My sweet Ella

Ella never knew who her father was until the day her mother died,she found out his name so she made a determination to find her father and know him,little did she know that her father would be her whole new world.


2. End The Fight

"Ella,can you come here real quick?" My mom called from her room.

"Coming mom." I partially yelled walking out of my room,messing with my ponytail.

"Sweet heart,I need you to call the hospital I think it's time."

I widened my eyes,When she said "Time." She meant she was thinking it was time for her body to relax,meaning she was tired of fighting,tired of being sick and she was ready to give up the fight..I knew this day would come after all six years of fighting was a long journey and I could see why she was ready to end it,I knew one day she'd have enough and give up.My mom is strong but she's tired.

"Okay.." I said softly,looking down at the hard dark brown floor.

I walked down the lit up hall way,that was decorated with pictures of my mom and I.Once I met the table that held the telephone I slowly pick up the phone and dialed the hospitals number.

"Hello this is Darah how may I help you?"The lady Answered in a sweet tone.

"Hi Darah,This is Ella France Delilah Frances daughter..can you connect me to Doctor Brulay please?"I fettled with my fingers while holding the phone in between my shoulder and neck.

"Yes Mam." She replied before connecting me to my mothers Doctor.

"Hello Ella is everything alright?"Doctor Brulay asked in a concerned tone.

"My mom said it's time she gives up,she wants to leave you told me to call you when the time comes and she's ready so what should I do?"

"You need to go unplug her monitor,and take out her vaseline I'll send an ambulance to your house to pick her up and we'll go from there."

"Thank you."

I walked to my moms room and did what he told me to,after that I got her ready to go then got my self ready.

-Few hours past-

The guys came and picked her up,I followed them to the hospital and now I'm currently waiting for the news to come.My mom and I always talked about this moment she always told me what to expect,we even went threw it with Doctor Brulay.I hate knowing that she is going to die and they're doing faster than they were before,they even took her off chemo about three months about but they still had her hooked up till give hours ago,she wanted to love for a few more months before this.

"Ella."Doctor Brulay said with a nod acknowledging that she had past,I slightly smiled while a tear fell down my face I was happy she wasn't in pain anymore but sad that I didn't have her.

"May I?" He nodded opening the door,I sat next to her pale and unconscious body,tears came flooding out I was happy for her but I didn't want my mother dead.I held her motionless and slightly cold hand.

"I love you mom,and I promise I will make you proud I want to find my father and I will I'll succeed in my dreams and career to make you happy,I'll one day have a family and name my kids after you I promise..I don't want you gone but your safe mom and that's all that matters."

I walked out of the room and called the family that I had left to tell them the news I also made arrangements for the Funereal.

I called my birth hospital to find out my fathers name you'd never believe what they told me.

"Let me look threw your birth records."The lady on the phone said.

"Your fathers name is-."

Hi guys sorry if it seems short,I'm writing from my phone also if you could point out where I messed up so I can fix it. :) love you guys. Comment,favorite,like.

Thanks for reading,


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