Imagine yourself being kidnapped by the one and only One Direction. Well for some of you it would be great living with 5 super HOT GUY'S!!!!!!!!! But once you know there dirty little secret you will be terrified to death. This is a book bases on One Direction. Will someone find there mate? To find out more, please read this book, thank you.


3. Taken!

OH my god, this is awesome i'm going to be able to talk to One Direction and 5sos. I made my way to a sofa and there was only one spot in between Luke and Ash. I sat down and took off my jacket, i did not know where to put my jacket and i guess Luke noticed and stood and got my jacket out of my hands and hanged it on a hanger.

"So what are your names?" asked Liam.

"My name is August and my sister's name is Ireland" i said.

"Oh does are lovely names" said Harry.

"Oh Thank you very much" is said. Oh this is so awesome i'm talking to One Direction, again this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

"So what do you want to talk about?" asked Zayn.
"Ummm...I don't know" said Ireland. 

I noticed that Niall has not even talked at all, he has just been staring at all me and it is kinda of creepy. I think he noticed me looking at him that he looked away, hmmm i older what is wrong with him.  Then all of a sudden he comes running to me at a inhuman speed and grabs my shoulders and slams me into a wall. I noticed his eyes are all Red and have a little bit of gold in them.

"What are you, what do you want from me" i say.

He does not say anything and he puts his head in the crook of my neck and bites it. I let out a scream and try pushing him off, but he does not budge at all it is like he is glued to me and he started gulping all my blood but not all of it to kill me that is until somebody pulled him off of me. I slowly slid down the wall until i feel somebody carry me and put me on a sofa. And then everything is dark.

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