Fantasy, adventurous, exploring, and much more.


1. Onyx

Onyx, the great and powerful boy, grew up in a small village called Lidindale. Onyx was very

playful as a young child, and loved to get into trouble. He was always wondering in some place

getting himself in situations that weren't very good. Onyx at home on the other hand, was

very good. He did chores, helped his parents, and even took care of the pet. When Onyx

grew older and finally turned an age where he didn't have to live with his parents anymore, he

set his journey elsewhere. Onyx left his parents to go wherever his life had taken him. He was

going to miss his family but needed to live on his own. He finally set his long, long trip to

Drefeondorf. It was about a year trip, but Onyx was determined to go. On his way to Drefeodorf,

he had meant this young woman a couple months younger than Onyx. Her name was Caroline,

Caroline was heading to Gredoren, about 1 mile from Drefeondorf. Onyx honestly didn't know

where he was going so he asked Caroline, she had said "Yes! I know exactly where that is. But

maybe we could travel together because the place I'm going to isn't far from there at all!" Onyx

agreed and they set there journey's together!

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