwen get under the water, the water feels good on my skin. I take some soap and begin washing Gwen’s body from top to bottom. I can feel that touch is arousing her, so I continue soothing her body with my hands, when I’m through caressing her body, I start kissing her neck, I hear her moan with pleasure at my kisses, I begin to trail my kisses down her body until I get to her beasts, I kiss her beasts, I hear her moaning my name, then Gwen grabs my hand, and begins to trace hand all over her body. She turns towards me to whisper something in my ear. “I want you inside of me.” she tells me. I gently push her up against the shower wall, kissing her passionately, when she lifts her legs around my waist, I slowly and carefully enter her, I wait until she adjusts to my body and then we begin to move in rhythm. I begin moving inside of her, increasing my thrusts when I hear Gwen screaming my name, I thrust one more time before I surrender to the my climax, Gwen follows me when finally comes apart in my embrace. We both fall to the shower fall, exhausted from our lovemaking, minutes later after resting a bit I stand up and lift Gwen into my arms, we step out of the shower. We both dry off each other, we gather up our clothes and we start to gloom and get dressed. We head back into my bedroom.

“Well you we could get married today, we can go down to City Hall I can ask the Justice of the Peace to marry us.”

“You are crazy, you know that.” But if we are getting married, I want my best friend there okay."

“I’m crazy about you, we can go pick her up on our way to City Hall. I’m going to go call the Justice of the Peace.”

“Okay I’ll go call Emily, she’s probably going to think I’m nuts.”

“Trust me babe, our whole family will think we’re crazy, but in the end they will be happy for us, I hope.”

“You know, I really don’t care what my family says, I love you Reichen, that’s all that really matters.”

“Then we don’t have anything to worry about.

Gwen walks over to me and kisses me, before I know I wrap my arms around, with my chin on her forehead. We just stand there for awhile, until she says she going to go call Emily, I nod my to her. She walks into the living room. I walk back over to my bed, I use the phone on my nightstand drawer. I call up Justice Walker, who’s friends with my father, Justice Walker questions on the first ring, I ask him if he marry me and my fiancée, to whom I been engaged to for about an hour. He offers his congrats on our marriage, and would be happy to marry us. He tells me to he will be at City Hall in about an hour. I thank him and I end the call. In about an hour or more I will be a married man.

Gwen returns from the living room, from the expression on her face, her talk with Emily went well. Gwen runs and jumps into my arms, and starts kissing everywhere on my face.

“I take it Emily approves.”

“Yes she’s does, but she thinks I have lost my mind.” You should of heard her she was screaming like crazy. It was really funny."

I can see that."

“So what did the Justice of the Peace say.”

“He said he would be happy to marry us today. So we better get going to go pick up Emily.”

“Don’t you want to invite someone.”

“Well yeah, actually I might ask my best buddies Holden and Max if that’s okay with you.”

“Of course I’m okay with it, I want us to be surrounded by the people we love when we get married. Then we can have a big second wedding so we can surrounded by our families.”

“Anthing for the woman that I love. You can be heading down to the lobby, I’m going to go call Holden and Max.”


As I watch Gwen leave, I start to picture how each of our families will take the news of a marriage, I know Holden and Max will understand, well I hope they will understand. I reach into my pants pocket to get my cell phone to call Holden.

“Hey Holden is Max with by any chance.”

“Hey Rei, we were about to watch the basketball between the Knicks and the Cetlics.”

“I’m sorry to rain on your plans, but I need you too to meet me at City Hall at nine o’clock okay.”

“I’m why,” Holden asked with a tone in his voice.

“Because I’m getting married that’s why.”

“What!!” Please tell you are not marrying Lily are."

“No I’m marrying Lily, and I’m Guinevere Ryan and want you guys to serve as witnesses.”

“The hot supermodel Guinevere Ryan.’’

“Yes Holden.”

“Governor Ryan’s daughter.”

“For the second time, yes Holden.”

“You got her pregnant didn’t you.”

I can't help but smile and the statement, I know nothing in this world would make happyier than me having a child with Gwen. At this very moment anything seemed possible.

“First of all, Holden you know that's not possible, so no, she’s not pregnant, a least not yet. Are you guys coming or not.” Cause me and Gwen are heading down to the City Hall in a few minutes."

“Yeah we’re coming, will see you at City Hall.”

“Okay, and don’t be late”

“We won’t, bye.”










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