Half a Heart.

When Annie (short for Anniston.) was young, she grew up with a boy named Niall. They were inseparable. Or so she thought. Niall gets an opportunity of a lifetime and leaves Anniston behind. It's a little over 4 years later and he has came back to see her and his family. Niall gets heartbreaking news that her parents passed away and she moved to the outskirts of London. Niall broke all his promises.. Will she forgive him? Find out here in: "Half a Heart."


4. He's so adorable.

I've been at Zayn's for a few days. It feels like I'm constantly a burdon. When I try to tell him I can go home now, he always insists of just one more night. As of the moment, we are fixing pancakes and watching scoobydoo. One of my favorite shows! "Annie? Will you be a dear and bring me my coffee?" He smiles at me. He is gorgeous! "I guess." I giggle and grab both if the coffees. He curtsies and hands me a plate of chocolate chip pancakes. He takes the seat behind me and breaks this comfortable silence. "Yah know, I actually don't know anything about you. And I would like to. Wanna play 20 questions?" He chuckles. Flirting comes so easy to him. It's like an instinct, I don't mind honestly it's adorable. "Anniston?" He laughs and he does that thing with his tongue behind his teeth. I laugh with him and blush like a maniac. "I-uh..I.. Yeah sure!" I stutter. He was so cute! "It's alright. And so, what's your favorite color?" He smirks. This is gonna be fun. "Blue. Yours?" He smiles at me. "Same! Okay, what's your favorite bands?" He wriggles his eyebrows earning a giggle. "The Fray. Pretty Reckless. Of course you all, and I like 5sos." I smile and get up to put our plates in the washer. I know he is checking me out. I can feel it. I just stand there. "If you take a picture, it will last longer." I smirk at him. He's so cheeky. His face goes redder than my nailpolish. "I don't know what your talking about." He grins. "Anywhooooo, what's your favorite thing to do?" I ask and hop up on the counter. Just a bad habit I guess. "Well I sing and draw. Art is like my second calling behind music." He smiles. "What about you?" I grin. "Well I actually play a bit of guitar, and I have a secret obsession with drawing." I smirk and he walks over to me then leans in.. "Your just like me. And if that's true, your also.. TICKLISH!" He screams the last word and begins to tickle me. "ZAYN! HA-STOP-HAHAHAH!" I laugh very loudly and he looks at me. "Tell me I'm the sexiest man alive and I'm so amazing!" He smirks. Getting closer and closer. I smirk back. "Zayn, you are the sexiest man alive and your so amazing." I say as seductivly as I can. He bites his lip and I lean in and tickle him until he gets off me. "Heheh, should have known." I giggle and walk into the den and plop on the couch. I turn on my flat screen and feel Zayn walk up behind me. He's not sneaky. "I have a question.." He sits down and looks up at me. "Yeah?" I ask, turning down the movie Niall and I were going to watch. "Well, do you wanna go out on a date with me?" He bites his lip. I haven't really noticed just how attractive he is. The stubble on his chin. The deep chocolate color In his eyes. Even the way his smile is always genuine. "Ya know, I would love to." He smiles and snuggles me to him on the couch. "Tonight. At 8:30. Okay?" He smiles. "Uhh. Yeah sure.! It's 5 now, so I'll watch movies with you till about 7?" I laugh in his chest. "Of course love."

Thank you for almost 60 reads!!! This is amazing!! I really appreciate every read! Just be sure to leave feedback. If you don't like something, don't be afraid to comment and I will try to fix it.! Thank you lovelies! 😘😘 XXX-Onedeebabii

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