Just a Crush

Kayla Anderson is a normal 13 year old girl, until she meets Hayes Grier. Will she tell Hayes would she feels? Or will she say, 'It's just a crush'


7. Chapter Seven ~ Thank You

Kayla's P.O.V

I look up. "Brendan!" I scream at the top of my lungs. He's awake! I'm freaking out right now! I hug him tightly in my grasp. I feel myself start crying, not because I'm sad, because I'm happy that he's awake.

But then I realize why he's here, I start to get sad I look down at his wrists, then back up at him. "Why..?" I ask him. He says nothing. Just looks at me.

"Brendan!" Why won't he respond?

"I'm sorry Kayla.. I just.. I'm not worth living" he says. Did he just fucking say that?

"Don't ever say that again! Brendan! Your the most funniest, amazing, and one of the best people I've ever met and it really hurts me that you think that about yourself, your smart and the-" I get cut off.. What the...?

"Hayes what the fuck!" I hear someone scream. "I thought you were dead! Mom was worried sick and so was I!" I turn around, it was Nash, he was pissed. That was rude..

Hayes' P.O.V

I really can't believe Nash just did that. "Shut up Nash you don't care about me, and tell mom I'm fine and that I'm staying here." I say calmly. I watch him walk up to me and grab my arm.

"C'mon Hayes you have to go home!"

"Stop Nash go home!" I pull away from him. "I'm staying here with Kayla." He was pissed and he just walked out.

"I'm sorry." I say to Kayla, I feel like I ruined everything, Brendan doesn't even like me, why am I here?

For Kayla, I reminded myself.

Kayla' P.O.V

I just look at Hayes, it wasn't his fault.. "It's okay.." I look over at Brendan. "Please don't ever do that again.." I croak as the doctor walks in and my mom not too far behind.

I watch him as he checks Brendan's arms. I stand up. "You should go home.." I tell him, he didn't have to be here for me.

"No I want to stay with you." He says.

I smile. "Nash seemed pretty mad you should just go home." I try to get him to go home.

"Kayla I'm stay if you like it or not." He tells me. I stare at him. "Thank you.." I thank him.

He stands up and hugs me. I hug back. He's so Nice, Perfect, Funny, Amazing... But it's just a crush..

Sorry I haven't updated... I just feel like no ones reading this.. But oh well if you are reading thank you so much😘. And also sorry this so short😬 I suck at this.. Anyways... Peace✌️

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