The Great Sacrifice

The doors of death were sealed . The great prophecy is incomplete. The great sacrifice is due on August 1st and so much have to be done Gaea the earth mother should be stopped before every thing goes Boom!.


1. ArgoII



Leo P.O.V


Everything was going well  Percy and Annabeth returned from tartarus after we helped to seal the doors of death. The only thing that make me worry the most is the oath that i made going back to ogygia to save calypso. Leo come here we have some engine problem shouted Piper.I liked having my friends on side always until I remember what Hera said I will always be the seventh wheel. Coming I shouted back. As I  ran back to fix the engine that was out.Percy was out there talking to water spirits and trying to prevent the ship from sinking. Coach Hedge, Nico and Reyna were leaving to return the statue back to where it belongs to stop the war between the Greeks and the Romans. Reyna was as usual leading them. I knew she still hold hatred for me though I was possessed when I had set a fire before all this happened. I always  thought this boy Nico was always was mysterious in his own way. After I fixed the engine the Argo II sailed north. Every body gathered in the mess hall after the bidding was done for Nico, Reyna, and Gleason. It's obvious Gaea would awake by August 1st Piper was saying with her awesome charm speak. But the prophecy is still incomplete said Jason. I agree with you annabeth said searching something from her  laptop that was given by Daedalus. Storm is Percy and fire would be Leo or storm could be Jason offered Frank.  At first I was surprised how much he really grew as I use to Joke bout him but the truth is I really didn't make fun of him because he used to have bulky baby face but it was because of Hazel know that am done with Hazel we are normal buddies with his awesome gift from Poseidon. 





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