Wolfsberg Manor

*Takes place 14 years after 'The Boy Who Cries Werewolf*


1. Prologue (Third Person)

Paulina smirked through the window of her fabulous Californian home, watching the Sands family. It has been fourteen years since she tried to take over Wolfsberg Manor, letting her vampiric horde take over the sacred land. Fourteen years since that brat named Hunter and his sister, Jordan stopped her. With Hunter being the Wolfsberg Beast, she couldn't even set foot on the property.

The back door in the kitchen opened, signaling Paulina that one of her vampires had returned.

"Raul, what have you learned," she asked the 6'5" vampire, her Romanian accent still strong.

"The Sands family has taken a vaction to Wolfsberg every month this year and the past few years.".

Paulina sighed and said, "I already knew that, Raul.".

Raul, fumbled with words, trying to figure out something that would please his leader. Though he was new to Paulina's coven, he had experience.  Raul was head of a group that was originally stationed in Gutamala, but had moved up to Mexico.

"There may be a problem in your new plan," Raul said.

Paulina turned from the window, her eyes becoming the classic vampire red. Raul backed away, a little fearful.

"The reason I said that, Paulina is because there are two new Wolfsberg Beasts.".

"WHAT," Paulina screeched.

"I had some of my own coven do the research. There are two eighteen year olds that are to become the Wolfsberg Beast.".

"Well then, we'll just have to adjust our plan," Paulina said.

Raul nodded sitting on the love seat. He would need to figure out an angle on how to figure this out. He daren't mention that they where his niece and nephew. Raul would have to warn his sister, before the plan carried out. 

Raul silently prayed as he stood up, leaving Paulina's house, so that he could return to his. Raul hated betraying his family. He had a feeling that this plan would backfire on him. He had to protect Makayla and Antonio Duvloc.

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