Puppy love

So here i am kylie smith about to set off on a journey with the man of my dreams,Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles . And to think none of this could of happened without the help of a puppy.


5. puppy time

Ok this is it. I had been saving up for the past week and i was heading over to pet smart to pick out the perfect puppy. I walked into the store and examined the furry friends. Too big, too shaggy ,too shaky. Ugh i was losing hope when suddenly i had found the perfect dog. It was a baby husky that had the cutest eyes. "This is the one !" I yelled excitedly.

"Hey i saw her first!" A familiar voice said. I turned around to see Harry. Great just great.

"Well too bad she's mine ." I giggled and turned around.

"Well at least pick out a cute name."

"Um how about Zoe?"

"It will have to do ." He smirked "hey can we switch numbers?"

Oh my god the Harry Styles wants to hang out with me "sure." We then gave out our numbers and he left me in wonder as he did the other day. I filled out the paperwork and bought a leash, collar, and a couple toys. Zoe and i then headed home.

My family loved Zoe. My dad wrestled with her , my mom cuddled and watched TV with her , and my little sister laid with the dog. I was happy with my decision.

*sorry have to got to bed now had a long day *

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