Forbidden love

Alicia has finally found her brother, Harry again after running away, not only has she found her brother, but maybe he true love.

But will Harry except it?


4. you'd never guess

* ok so sorry to rush things, but she has met everyone and I'm leaving off where it's the night she got there*

Alicia's pov

As I'm waking to my bed, I have a tune stuck In my head.

*two hours later (12:30)*

I wake up screaming. I walk up to Niall's room, knowing Harry's probably fast asleep over the whole bed. As I walk closer he fidgets more. When I finally get into his bed, he wraps his arms around me. " Niall , it's alicia" I know, I'm guessing ou couldn't sleep", he says looking at me half awake. I nod.

" I know what to do" he says

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