England x Reader: The Second Representative

You are just a normal girl until you graduate from university. You ran to your home cheerfully to see the characters of your favourite anime show wandering in your home. Suddenly they ask you to help them get back home.

What will happen?
Is this fate or just a decision?
Find out in the book!!


1. England x Reader : The Second Representative.

Chapter 1:

The Meeting.

"What the ....!" I screamed knocking myself to the ground. "Who are you and what do you want?!"

His shadowy body emerged from the darkness revealing how he looked like.

"Hello love, how are you?"

"Oh England, it's just you!" I said sighing from relief.

"Yes, it's just me and others!" He said while a small grin appearing on the side of his mouth.

I looked around suddenly everything blacked out.


Sorry about that small chapter I'll make more for you guys so please read the rest thanks!!! (no lemony scenes!!!)

I'm sorry if you wanted!!!

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