Freedom || One Shot

*Listed as one of Movellas' Ten of the Best One Direction Fanfictions*

"If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?"

Anything in the world? Harry knew exactly what he wanted most in the world, it had never been more apparent than it had been the last four years. | A short story about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and realizing that even those who lead what seems to be the best of lives, need only the most basic human right.


2. One



Harry watches as they begin to prepare for another monotonous interview. It was as always, a game of wit. How to make the interviewer laugh, how to avoid the truly pressing questions, a battle of dominance. That is how he was taught. 

The lonely Brit, ripped away from home at the tender age of sixteen, hides under a facade of synthetic cheerfulness to be able to survive. 

Survival, he was told the first day, was solely on him. He had to learn how to become detached, unfeeling, unemotional. 

But he couldn't do it. 

Please understand, Harry is quite the atypical celebrity.

To the public he is a flirtatious twenty year old with aspirations of being...not who he is now. They could see it in his eyes, the way he hid something away. They were not quite sure what it was, but it made him all the more alluring. 

You see, what Harry would never tell them is that beneath the facade he has carefully constructed he is lonely. He finds the fame as exciting as it is monotonous. Dating, for example, becomes a game. Who is more popular, who has a better brand?Who would benefit him? These are the things he must focus on when looking for a girl, and  as soon as he catches the girl he soon sees they both lose interest quickly.

Who he truly is remains a mystery. He is to all those around him, held in such high esteem that he has lost sight of himself. Constantly you will find him wandering a field, finding some solace in the comforting silence. You will find him in little nooks, contemplating trivial matters that he believes hold the utmost importance. You will find him with a leather bound journal expressing his emotions through the only channel he can, music.

He is an incredible listener, incredibly loyal, and unabashedly honest. Harry has a rare type of intelligence, one that cannot be given access to simply through a standard education, and moreover he is an independent and put together (well at least almost) man. The only downfall is that the word he has been labeled since he was sixteen has made people look past these qualities that make him who he truly is, only to focus on the shiny coated exterior that made him what the world sees.

Harry though, does not understand why he holds such a grand power over women. He does not understand what makes him this large enigma that has supposedly taken over the world. He ponders it for days, think that perhaps it’s his voice, raspy but smooth, a perfect mixture of man and angel. Perhaps it’s his brown curls disvelished attractively across his chiseled face, or his jade eyes that sparkle like dew upon grass. Or his witty comments, or even the way he speaks in a slow drawn out British drawl.

But it had always been this way, he had always gotten the girl yet felt impossibly lonely after realizing he was only sought after because of his fame, because of his looks, because it was him.

Underneath the dewy eyes, the defined face, and the cheeky demeanor, he was anything but what the world saw in him. He was supposed to be the rocker type, with bandannas rebelliously tied up in knots in his hair, tightly worn band t-shirts upon a lanky but muscular frame, and ripped jeans tightly fitted into leather boots. But even that seemed to fall short.

He did not know who he was anymore, everything that he wanted to be was in constant 

This, this is the battle the is constantly going on within his mind. To be or not to be? Should he be himself, should he find wonder in the little things and be not afraid to speak his mind. Or should he simply follow orders, just like the rest of the boys?

He watches as the interviewer sits across from them.

"Are you ready?"

She says readjusting a ridiculously bright shade of lipstick upon her thin lips.

"Yeah." He mutters, adjusting his mic. The other boys simply nod.

"In three, two, one."

He plasters a smile upon his face as the interviewer introduces both him and herself.

"It's been a big year for you boys!"

"Yes it has." Liam says with a wide smile.

"Congratulations on your success!"

"Thank you very much." Harry responds

"So, can we ask you a few questions?"

"It's your show." Niall replies with a chuckle.

"Alright, let's see, Harry!" She shuffles through her cards, smiling when she finds the question she was looking for. "If you could wish for anything in the world money can't buy, what would it be?"

Anything in the world? Harry knew exactly what he wanted most in the world, it had never been more apparent than it had been the last four years. 


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