Chosen Destiny

In our world Vampire's rule it. They put us human's into camps. Our world progresses and now we I've exactly like they did in the Medieval times . The village we live in is right next to the castle. We all have roles to play on the yearly spins. In our town we spin the wheel and they pick our fate. The only thing worse than spinning death is spinning marrying the future king. And that prince's name is Harry Styles. And I Judith was blessed with this horrible fate.

Before edit-Our Lovers Are Vampires
After edit - Chosen Destiny


2. Chapter 2

Judith's POV-

                I fell asleep in a chair reading some book my mother left behind when she left. I was waiting for Gareth to show up ,but I guess I was too tired to wait. I walked in to our room and realized. He never came back. After a moment of thinking I knew what happened. A naive boy, he never listens to me. Even with that girl he always defies me. He was in the forest with Fiona. But I couldn't miss the ceremony today. If I went I could say Gareth got sick ,but if we both are missing they'll come looking for us. I ran my hand through my hair. A few strands came out easily. I had to much stress taking care of a teenager being one myself. I walked to the town square and told our guides that me and Gareth wouldn't be attending. After dismissing myself I went back to the tree line. I'm going to find my brother.

                I walked for a few minutes and I'm already lost. There were footprints on the ground ,but they could be anyone's. Lost for hope still continue when I hear the rustle in the bushes. Please be some type of fury fluffy animal. Something grabbed my wrist but by the time I looked back I was already in a cabin or cottage. It all happened so quickly because I'm already tied up.

                On the floor was Gareth. Blood rushing out of his neck. He was getting paler. He was dying.  I was in a house full of vampire's and One of them killed my brother. I see Fiona standing farthest away scared and panicked. Georgia was closer than Fiona was. Inspecting my brother's wound was a curly haired boy with green eyes. He was someone I remember. Sitting in a chair mixing herbs was an older women she was around her 50. Her hair was a reddish brown tone. Her eyes were brown like Georgia's.

                "Fiona, bring the water and the plant" The boy shouted as Fiona sloppily put water on a leaf then handing it over to the boy.

                "Why would you do this" I said in a whisper that I could here ,but they were vampire's so they could hear me.

                "Shut up or else I can't save your brother's life" He said with no emotion at all.

                "Ok, I need human blood and the Biter's blood" He said as Fiona had already started. He moved to where I was in the room.

                "I'm sorry but this is going to hurt" He said grabbing my arm and taking blood out with a needle" He looked up at me and I realized were I know him from. He grabbed the leaf that Fiona gave him earlier. The older woman gave him the mixed herbs. He sprinkled the herbs over the water. Then we poured drops of water on either side of the leaf. He chanted something I couldn't hear ,but the blood moved in closer combining into one. He put the leaf on Gareth's wound and then fed him his blood. The last thing I remember was Gareth opening his eyes.

                We woke up on the kitchen floor. Dinner was on the table. It was hot ,so barely made. There was a letter on the table "Your Welcome" Gareth was on the floor ,so I picked him up and dragged him to his bed. I was about to walk away and eat ,but then he grabbed my hand.

                "Judith, There family" Gareth said. His breathing was unsteady as If he were to die, "They're them" I went back to the kitchen to eat. When I realized we were in the style's family home. Or at least the ones in the woods.


                A few days have passed since he was bitten. We've been getting herbs and medicine in the backdoor of our house. Probably delivered by Harry. Gareth has been different all week. He has a lot of stress lately. Worrying about his ceremony and the bite. He had to be there earlier than me ,so e left earlier. When we got to the school all he said was wish me luck and left.

                We got sat down and I looked at the stage. Some student's didn't care because they didn't have siblings in the ceremony others like me were staring at the curtain the stage and the wheel. Our last name is Cavar, so it didn't take long after for Gareth to be called up. I almost forgot our last name was Cavar since no family here talks to us that much.

                He walked up to the stage. You could tell from here that he was nervous. He took a deep breath before taking a spin. You could hear some parents whispering prayers. They weren't to save his life, they were to end his life. They wanted to save their siblings and children from going away from them.

                Gareth's spin felt like forever ,but it lasted seconds. His spin was Evacuation. Out of three choices fate had to kill him. Our eyes met as we knew what was going to happen.

                "Evacuate is your Fate! Send him to the sell," the announcer said as the guards approached Gareth .

                "You read the wheel wrong!" A male voice said. I looked up to see the wheel. It changed. It was better than death but at an extent. He will be working for the king. I turned around to look at who said it.  I didn't see anything because the person was disguised ,but I knew who it was . I has to thank him for saving my brother's life ,but I has to say my goodbye's.


Harry's POV:


                I felt bad for her. When she started crying I could feel her pain. The last thing she had was going to be ripped away from her. I used the magic I had to change the wheel and save him for her.

                "You Changed Fate. You can't do that and you know that" My grandmother said not looking at me.

                "Can we talk about this later" I said. Delilah didn't know I could use magic and I wanted to keep it that way for as long as I could.

                "If this is what I think it means then you'll get the throne. Your magic abilities have awoken. If you don't control your powers they'll take care of you." She said fiddling with her hands.

                " You know what that means" I said remember the unforgettable event.

                "Ceremony 18" Fiona and Georgia said listening in our conversation.

                "Your training starts today" There was a rule the royal family started long ago and has been like that since forever. The son lives in the mortal world looking at how they live and better their lives little by little or make them worse depending on who you are. When they come to age they get a wife train and take the throne ,and the only way to do that is to kill the king. Kill your father.  The wife has other traditions to do ,but I have to focus on my orders first. After the ceremony we went back to our house but I took a little detour first.

                Judith entered her house and her back door faced the forest so I was hidden. I took me a while ,but I got the courage to knock on her door. She opened the door and her beautiful green eyes glowed more beautiful than before. She was smart. To go into the city I had to disguise myself as another  person and go into the city ,but I still had some of the same features. My eyes were still green and my hair was still brown. She knew who I was just by looking into my eyes.

                "Thank you" She took a deep breath before saying it. She opened the door to let me in.

                "For what"

                "Saving my brother. I know you did it" She said dragging her fingers across the table before sitting down and nodding her head to the seat in front of her. I sat down. "Do you even know my name?" 

                "Judith, right?" I didn't know her name ,but I remember it.

                "Yeah how did you know" She said looking up at me kindness in her eyes ,but there was that coldness in there.

                "You look like a Judith" She laughed at my statement. She had a small smile ,but it was cute. We were talking for a while before we heard the bell ring.

                "I think its best you go out through the back" She said leading me to the back, " can you do me a favor?"

                "Yeah of coarse"

                "Can you come back" I was surprised of her request. We've only known each other for a little while.

                "Well I can only come back tomorrow. But I'll be back don't worry" I said with a mile. She smiled back.

                I was walking home when  Fiona came running towards me. Delilah right behind her.

                "Where were you?" Delilah asked me.

                "With Judith" Fiona answered

                "Go back now!" Delilah said as I went running back to her house.


Judith POV:


                I was happy with my little visitor visiting me. I turned off the lights and walked into me room and hid. I was alone now which made it even dangerous to live out here now. Someone knocked on the door. At first I thought it was just some random guard doing inspections. Guards were confusing some wanted us dead and others wanted to protect us. The door burst open. I grabbed a knife my brother kept on the top shelf of his dresser. I hid in the corner which was very hard to see me now.

                "Come out of your hiding place" I recognized the voice. Georgia came for me. She wanted to kill me.

                "Don't be an idiot Georgia" My visitor said. I remember hitting my head and then I blacked out.


                I can't remember much of that night ,but something did happen. Harry visited me yesterday and explained what happened. Georgia is what they call a Rage Ram. A Rage Ram is basically a rage induced vampire. When they eat they can't stop and if they don't stop well who knows what happens. Georgia has more strength and Fiona has more power. There family was very weird and I didn't understand a lot ,but if he wanted to tell me then he would. Harry was nice to talk to especially since it was very lonely ,but we had to stop talking now. Ceremony 18 is today and I'll be married soon.

                I got ready and started to walk to school. Some other people in our group were walking with me. Some had their head down others were excited. I was actually scared at what was going to happen.

                They sat us down and up on the stage there was the styles family, all four of them. Harry had a blank expression ,but his eyes were cold. He walked up to the bowl of girl names. His grandmother followed him up to the bowl. He put his hand in the bowl and picked out the name. He and his grandmother scanned the crowd, they looked at each other before giving the name to the announcer.

                "Yara Suse! Please stand up and the guards will escort you" A short girl with very light skin stood up. Her hair was blonde in a tight ponytail ,her eyes were dark almost black, she had kindness in her by the way she stood up.  She was scared but she kept walking. The guards escorted her ,but they stopped and she just stood there one guard on each of her side.  Most girls let out a breath they were holding in, some were relief and  others were of sadness. Harry's grandmother had a smirk before putting her hand inside the bowl. Again they scanned the crowd before giving the name to the announcer.

                "Becca Hilliengs! Please stand and the guards will escort you" I girl taller than Yara stood up ,she was mixed and she was beautiful. Her hair was straight with a few waves and was beautiful, her eyes were a vivid blue. She stood up with confidence and no fright. They again pulled out another name ,but this time it was harry. They scanned the crowd again.  

                "Eileen Burton! Please stand and the guards will escort you" I girl with tan skin and she was almost the same height as Yara. She had grey eyes and brown hair pulled back into a tight braid. She like Becca stood up with no fright. This time it was Delilah pulled out the name. They didn't scan the crowd this time ,they just gave the paper to the announcer.

                "Judith Cavar! Please stand and the guards will escort you" I stood up and a tall guard grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me over to where the other girls were. Harry looked at me as a stood there. His grandmother nudged him. He got his focus again and then pulled a paper. He gave the paper to the announcer.

                "Heather Reeves! Please stand and the guards will escort you" Heather was the same height as me and stood up a little timid but also with confidence. Her hair was a chestnut color let loose and only pulled back in the front by a headband so walked with her head down ,but it looked like she was smiling.

                The guards escorted us to a carriage not too far from the crowd. The carriage wasn't anything special it was just normal like the one Gareth was in. The guards made us go in as we were called. They tied are hands and feet so we would be secure. I was closest to the door since I was the fourth person to be called. I saw the family walk into another carriage. It looked better bigger and nicer ,but then again they were royal.

                After the carriage started and we started to leave the town we grew up in I looked at the other girls. There confident smiling faces were gone. They were panicked and worried. 2 of them had their head down and Yara was looking up with her eyes closed. I think she was going to have the hardest time out of all of us. Heather, the last person to be called, looked fine not as panicked as the other girls. We sat in silence for the entire ride.

                The carriage took a slow stop. I looked through the little creeks on the door. It was dark out ,so I didn't see anything. I heard something open and the carriage started up again. We went in a downward motion. The other girls just like me were confused and worried. They opened the carriage up and took us all out.

                "Go up the stairs one by one" a guard said as he lead the way and another guard behind us. We climbed a long spiral staircase. After a few staircases and hallways we got to a wall at the end of the hallway. After we entered through the door there was a living area and beyond that were 5 doors labeled with numbers.

                "It's getting late tonight go to sleep and await further instructions tomorrow. Go to the room corresponding your number " after the guard sad that they left locking the door. We all looked at each other for a second.

                " Do you guys know what will actually happen to us" Yara said

                " The games will begin tomorrow" Heather said before entering her room

                "Good luck" Becca said entering her room. Eileen just shot the rest of us with a smile before going into her room. Yara didn't say anything but just looked at me before going into her room. I was too tired to think so I just went to the room and fell on the bed. I instantly fell asleep considering this is the actual first bed I've ever slept in.

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