Forbidden love

Alicia has finally found her brother, Harry again after running away, not only has she found her brother, but maybe he true love.

But will Harry except it?


12. you don't understand

Harry's pov

As I leaned in closer, about to punch Niall, many emotions were built up inside of me.

I put my fist up inches away from Niall's face.

Ali's pov

Harry was inches away to losing it.

As he was close to Niall's face, which has horror all over it, right when he was inches away from his nose, I caught his fist and squeezed it as hard as I could. Harry's face looked defeated, and in pain."l shot him a death glareAs soon as I started feeling confident I bursted out in tears.

As I was crying I started running towards the door.

"Alicia Alessandra......"and then there was a pause.

I turned around and shot towards Harry.

"What! Alicia Alessandra what!? That's right. You don't know, just like you don't know who I am any more! You left me Harry.. I trusted you. Which was obviously a mistake! Don't take it out on Niall.

I cursed under my breath then walked out the door.

Niall's pov

I never knew this side of her.harry always said they never fought. It's all my fault. I don't know what to do.


As I get ready for bed I hear a knock at my window. I open it to a crying ali.i hate seeing her like this. I pull her through

"Please don't ever leave again."I said.

She started to cry even more into my chest. I looked up and thankfully she wasn't wearing any makeup so she didn't mess up my white shirt. I know that sounds kind of selfish, but usually I'm mess up my own shirts. I laid her down. As I walked to her room I grabbed her tooth brush and some pjs. I walked back to my room I gave her her clothes and stuff And she walked into my bathroom. When she got out she got In bed with me.

I gave her a kiss on the forehead and fell asleep instantly

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