Imagine yourself being kidnapped by the one and only One Direction. Well for some of you it would be great living with 5 super HOT GUY'S!!!!!!!!! But once you know there dirty little secret you will be terrified to death. This is a book bases on One Direction. Will someone find there mate? To find out more, please read this book, thank you.


6. Waking Up!

Once i see him i quickly get up off the sofa. I got off so fast it scared me. I go in a corner and stand there. Niall comes to me and i Shrink to the ground. I'm really scared of him, for crying out loud he bit me and was sucking my blood. Wait is he a vampier? He can't be they are not real. He comes closer and stand's in front of me.

"I'm sorry this is all my fault" he says. What is all his fault. 

"Your a Vampier, this is all my fault i took away your normal life now you are one of us" who said that. Okay i'm loosing my mind here, now there is some strange person or thing talking to me in my head. 

"I'm talking to you from my mind,i'm mind linking you, oh and it is Niall" he said. Creepy this is so creepy, WOW he is talking to me from his mind. I wonder if i can talk back? 

"You can talk back, this is pretty weird, it is like i'm talking to myself." Niall said.

"Okay so what exactly did you turn me into?" i said.
"You said a Vampier and i correct, because vampier's are not real at all they are myths." is said. 
"No you see humans say that they are not real, well the are you see, I'm the Prince of the Vampier's and you on the other hand is my mate." he said. Hold did he just say mate as in a Soul Mate. ​So I'm Niall Horans mate, that is so cool well the being mate with him. So i'm going to be a Princess. I've always wanted to be a Princess now i can finally be one. 

"Yes you are going to be a Princess but not for long, you see we have to get married at some point and so you are going to be Queen and i'm going to be a King and we are going to be the ruler's of the Vampier's how does that sound?" he said. 

"That sounds awesome, so what is a mate?" i say.

"A mate is a Vampier's soul, every Vampier has a soul mate, it is like there other half who they can't live without so i can't live without you or i will fill lonely and kind of heartbroken, it sounds kind of funny but that is how it is." he said. Awesome so i get to be Niall Horans should mate. So i will fill heartbroken and lonely awesome!!!! 

"Ok i like this mate thing it is awesome and pretty cool" i said. I saw his face gleam up because before it was all droopy but now it looks all happy and surf. 

"And one more question are the rest of the boys Vampier's?" i said.

"Yes all of the other boys are including luke,ash, miky, and calum are all vampier's" he said. I finally noticed that the other's are all looking at us. 

"Guys you can stop looking like that" i said.


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