Just a Crush

Kayla Anderson is a normal 13 year old girl, until she meets Hayes Grier. Will she tell Hayes would she feels? Or will she say, 'It's just a crush'


8. Chapter Eight ~ Okay? Okay.

Kayla's P.O.V

*Two Months Later*

When Brendan got out of the hospital my mom had to take time off to watch him, to make sure he doesn't do that again. But here's the thing...

I started cutting..

I know, I know I'm dumb and stupid, trust me I know... But I'm not killing myself..

It all started when Brendan got out of the hospital and I started sticking up for him, I'm mean why wouldn't I?

Then they started bullying me. Hayes knows and tries to stop it but.... It just won't work.

He doesn't know I cut though, and I'm not planning to tell him.

Brendan stop cutting, he's happy. They stopped bullying him, but they started bullying me. But better me then him right?

I stood up, I better get ready. I walk to my closet I pick a black hoodie, light blue skinny jeans, and my pink DC shoes.

I walk down start walking down stairs. "Hey you ready to go?" I ask Brendan.

"Aren't you going to eat?" He asked me.

"I don't eat in the mornings.." Well I rarely eat, I need to lost weight. I'm fat.

He just rolls his eyes and stands up. "Okay let's go." He says.

I grab my black jacket and start to walk out. Winter sucks I can't do anything fun. We walk into school and I look around to see if anyone was here.

"Boo!" Someone shakes me and yells.

"Holy shit!" I yell and turn around, it was Hayes, laughing at me. Of course.

Hayes' P.O.V

I stood there laughing at her. "Your a loser." She tells me. "I know." I manage to make out. I finally stop laughing. "Let's go to class."

We start walking to class. Just if your wondering, me and Brendan are friends now, we be came good friends after he got out of the hospital.

I hate school, I really do. I'm so glad that it's the weekend tomorrow.

*After School*

Finally, the weekend.

I put my coat on and start walking out with Kayla and Brendan. "So do you guys want to hang out at my house?" I ask.

"Sure." Kayla says.

"Nah I'm going home." Brendan says.

"If I walk into the bathroom and your in it with cuts on you wrists, Brendan.." Kayla says.

"I don't do that anymore.." She pulls up his sleeves and all you see is scars.

"What about you Kayla?" He says. Her body got stiff.

"I-I don't cut why would I?" She stutters out. Oh my god... Does she cut?

"Okay... Well here's the house.. Bye." He says. I was unsure if we should leave him alone. But we keep walking.

A few streets later, we get to my house. We walk in. No ones home.

"Let's go to my room." I take off my coat and shoes and start running up stairs.

*Two hours later*

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Aaah aaahh!" I scream in a high pitched Ariana Grande voice. Then the song was over.

"That was.... Great.." Kayla says and claps.

I walked to my bed and sit beside her. "Kayla?" I ask.

"Yeah?" She says.

"Do you... Do you cut?" I ask uneasily.

"What? What makes you think that..?"

"Show me your wrists Kayla." I say grabbing her arm.

"No stop! I don't cut!" She yells pulling away.

I lift up her sleeve and my heart broke. "Kayla why didn't you tell me?" That's when she broke down and started crying.

"I'm sorry Hayes." She says crying into my chest.

I hug her. "It's okay.. Please never do this again... Okay?"

She looks up.


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