Going to College

Liz and Alice finished high school and are getting ready to go to college. Liz is an introvert and keeps to herself most of the time. When she starts college, she will meet someone who will show her how to be more outgoing, have fun, and be herself in the new city.


2. Packing for college

I only had two more boxes to pack when Alice called me. "Hey Liz, I finished packing all my stuff yesterday and I don't have anything going on right now, can I come over?" She asked. "Yeah sure, but on one condition; you have to help me pack the rest of my stuff. I'm a little behind." I replied. "I'm sure you don't have too much stuff to pack up." That was Alice's way of saying she was on her way.

Alice and I have been friends since second grade when I moved to Salt Lake City, my seat was right next to hers in Mrs. Colburn's class. We started talking and got along really well. We've never had any major arguments, which is probably how we've remained friends for this long.

I heard the door open and close and before I could look up, Alice came into my room and sat on top of my bed and smiled at me. It was quiet for a couple seconds. "You haven't shown any excitement about going to college sine you got accepted." Alice finally said. She was right. I was happy that I was going, but I was sad that I'd have to start all over again like when I first moved here to Utah. "It's just that it took me a while to get to know everyone here, and I'm going to have to start all over again in a place I'm not familiar with and talk to people I don't know. I'm not sure if I like that or not." I replied. Alice smiled again and got up. She got the rest of my shirts from my closet and started to put them in the box. "You know that I'm going to college with you too, don't forget that. You have me to talk to about anything." That made me feel a little bit better. Within a couple minutes we were done packing all my stuff, so we went into the living room and turned on the tv. She started watching criminal minds while I went into the kitchen to get some soda and make popcorn. It was the first time in a couple months that I felt happy and wasn't worried about college.

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