Half a Heart.

When Annie (short for Anniston.) was young, she grew up with a boy named Niall. They were inseparable. Or so she thought. Niall gets an opportunity of a lifetime and leaves Anniston behind. It's a little over 4 years later and he has came back to see her and his family. Niall gets heartbreaking news that her parents passed away and she moved to the outskirts of London. Niall broke all his promises.. Will she forgive him? Find out here in: "Half a Heart."


5. The Kiss.

Zayn's pov.

I was so excited when Anniston said she would go out with me. I am going to take her to a fair that's in town. I hope she likes it. I just left her flat so we can get ready. I go hop in the shower.

Annistons pov.

After Zayn left, I got a shower and I'm getting ready and brushing my teeth. I'm wearing a graphic peach racerback tank with white jean shorts. I curl my oddly colored hair and apply a light golden smokey eye and nude lipgloss with lengthening mascara. I take my phone off charge and slip on my peach vans. It's 8:28. Perfect timing. I spritz a little 'Our Moment.' On and check myself one last time. There is a knock at my door. I open it to find Zayn looking extremely attractive in his usual quiff with a beanie,white tee, black skinnies, and grey vans. "Hey Anniston. Oh.. Wow.. You look great!" His eyes grow big. "Well thank you. You look very charming yourself." I smile and he hands me a black hoodie. "In case you get cold." He smirks. Cold? Where are we going? "Where are we going?" I ask as I lock my door. Just then Harry and Louis walk out with Niall and Liam. "Fancy seeing you here." Liam smirks. I think he enjoys me and Zayn flirting. Niall looks me up and down and locks his eyes with my own. He looks stunning. He halfheartedly smiles and I return it. "So.. Where ya going?" Louis asks putting his arm on Harry's shoulder. "I actually have no idea." I smirk. "I know where we are going and it's a secret." Zayn smirks and pulls me a bit closer. I look up to Niall and see hurt and jealousy flash through his eyes. Shouldn't have said the things he did. At that, I wrap my arm around Zayn's waist and completely zone out of the conversation they were having. I look to our shoes. That would make the CUTEST Instagram pic ever. Next thing I know, I'm being pulled into the elevator and he gently pushes me up against the wall. He kissed my neck. Right under my ear. I giggle at the contact and run my fingers over his tattoos. The elevator stops and I run out of the lobby and out to my car. "Your car?" He smirks. "I think we should take mine." I smirk back. "Well, alright I'm driving." He hops in after I unlock the door. "We are going to the fair." He smiles and I grin. I love the fair!

Zayn's pov.

I walk her up to the line of the Ferris wheel. Cheesy I know but it's just something I gotta do. We get In a cart and begin to go to the top. "This is beautiful Zayn! I love the fair!" She snuggles into my chest. This girl is amazing. I've only known her for a little over a week but she is just like me. "I'm glad you like it." I smile down at her. She has the most beautiful green eyes. They have a speck of brown here and there but they are beautiful. She begins to shiver. I don't know know if it's the wind or the fact that we are this close. It's amazing actually. Before I realize what I'm doing, I'm leaning in. Our lips connect and it's just pure bliss. It's not just fireworks. It's more than that. It's like a bomb exploded in my stomach. This girl is gonna be the death of me.

Thank you for almost 70 reads!!! This is so amazing!! I really appreciate all of your reads and even the comments!! They are so sweet!!! ❤️❤️❤️ If you ever wanna contact me my twitter is @cheyenneteems and so is my Instagram. I LOVE the feedback!! Thank you all!!!! 😘😘

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