Chosen Destiny

In our world Vampire's rule it. They put us human's into camps. Our world progresses and now we I've exactly like they did in the Medieval times . The village we live in is right next to the castle. We all have roles to play on the yearly spins. In our town we spin the wheel and they pick our fate. The only thing worse than spinning death is spinning marrying the future king. And that prince's name is Harry Styles. And I Judith was blessed with this horrible fate.

Before edit-Our Lovers Are Vampires
After edit - Chosen Destiny


1. Chapter 1


                My Brother, Gareth, and I were walking home from school. The school was the only school that was around this village or in-closed city as people also call it. The school was made for all grades ,so after you graduate you spin the wheel and see what destiny lies in front of you. If you're lucky you get to be free to enter and leave whenever you want. The last time anyone had that fate happened to a young girl that came crawling back and died the next day.

                Gareth had tanner skin than I did. His eyes like mine were green. His hair was also brown like mine.

                "Why can't we enter the forest," Gareth  asked me for probably the 100th time in the last month. For an in-closed city is really big.

                "Cause you might find the styles and they will eat you alive," The Styles were probably the worst kind of vampire's there is here. I one day entered that forest and met the oldest brother. His name was Harry is I remember. They are always in town but it's hard to tell if its them or not. They can change form from Human to Vampire, and Vampire to Eater. I remember like it was yesterday. I was 14 at the time and I entered the forest early in the morning. Only a few people saw me ,but no one tried to stop me. He then Grabbed my arm and I turned around and there he was with his fangs ready to bite. I don't remember much from that night but I was glad I escaped.

                We continued to walk home. We lived near the edge were the forest was ,so that meant that we lived farthest from the forest. Gareth and I lived alone. Are parents future was to serve the King and Queen in the castle.

                "Did you hear the Kings order's," Gareth said interrupting me from my thoughts.

                "What order's"

                "His oldest son is 18 and they're adding a new spin for every 18 year old girl"

                "Which is?" I said thinking. My brother is 16 and I'm 18. There could be a chance we get separated from each other.

                "Marry the oldest," Gareth said as I opened the door to our little shack.


                The next morning was as usual until we entered the town square. There was a body near the fountain. Last time there was a body in the town square was when the royal family got there fangs. It was a tradition just like all others. She looked pale but you could tell that she was breathing but barely.

                "Hey Gareth, See that girl in the square," I said nodding my head towards the body.


                "That's what happens when you enter the forest and get bitten you have a 25% chance of changing."

                "You have a 15% chance of turning. I know my basic vampire facts. I'm not dumb."

                "Not with the vampire's hidden in the forest. They have more power than the one's out here waling with us." After I said that a girl came walking closer to Gareth and I. She was Gareth's friend. Her name was Fiona. She had that look that she was a child even though they were the same age. Her hair was chocolate brown hair and her eyes Green almost the same shade as Gareth's.

                She waved at Gareth before walking over and staring to talk to him. I didn't know exactly where she lived ,but I knew she was hiding something. We reached the school after a while of walking and listening the two of them talk. They had a little board outside the entrance of the school. They had the Changed the banner again today. The banner was a brown shade. Like the clothes to old so no one want it. In red letters was written "5th Ceremony". The first ceremony had already passed a while ago. Time was going slow and I knew I would have my destiny chosen for me soon. Who will I marry? Where would I live? Would I live? After saying goodbye to Gareth a walked to my class. I walked over to my desk. Some people were talking since there was sometime before we had to go to the ceremony. I didn't have friends here. All my friends had left to the city next to us. It was part of an evacuation and they just cleared out a living place. I put my head down to think until the Guard came to escort us to the center of the town for the ceremony. We usually had ceremonies each week  starting in the last winter month others called it the new year. There are ceremonies for the teen years and have the children adult and elder group ceremonies in one turn. Those ceremonies took longer since they had more people and more topics to decide.

                My group had sat down closer to the stage since we were students. There was the big spinning wheel they were going to use. Two guards were preparing the list of names and the wheel.  Ceremony 5 was 'What will you be Studying'. I could see the front row. Little children the age of 5 afraid, excited, and happy talking amongst themselves. They were talking about what they wanted to spin. If only the understood what really was happening maybe they would be scared like the rest of the parents that have children in that age group. I looked at the options on the wheel there were the three options engraved into the wheel. Free, Work for the king, and Death. Every ceremony had them. There were only two ceremonies were the Wheel wasn't used. Ceremony 1 and Ceremony 18. Names and Marriage. mother's picked the name of their new child. There was no two children that had the same name. They only would have that if we had an over load in population. It was really sad because the guards would either kill an elder, a traitor, or the child. Just for a name. For Ceremony 18, each girl would have her name written on a piece of paper and then the boys would go up and select a name. This is one of the reasons they don't want us to make friends. If we fall in love with another we commit treason of Marriage and be sentenced to death while the other person would be sent to another city top find a new spouse. And if we hate each other than too bad you'll have to live with each other until death does you part. 

                The ceremony took some time and so did the lessons but we soon got to go home. We encountered Fiona once more going home. This time she was with her family. Her brother look so familiar. He turned to look at me and then to the forest line. I realized it was getting dark.

                "Come on Gareth we have to start getting home. They'll be coming out in a bit" I said grabbing Gareth's arm and rushing home. By theme I meant the creatures of the dark. Anyone after dark was now food for them. Lesson was learned after a group of friends decided to play around after dark. There screams awoke everyone ,but sadly everyone was too scared to help them because the creatures would attack the help too.

                I looked over to see what Gareth was doing. He was doing his weekly assignment which was to draw a picture of a part of the town. I went back to the small kitchen to put away the supplies I took out to make my weekly assignment. We heard a load bell ring. It indicated that it was 9:00 ,lights out. We rushed to the room that Gareth and I shared. The little shack we lived in was to small for two rooms. It was like an adobe house from old times.


                Sleeping was sometimes hard to do when you have to worry about yours and others safety. I looked over to my brother he was still sleeping. How lucky he was without a worry in the world.

                "Your staring at me" Gareth said opening his eyes, "It's creepy"

                "Let's go to school" I said getting up and getting some of my clothes.

                " I call the bathroom" Gareth said getting up to also get clothes. Although are house was small we had a space. We didn't have bed's so we slept with blankets on the floor. We had two dressers and one tall mirror. We had a few items in the corner of the room to entertain us sometimes ,but we mostly read. After Gareth left the room I got changed into my uniform. The uniforms were very simple. A simple grey shirt and a black skirt for girls and a Simple white shirt and black pants for the guys. It was mandatory for all student even if you didn't go to school that day. I came out of the room and then went to the bathroom before having breakfast and walking off to school like always. We walked by the town square like we usually did. It was a surprise, There were 2 bodies on the square. Whoever this vampire was they were really hungry to eat this much. Most vampire's have been able to keep their hunger under control. The king has many workers ,so he uses some of them as blood servants to his vampire citizens. I made sure Gareth didn't see a lot of it the bodies since they were covered under sheets, I knew it meant whoever was there wasn't going to be alive. The walk seemed shorter than usual. When we arrived everyone was surrounded by the board in front of the school. It was no surprise why they were crowding around. The banner this day had Ceremony 6-10 written on it. The children's ceremony was suppose to be next week and now they made it today. There was something wrong but no one knew what. We went with are age group and then the center where the ceremony is being held.

                "Hey Judith do you think I'll be evacuated," Gareth said after the ceremony was over. Evacuation sometimes was what it is. You get evacuated to a new town or city they just opened or it means you get sentenced to death if there is no space in neighboring cities. He was worried and so am I.

                "Let's pray to the gods and hope you don't" I said in my last resort of cheering him up"

                "Were not allowed to pray" Gareth said, "Can I hang out with Fiona and her sister?"

                "Sure ,but be home before sun down" I said before hugging by brother and letting him go with his friends. Now I walk alone to our little house.


Gareth's POV-

                Fiona had invited me to hang out with her and her sister Georgia. Georgia was a year older than us. Her skin was a little more lighter than me ,but just by a little bit. Her eyes were a hazel brown and her hair was brown but almost black.

                We first entered a little food shop. They gave food to the families every week. That was are only food supplies we had besides the fruit. They never gave more food or never gave food if you missed your gathering. They were very strict ,which is why It makes me wonder why were even here. Fiona and Georgia went to go get there food supply that day. They gave them a lot ,but there is that huge difference. For them it's the 4 of them and for me it's just me and my sister.

                "Have you ever been to the forest" Fiona asked me out of nowhere.

                "I'll meet you back at the house." Georgia said before getting the food and leaving. She was very bratty. She always treated everyone badly even if they wanted to be nice to her. She treats me not as bad because ,as Fiona said once, she use to have a little crush on me when I first started to hang out with Fiona.

                "Judith never lets me go in and What's with Georgia." I say responding to her question looking where Georgia went ,but when I turned she was gone. I've known Fiona almost my entire life ,yet I still don't know where she lives.

                "She has a lot on her mind. Would you like to go in the forest?"

                "What if whatever is out there eats us."

                "They can't eat us. Either way they hunt at night trust me" She said laughing. Fiona knew a lot of vampire's ,yet this is one of the only times I hear her talk about them.

                "Ok fine but only for a bit I don't want Judith to worry about me." She grabbed my arm and walked Quickly towards the tree line. She looked at me and then pulled me in. It was different.

                Our town was old and depressed and then there was this beautiful Forrest right next to it ,but no one wants to enter because they're afraid of the creatures that live in it. We walked in further getting lost in time and well lost in general. I looked behind me and there was nothing but trees. We were deep into the forest now. I saw a house up ahead from where we were.

                "Fiona, who's house is that" Fiona looked at me and gave me a wicked grin.

                "It's there house" It felt weird. I've been told to never go in the forest because they would find you. Now I defied that rule and found them

                "We should go" I said grabbing her arm she pulled back and stayed in place.

                "Don't worry they only come out at night' Fiona said before walking closer to the house. I couldn't let her walk there by herself so I followed her.  There was a lake near the house. The water looked so clean and blue unlike the water in the well we have.

                I turned to say something to Fiona ,but she looked so pale and sick. I walked over to her and held her before she fell, "Are you ok?"

                "Yeah I just need to rest" She said before laying her head on my shoulder as I held her up. Her hair smelled like oranges. But then again that's the only scent we have for soap here. It felt nice hugging her. Everything stopped or at least it felt like it. But then I felt pain in my shoulder and neck . I grabbed my neck and saw blood. I pushed Fiona off when I realized she was biting me. Her eyes were black and her fangs ,there were 2 fangs on each side, 2 on the left and 2 on the right.

                "I'm sorry was the last thing I heard before a blacked out.




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