Half a Heart.

When Annie (short for Anniston.) was young, she grew up with a boy named Niall. They were inseparable. Or so she thought. Niall gets an opportunity of a lifetime and leaves Anniston behind. It's a little over 4 years later and he has came back to see her and his family. Niall gets heartbreaking news that her parents passed away and she moved to the outskirts of London. Niall broke all his promises.. Will she forgive him? Find out here in: "Half a Heart."


1. The Beginning

A/n: I re-did the entire story! I didn't like it so I just started over. Hope it wasn't too much trouble. 😌 Love you all! 😘 Xxx-Onedeebabii


-Mild language and subtle Intamacy.

Ever since Niall left me, I've been broken. He's been doing wonderful. I've went to many of their concerts and I love them. He obviously forgot me and it's been rough. I had nobody to help me through the grief of my parents. I miss him so much.


"Annie.... I wanna speak to you about somethin. As you know, I love to play my guitar and make covers of songs. I want to step it up... Mum got me to sign up for x-factor..." He trails off. I feel like my heart was just ripped out of my chest. H-he can't leave me.. But I guess it's good for him. "That's great Nialler!" I try to sound excited but I'm being ripped to shreds on the inside.

*End of Flashback.*

That was the last time I spoke to him. He left the next morning. Ever since my parents passed a little over 2 years ago, I've been living in London. It's been tough. I work as a part time owner of a small business called "City Chick Boutique." It's been doing quite well lately. As of this moment, I'm listening to Niall's solo in 'You & I' on my way to McDonalds. I go in and take my order.

Liam's pov.-

Woah. Who is that?! She's beautiful! "Don't make it obvious but look at that girl over there. She's beautiful!" I whisper to Niall and Harry. Zayn and Louis aren't paying attention. They are on their phones. "She's fit too!" Harry whispers. "I think I know her.." Niall trails off. "Oh. My. Gosh. That's Anniston! She was my best friend before I became famous. I don't think she would be on speaking terms with me though." Niall sighs. "What happened? And Harry! Quit staring!" I slap his arm. "I broke a promise. A promise that I would never leave or forget her. And now look what I've done." He lays his head down on the table. "Just go talk to her mate." I encourage him as I look back over to her eating alone. He stands and walks over.

Annistons pov.-

I was really enjoying this Big Mac. It was delicious. I notice someone walking towards me and then stopping. I swallow my food and look up. No. Way. "NIALL?" I screech. "Annieboo!" He calls back. I run up and engulf him in a huge hug and he picks me up. "I missed you!!!" I begin to tear up. No. Annie, stop. He broke your heart and all his promises. He sniffles and smothers his face in my red hair. "I missed you Anniston. And I want to apologize. I didn't want to forget. I was so caught up in the moment I didn't realize that I hurt you and I'm so sorry about your parents. I missed you and I love you Annieboo!" He hugs me tighter and I hug him back. I can't possibly stay mad at him. "I love you too Nialler. And it's okay. The past is the past." He sets me down and we walk over to his table.

---I'm sorry it was short! I'll try to update ASAP! Thanks for the reads! 😘😘😘 Xxx-Onedeebabii

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