Gotta Be You


9. Truth or Dare and Movies


This chapter is dedicated to my friend Becca (@books and music) who has been bugging me all day to update!!!

Love ya-Sara 😘
Gabby's POV

So after we explained everything we decided to play a game.

"OOH OOH TRUTH OR DARE TRUTH OR DARE!!!" Louis yelled in excitement.

Then we all burst out laughing.

"What?" Louis whined.

"" Niall finally got out with all of his laughter.

"Hey! It's not funny!!! I just really love that game!!!" Louis whined.

We all just kept on laughing. When the laughter finally died down we played truth or dare.

"Ummm Louis truth or dare?" Harry started

"Dare!" Louis shouted

"Ummm ok I dare you to kiss Gabby for 20 seconds" Harry smirked.

When he said that both mine and Louis jaws dropped and we looked at each other. Then we both leaned in and kissed as soon as his lips touched mine there were fireworks. It was like so magical. Then the 20 seconds were up and we pulled apart.

Louis's POV

As soon as our lips met there were fireworks it was soooo magical. Then the 20 seconds were up and we pulled apart. We kept playing for awhile then we decided to watch some movies. We ended up watching all of the Toy Story movies because of Liam he claims "it's good for the soul". So after all the arguing we finally just decided to let Liam watch them when we sat down on the couch I was sitting in between Gabby and Niall while Gabby had her feet on me and head on Zayn. I know most people would get jealous over that but I understand that they are best friends and haven't seen each other in a long time. So ya.

Towards the end of the Toy Story 3 I noticed that Gabby had fallen asleep on Zayn. Zayn noticed that I was looking and whispered "Do you want to take her?"

I just nodded and picked her up. When I got upstairs and laid her down on my bed I got changed and got in bed myself.


There Becca I updated and now I'll be publishing another chapter in about a half an hour.

-love Sara 😍😘❤️💕

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