truth or dare (1 direction )


2. getting home

                                                     Katie's pov 

                                                  *at the hotel*

"*yawn* wow why is it 11:00(am) how could I sleep for 13 hours."I got up and went to get breakfast since I had to leave the hotel before the next hour. 

When I got done eating I checked out and I was on my way home to my moms house it was 100 miles away and we live in London. When I was 11 my parents got divorced. It really tore my heart but I finnaly got over it last year. When I got home my mom ran to me and hugged me.

"How are you mum."

Good, how are you."my mum said 

I am great mum, when I was gone to meet one direction Harry was taking a picture with me and he dropped my phone an-

"Oh my god baby do I need to buy a phone."

"No mum  bought me a new one, and its a better one it's a gallexy 4. Harry is really nice."

I went up to my room to unpack and I forgot he gave me his number. When I was done unpacking I texted him.

To: harry 

Hey. :-) 

From: Harry 

Hey I'm off tour 

To: harry

That's cool hey maybe we can meet up soon.:-) :-) :-) 


                                                  Harry's pov

To: Katie

Sure maybe at the coffie shop. On fourth av.

From: Katie 

Sure maybe tomorrow.

To: katie

OK see you then.

I think I might like her.

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