My sweet Ella

Ella never knew who her father was until the day her mother died,she found out his name so she made a determination to find her father and know him,little did she know that her father would be her whole new world.


1. Ella France

Growing up with out my father was always hard,When I asked my mom where he was and she'd always tell me she had no clue,she never showed me pictures and never told me names all she would tell me is that I was exactly like him I had his eyes,face legs,hight and hair.

My Name is Ella France,I'm nineteen years old I live in London but was born in Ireland during my dads tour,I always asked my mom what's happened she said he just left her she had no idea why.

I have no siblings,my mom never dated after I was born she only wanted me because she was always expecting my father to come back home to us it still hasn't happened and I'm getting ready to leave for collage.

My mom now has cancer and is going to pass anytime soon,I can tell she won't last much longer before she's gone I want to find him to make her happy.

Hi guys,thanks for reading,Like,Comment,Favorite! I love you.


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