✌All The Right Moves✌

So my friend Al seen this paper on a stores window and took a photo of it on his cell, and he didn't want to text it to me he wanted to show me in person I was like "okay...." So we picked a place to meet.


2. This guy


He was just standing there like he was frozen! I ran past him and saw his bright blue orbs looking at me....He had some kind of mark on his hat it looked like a bird on fire? maybe I was wrong....Me and Al got a far distance between us and the dump so I stopped running and leaned against a tree breathing heavily.


Al, Miki your foot how does it feel? 


Al leaned down and takes my shoe off to check my foot.


Miki, Ah! be careful my foot hurts a lot....


Al sighs, You should of just stayed away and this wouldn't of happened...


Miki, I cant leave my friend alone!


Al, calm down your hurt yourself more then you already are....


Miki sighs and takes a pill bottle from his pocket and takes two pills.


Al, You're a drugy now?


Miki, They are pain killers idiot....and this is the most pain I been in.....


Al, I get it I'll carry you the rest of the way home.


Al picks me up and carry's me home.


Miki, Stay the night Al I don't want you walking home alone in the dark ever again.


Al agreed to stay the night, I was glad he did I didn't want anything happen to my best friend. And I didn't feel safe in my own home alone any more....I didn't want to get kidnapped out of my own home....like who the hell does that?! I limped my way to my room....I flopped onto my bed.


Al, Now that your in bed I'll take the couch.


Miki, Oh no you won't!


Miki grabs Al around his waist and pulls him into the bed.


Al, W....wha!?! You know I'm not gay! -says in a tease voice-


Miki, Idiot! You know I like sleeping with someone when I'm hurt! You happen to be the only one here! So deal with it!


Al laughs at Miki as he cuddles up beside him.


Rest of the night was a big blur....I was do tired and the pills didn't help....I fell asleep for an hour and woke up in pain! But I did it for Al.... I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for him....




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