My sweet Ella

Ella never knew who her father was until the day her mother died,she found out his name so she made a determination to find her father and know him,little did she know that her father would be her whole new world.


3. Information

She stayed silent for a few minutes,I thought she had hung up but she didn't.

"H-Harry..Harry styles."She said in a surprised tone like she just saw a ghost or something.

"Thank you." I replied and hung up.

After talking to the lady I walked into the house that wasn't just me living in it a few hours ago,something told me to look threw book albums and I did,I looked threw my baby book,my moms dairies,note books,pictures and old tweets then it finally came to the last thing,the one thing I had been searching for..their wedding book.

I opened the laced book slowly,the first picture had their vowels the page next to it had a picture of mothers dress I'm not going to lie it was beyond beautiful.My fathers suit was in a picture next to it,then they had a picture of them both..the guy in the picture looked quite familiar,I stared at it for a few minutes then it clicked,he was the guy from her posters he was famous? Or is he still?

I turned to the last page of the wedding book,it had my mom,my father and a picture of my ultrasound,both standing with a few other guys smiling happily as if they had just announced that I'd be appearing soon.

I was real curious so I did some research about my dad,videos of songs and fan fictions appeared a couple minutes later,I then clicked on some stuff watched some videos and read some rather smutty stuff.

I then decided to look myself up to find pictures of him my mom and I leaving the hospital,they looked happy these pictures made me want to ask so many questions,I went back to the internet part of Google and found an article about my mom getting full custody do to a divorce I was only a little over a year old they stated that he wanted to continue to tour and couldn't take care of me but he trusted my mother.

I sat there stunned.Why would she lie to me? She knew he was touring the world why didn't she just tell me? Maybe it was becasue she expected him to come home after a long years tour.

I continued my search to see if they were still touring around and a few shows with prices came up,I found one near the town I live in but its for November 14 2028 (Remember this is far into the future XD) Which means I'll have to wait almost a year to meet my father..I bought the ticket anyways.

I called my mothers mom Sandy to see if she knew anything about my dad.

"So..question what was my father like?" She stayed silent for a minute."He was handsome a gentleman,I use to tease them about having a kid and when they had you I stopped,Ella your father loved you dearly he hated the fact that he had to leave you and your mother and couldn't visit." "If he loved me and didn't want to leave then why did he?" "His management made him,but they didn't want the press to know that.."She ended that sentence in a low tone."Do you have any contact with my fathers mother?"The question popped into my head like bubbles."I do,do you want her phone number?" "Please."

"Hello?" Anne answered."Hi,this is Anne right?" "Yes,may I ask who this is?" "Anne this is Ella,Ella France." "Oh my gosh how are you?! I miss you so much how have you been doing?"Anne said in a enthused and happy tone like she just won a billion dollars or something."I'm mom passed away recently and I wanted to ask you a few questions about my father." "Oh,I'm sorry about that..would you like to talk about him over a cup of tea so I can see my grand baby?" "I'd love to." I said with a huge smile on my lips.

Anne gave me her address to meet her at her house,I tell you this is going to be fun...right?



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