Fantasy 9 Online

[ If you have seen the anime Sword Art Online this is sort of what it's based off of. The game is different and all characters are original. ]
Lenix is a 17-year-old girl who loves video games, that's why when the famous MMORPG (virtual reality game) Fantasy 9 Online comes out, she quickly jumps at the opportunity to play it. Always being one on her own she makes friends and eventually creates a guild as well. But bad things happen with the guild involving another guild who are close with the person who created the game. In real life they are on the hunt for the lives of Lenix's guild members, including herself. There's much more to know in this action-packed fantasy story.
[ most likely gonna fix this summary later on. ]


1. The Goddess

 People say that video games can make you do crazy things.

 I never believed the people who said that.

That was until Fantasy 9 Online came out.

 But, you wouldn't actually kill people right?



 Date: Friday November 7th, 2027 

 Time: 3:10am

 Location: Rey's Video Game Store


  "We should've been let in ten minutes ago!" 

 A gamer said in a somewhat know-it-all tone. A girl, five guys away sighed into the cold November air, smoke emerging from her dry lips. She folded her arms as she listened to people around her complaining, 'it's only been ten minutes, apparently these guys can't calm their tits'. Today was the day that Fantasy 9 Online came out and only 100 people could get it at every local game store, the game wasn't a 'limited time only!' thing, a lot of people just wanted to get it as soon as possible. 

 Fantasy 9 Online is a virtual reality MMORPG game that had finally been completed after a long five years. The directors and editors had to make sure that the weapons, houses, scenery, etc, was perfection and according to the beta players it was tip-top.

 After a ten more minutes of waiting the store owner let in five people, this was just for precaution. But once the girl saw the guys walk in she began tapping her foot rather impatiently since she had waited three days already. After a minute or two the next five people were let in, the girl quickly grabbed a copy of Fantasy 9 Online and grabbed the helmet that was suppose to go on your head. This helmet was called FireSet, the simple looking item that took you to the magical place of Fantasy 9 Online once you slipped it on. Her eyes widened in excitement, but that was the only emotion she showed as she took it to the guy at the cash register. Once she set it down on the counter she began fishing around in her jacket pocket, searching for her money as the guy looked at the game and then at her. The girl quickly noticed this and as she set the money on the counter and slid it towards the man, she asked. 

 "What are you staring at?"

 The man raised a hand in self-defense as he scanned the items and shook his head. 

 "Nothing, but this just doesn't fit."

 She raised an eyebrow in curiosity as she responded. 

 "What doesn't fit?"

 "The fact that a cute and innocent looking girl would be buying the famous Fantasy 9 Online. Not to mention that you look rather tiny."

 The girl shook her head, she had been through this before so she knew what to do. She leaned forward just a bit and spoke with a dull expression on her face. 

 "Tell you what, when you finally get enough money to buy this game, because I am pretty sure that you don't get paid that much working at a local video game store, come find me and we'll fight."

 She raised an eyebrow, waiting for an answer. The guy was dumbstruck with the way the girl responded, since she was correct about not getting paid enough, but all he did was clear his throat and continue. 

 "How will I find you?"

 "Most likely I'll be  the only one without a party, and I'll also be one of the top rankers by the

time you get the game."

The guy smirked, he liked her guts.

"Alright, I except that challenge. But eventually, I'll be one of the top rankers as well."

The girl smirked one last time as she grabbed her bag and began walking out the building. 

"Can't wait to see how that works out for you."

 And then, just like that, she was gone.  


 Minutes later the girl was laying on her bed, with the FireSet on her head that would transport her into a whole new world. She took a deep breath as she slowly closed her eyes and spoke. 


 Within a few seconds the girl stood on a circle as she looked around at what looked like a large closet. She furrowed her eyebrows, not exactly knowing what was going on. Then a woman's voice interrupted her thoughts as it spoke. 

 "Welcome new player, please type in your desired name."

 A keyboard appeared before her with a screen above it which would display whatever she was going to type. 

 "Okay..." She had said with a soft breath. 

 Her fingers hovored above the keyboard, hesitant at what name she was gonna put. Then she decided, L-E-N-I-X. She nodded her head with a small smile as she pressed 'OK' and the voice appeared again. 

 "Your natural facial look will stay the same in the game, if you desire to change your hair and eye color you can do so here. Once you choose you can't change it."

 A color wheel that let her pick her hair color appeared before her, giving her the option to keep it the way it was or change it. She put her index finger on the cursor and moved it to a blue that seemed as if it was black. Once she hit 'OK' another color wheel popped up for her eye color. She rested her index finger on the cursor and moved it to a crystal blue color and hit 'OK'. She  nodded her head and once she was done the voice came back. 

 "You can choose your desired clothing and the color of it, light armor will be given to you to start you off and your choosing of two weapons. Once you pick that you will be given 2,000 Pana and you will be on your way towards the beginning of your adventure."

 "What an introduction."

 A list of shirts appeared on a screen, eventually she just settled with a blue tight fitted shirt, where it's sleeves cut off just above her elbows. Next a list of pants, shorts, and skirts appeared before her and she picked cargo pants that were faded silver and set to fit her figure perfectly, as the ends of the pants cut off at her calf muscles. A list of shoes popped up next, and she automatically got combat boots that were black, and the boots were long enough to have the pants tuck into them. After that, armor was automatically added to her attire, the black armor was found on her chest and on her forearms. Then swords and guns appeared before her, making her decide what to begin with. She decided on a sword that was all faded silver with a crystal blue hilt, and a line of crystal blue going down the blade. Next was a simple handgun that had great accuracy, level three fire power, level two range, and level three requip speed. Once she picked that she was equipped with a black holster for her sword, and a black holster for her gun. Then the woman's voice came back on to the monitor. 

 "Now that you are all set you will now begin your journey into Fantasy 9 Online."

 Lenix nodded her head as she was transported into the main building where players first go to, and go back to once they are killed. She took a deep breath as she looked around at the people. She then slid her index finger vertcally across from her face as her profile popped up, along with an inventory list, friend list and party list. She went to her inventory to put away her sword, gun, and the unneeded armor on her arms. Once she was done she swiped her index finger horizontally so it went away. 

 She began walking towards the door that lead out of the building just to see tons of people spread out across the main city, conversing, buying needed supplies and what not.

 "Are you a new member as well?" A girl that was taller than her by three inches had asked her.

 She was always one to be alone but somehow she had always attracted people which she had never understood as to why. All Lenix did in response was nod her head as she slightly looked up at her, being the height of  4"11' she had to look up at most people.

 "Awesome! You wouldn't mind me tagging along with you for a little while would you?"
 Lenix sighed as she began walking passed the pink-haired girl without saying a word. All the girl did was follow behind her as she put her hands behind her back as if she was in kindergarten.

 "So is this your first time ever playing a game?" The girl had asked.

 Lenix shook her head in response as she stuffed her hands into her pocket, 'why do I have to look so friendly?' she had asked herself knowing that the girl would tag along with her if she didn't say anything. Now she regretted not saying anything and going along with everything as if it were normal.

 "Ah, so are you a pro?"

 Lenix shrugged her shoulders.

 "I guess you could say I am."

 The girl's eyes widened a bit in surprise, not thinking that she would actually speak.

 "Well, maybe you could give me a few pointers? If not then that's perfectly fine, I could see why you wouldn't wanna give a rookie like me any pointers."

 Lenix didn't respond as she contemplated telling her something she would need to know. Then she sighed and without turning her head she spoke.

 "Well how about you watch how I fight, see if you can pick up pointers off of what you see."

 The girl smiled as she picked up her pace just a bit to talk next to Lenix.

 "That'd be great! My name is Sora by the way, I hope we can get along!"
 Lenix looked at the pale pink eyes of the girl, 'she probably chose to play this game because of a guy...' she guessed this since her hair and eyes were pink, along with most of her attire.

 "I'm Lenix, and it's nice to meet you Sora."

 As the two continued walking down the busy streets of Fantasy 9 about five guys were found walking in a group, it seemed as if they were a guild of some sort. Lenix looked at the leaders red eyes as they examined Sora, she knew something was gonna happen and this was her chance to show Sora some pointers.

 The leader stopped in front of the two and spoke,

 "Whoa, what are two girls doing here? Especially a girl who dresses in pink, and a short girl such as yourself..."

 All Lenix did was look up at the man confidently without saying a word, but then Sora opened her mouth, which was the wrong thing to do.

 "Just get out of our way you jerk!"

 "Oh? Talkin' smack now huh? I think a woman needs to learn her place. Huh boys?"
 The other four men nodded in agreement as Sora looked at them wide-eyed. The five men got their weapons out as Sora began making a run for it, the men chasing after her once she took off.


 Lenix began running after the guys and once she caught up to the two in the far back she equipped her sword and jumped up, flipping over the men as she sliced their chests causing them to fall to their feet and for their wounds to glow red. Once she regained her footing she continued to run, eventually catching up to the next two guys. She jumped in the air and quickly stabbed the one to the left, she pulled her sword out and spun in the air and sliced the next guys back and jumped off of him to give herself a boost towards the leader who was just a hair away from killing Sora.

 Sora turned her head to see Lenix and shouted.

 The leader then turned his own head to see Lenix coming towards him at full speed, before he could pull out his weapon Lenix beat him to it by holding her sword against his neck and looking up at him. He gulped, a bead of sweat coming down the side of his face as he looked down at the crystal blue-eyed girl.

 "Next time I see you, I will not hesitate to kill you on the spot."

 The man looked behind her to see the rest of his men struggling to get up, and other players watching them, whispering to one another.

 "Got it?" Lenix asked with a raised eyebrow as she looked at him.

 "G-Got it..."

 "Alright good, now get out of here and take your men with you."

 She let go of her hold on him as she walked towards Sora with her sword in its holster.

 "Oh, and one more thing..."
 She turned around to face the man as she continued.

 "Quit acting like you own these streets just because your a beta player."

 He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

 "H-How did you know that?"

 "Most of the beta players started guilds of their own, and other beta players joined guilds led by them as well. You do it because you all are competing to get your guild to the top of the rankings, guild wise. You go around Fantasy 9 trying to intimidate people and steal the Pana they start out with whenthey get here."
 Lenix smirked as she held up a large pouch of Pana in her hand. 
 "Guess the jokes on you now huh?"

 The man's eyes widened in surprise as he held his hands out and walked up to Lenix with a begging look.

 "Look, I won't intimidate people anymore, just give me my Pana back."

 "Your, Pana?" Lenix snickered as she held the pouch tight in her hand and kicked him in the face, sending him five meters away from her and on to the cobblestone concrete.

 "I believe this is the players Pana."
 Lenix held the bag above her and let the Pana come out, silver and gold surrounding her feet as she threw the pouch on the ground and spoke to the other players.

 "Help yourselves."

 Sora clapped her hands together as her eyes gleamed at the Pana that was quickly covered by the other players grabbing as much Pana as they could.

 "Thank you Lenix!"
 She began running towards the Pana but Lenix quickly pulled her back by her shirt and spoke.

 "It isn't for you..."

 Sora sighed as she was being dragged away but she did nothing to resist Lenix's hold on her shirt.

 As the two began walking out of the main town, Sora smiled a bit as she looked down at Lenix, once she noticed she spoke without looking up at her.

 "Why are you staring at me?"
 "Because, you're like the goddess of our time."

 Lenix looked up at Sora with slightly widened eyes.

 "How so?"
 Sora looked up at the setting sun that seemed extremely close as she explained her reason.

 "I just met you today, but I can tell that you love doing things for other people. It thrills you to help them but you never actually show any expressions... Did something happen to you in real life?"

 Lenix looked away as she stuffed her hands in her pockets without saying anything.

 "I understand, it isn't my place to ask. But you are like a goddess, and an underdog, someone you would never expect to have such strength and skill;I admire it actually. It's the tragic incidents that change who we are no matter where we go, and somehow, people are just drawn to it."

 The two had both stopped walking as they looked at each other, Lenix was surprised, but now she knew why people were drawn to her. She had a past that no one knew about and somehow people could see, without even realizing it, that she was strong enough to carry the weight of many.

 She's a goddess...




 [ I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter of this new story. I know I haven't continued my other stories and I need to get back on those but unfortunately, laziness has consumed me. I am extremely excited about this, there may be errors here and there but I am fourteen and still learning to write properly. I'm doing my best to be descriptive and such. So hopefully I get some reviews and what not since I want to interact with my 20+ fans *cries* I just really want to build my page I guess and I feel like the only way I can do this is by interacting with you guys. So thanks for all your support and see you in the next chapter! ~LS ]

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