The Neighbors

When you look at those houses you may think it will be a horror story but no it's about Cameron Dallas moving next door to 13 year old Sadie Renyolds. Read more to find out


4. Chapter 3

Sadie's POV

Sierra was helping me paint my room. So how old are you she asked. 13 I answered not looking up from my painting. And is there a guy that you thought was cute at your old school? Well... She put down the paint brush and sat on my bed then patted the space next to her DETAILS! I ran over to her and told her all about the time Jace and I kissed. Ahhhhhh I remember the first time I kissed a boy. It was on spin the bottle she put her head in her hands when she said that. We kept on talking and the more and more we did the more we had in common. About 30 minutes later we got back to painting. It was too quiet so I turned up my speaker as chimes played. The next song was don't cha by the pussycat dolls. We were screaming it at the top of our lungs.

Cams POV

I heard the girls singing don't cha I laughed as I burst into the room singing don't cha! The girls looked up Sadie shook her head. Do you need any help? They nodded I helped getting the mattress on the bed, getting her curtains and fixing up the bathroom. We were pretty much done with her bedroom so we all went downstairs to see her parents drinking wine. It's all done Katie yelled as she got up to get more wine. Cam Sierra we are grilling steak why don't u two go get your mom and join us for dinner. I smiled at that Sierra nodded. And you two can help us break in our new swimming pool. Sadie was smiling she followed us to the door come and meet our mom I offered. MOM I will be next door she yelled. We all walked back to the house when we got there Mom was on he computer she looked up then took off her glasses. We have been invited to Sadie's for dinner and a swim. She smiled as she walked into the kitchen and pulled out fresh cookies now we have enough people to finish all of these cookies I laughed. Sadie and Sierra came back downstairs with cover ups on. I went to get mine and when I came downstairs and they were all laughing at what looked like my baby pictures MOM! Sorry she laughed we all walked over to Sadie's house.

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