The Neighbors

When you look at those houses you may think it will be a horror story but no it's about Cameron Dallas moving next door to 13 year old Sadie Renyolds. Read more to find out


1. Chapter 1

Being a 13 year old who lives next to a house that keeps being rented out to someone else is the worst. Each person wants something different blah blah I can never sleep my parents finally decided to finally move since my grades were dropping. It's was the last day I would be going to my middle school in Maine where I have been living since I was born. It was last period and I was cleaning out my locker. Jace the boy I had hated in 3rd grade was coming my way. Annie my good friend was next to me. I don't understand what he did but whatever he did was ahhhh lord he did it good Annie said. Ugh why is he coming my way I moaned. I had to admit he was hot but he tried to kiss me in 3rd grade gross he had zits even in 3rd grade and braces. He walked up to me and leaned against the locker. I hear you moving. Yes I am I said not looking up as I kept putting my stuff into mu bag. The bell rang and my parents were waiting for me in the RV. Bye I closed my locker then walked away. Hey he ran up to me why you leaving so quick I couldn't ignore him so I just answered because I'm done with this city. I walked to the main entrance I was almost to the van before Jace stopped me wait I have always wanted to do this but you keep stopping me he leaned in and to my surprise I kissed back. I then heard the RV pull up I pulled back then opened the door then jumped inside. I looked behind me then waved he had a HUGE smile on his face. What was that my dad asked in a stern tone. Uhhhh just a I will miss you present my mom coughed on her coffee she was drinking. My dad rolled his eyes. The cat Buttercup came out from my bedroom it was really only a really small room that had a kinda bunk bed with a bed on the top and a desk under it then the smallest chest for my clothes. It was a 7 day trip to California where my parents bought the new house. I pulled out my Mac and I had a skype call from Annie the second I pressed answer she started yelling at me. I stopped her then she talked slower why didn't you tell me you and Jace had kissed? She was smiling. Gosh it's only been 15 minutes. What was it like she spat out. We'll it was ok considering it was my first kiss. We'll I have a feeling everyone will be talking about it Monday. Yeah I laughed first girl to EVER kiss Jace I said sarcastically. Come on he said that's what he has always wanted to do. Maybe I thought about it. SADIE! It was my mom. Annie heard it talk to you later she hung up. I made my way to the front of the RV and I felt like being fancy so I tried to jump over my dog but my Dad hit the brakes so I went flying and hit my head on the bathroom door that flung open. SADIE My mom screamed owwwwwwwwww I was laughing my head off. She gave me an ice pack then handed me her phone. What is this? Watch it she pressed play it was of me tripping. Why did you record it I moaned. I wanted to see your reaction to this she moved out of the way to reveal a picture of the house. Let me see she handed me her iPad it was a online tour. When I was done she looked at me looking for a good response. It's great I said she looked really Happy.

The drive went by really quick we only stopped for mom and dad to switch places otherwise I never really got any fresh air. The car stopped and my Dad turned off the engine are we here I asked. It was the mall. YESSSSS I screamed. This is for your room so pick wisely.

About 3 hours later I had my whole room picked out. We drove to our new home my mom was blabbing on about my new school and all I could think about was Jase. WE 'RE HOME!!!!!!!!! My mom screamed my dad and I looked at each other. I let my parents build and unpack my stuff in my room while I went outside with my speaker. Let's just hope my neighbors won't mind. I turned my playlist to shuffle and Buckwild played I let the music take me.

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