Love & War: Intro

Angel Carter, the most infamous drug lords daughter. She was born in the game. Her mom had her in the backseat while her and her father was doing a drive by. Angel isn't the loving type, but its this guy, has her all mixed up. Wanna know why? He's from another gang her father had been feuding with forever.


3. Chapter 3: Fine. Lets Talk.

Rico's POV

Hey. I'm Rico. I'm 18. I'm caramel complexion. I'm 6 foot. I have green eyes. And curly hair. I work for Angel and Tasha's fathers. I have a nice build. I work out. And my brother is Danny. He looks like me. Just younger.

I walked over to Tasha. 
"Hey ma." I said tryna give her a kiss. She just shrugged me off.

"May I help you?" she asked coldly.

"Damn Tasha. Why you gotta be like that?" I asked her.

She just walked away from me.

A couple of months ago she told me how she felt about me. I messed with her a bit then cut her off. I don need to be getting tied down. But on the low, I wasn't ready yet. I don't think I deserve Tasha to be honest.

I asked the bartender for a orange margarita. While I was sipping my drink, Amber walks up. This hoe T_T.

"Hey baby." she cooed.

"What's up Amber?" I said nonchalantly.

"I'm horny. Lets go find a quiet spot where we can do a quickie."

A hoe like I said.

"Amber. Calm that ass down. First off this ain't ya house, so don't be tryna do reckless shit if ya ass ain't ready to get recklessly beat."

She stared in shock.

I walked away.

"Fucking THOT." I mumbled to myself. 

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