Love triangle

" people don't love me ... They love her


1. chapter 1

-love triangle -

Chapter 1


Was up " I said as I met Niall at the bus stop . Nothing " he said as his charming accent filled my ears . What's wrong " I said as he flipped with his fingers . You know ... How I like this girl .. I just don't know anymore . I patted his back and reached for his hand . Babe it's ok" I said as he blushed . I laughed as he slapped me on my arm for being so silly . No way " I joked as we jumped in the bus , my British converse hitting the ground as I tripped and Niall catch me . Thanak I said bursting into laughter . Niall licked his lips playfully as he kissed my chee k. You see Niall' a gay and he's like my best friend . People call us a couple . Sooo gurl ... UPDATE !!! Niall said . Since me and him have a big crush on Harry . I've been going out with him for a while . We'll .... He kissed me . Naill' s face flushed with jelly ness . But I know he loved you ! I said popping his nose . We got off the bus to meet Harry.

Harry point of view

I suprised Christi with flowers and those new beanies she wanted . But I really love her BFF . Is just that I'm really popular and I don't want to ruin that for every one . I don't bully Niall but I'll tell him . I just hope I don't get rejected . I went online to my Instagram profile. And updated my status to " # inlovewithsomeonesecret!" I got a reply form Christ saying # me and Niall miss you" and then Niall " #missmyboo"

I got to mrs. Horand office and was suprised when Niall met me there . Christi said " I'm sorry I just think naill loves you more than I so and I can't change that " she said with tears flowing down her face . She kissed Niall on his lips smirking . Ok Niall go to him " she said sarcastically and dramatically. She pretended to cry when she started to laugh like a crazy maniac . Nail came up to me and kissed me really good and asked me to be his boyfriend . I almost fainte shearing him say that. Yes I said breathless and I asked mrs . Horan for a private room with Niall she said she organized this and my room was ready and she left me with a couple condom' s and a wink and left us alone .

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