Mrs. All American

Brittany Lynn is your average 18 year old girl, except she has a secret.

One of Brittany's best friends is in the band 5SOS. He is the one and only Luke Hemmimgs. They haven't seen or talked to each other in 6 years.

What happens when Brittany and Luke bump into each other?

Will they remember what happened in the past or will they completely ignore each other?



2. Chapter 2

Brittany's POV

Luke and I met in Sydney, Australia. We were 12 and I was in the ocean swimming.......


"Hello." a blonde boy about my age said. He was super cute and had crystal blue eyes.

"Hi." I said back.

The blonde boy asked me what my name was and I responded "My name is Brittany Lynn What's your name?"

"My name is Luke, Luke Hemmings." said the blonde hair boy.

"It's nice to meet you Luke."

*End of Flashback*

Well that's how it all started. I then realized I was still in the shower. I quickly finished up and got dressed. I turned on my blow dryer and blow dried my hair. I then shut off my blow dryer and went to Amanda's room. She was almost ready to go and just had to put her shoes on.

"Hey Britt." said Amanda.

"Hey Mandy" I replied.

"Are you ready to go?" Amanda asked.

"Almost, let me just go put my shoes on." I left her room without waiting for a reply."

I threw on my converse and grabbed my purse. I ran downstairs and followed Amanda to the car.

*skip to mall*

Amanda and I were heading to Forever 21 when I accidentally ran into someone. We both fell on the floor. The person who was a he and he quickly got back up and helped me. Once he pulled me up I said "thanks"

"No problem, I'm sorry for bumping into you." He said.

The guy had to be around 17 which is my age. His hair was blonde and quiffed up. He had these amazing crystal blue eyes and was really tall. He kind of reminded me of Luke.....

A/n: Hi I just wanted to say to whomever may be reading this thank you! I'm sorry if it sucks I'm not very good at writing. I know there is probably only 2 people reading this but whatever! Something's better than nothing I guess?!?

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