Enchanted {COMPLETED}

I remember the first time we ever met. He was the prince to save me from my misery. The first to ever love me. He was everything to me.


1. O N E

Noisy and Busy

As always in the school hallways. I'm Meadow by the way :). I have Dirty Blonde hair, Brown eyes, I'm pretty much medium, and i have tanish pale skin. I'm an ordinary girl and basically almost everyone hates me for no reason.

I went straight to my locker and opened it to gran all my stuff. I closed my locker and walked to my first period, Science. As i was walking past many people, i could hear them whispering stuff like

'Ugly, Bitch, Idiot, Stupid, Fat, Worthless piece of shit'

I ignored all the shit they were throwing at me even if it hurt me deep inside. Finally I got to class. I sat down and started to read a book.


 Soon the most "popular" boy in school came in,Harry Styles, many girls just got all over him. I rolled my eyes and kept my eyes on my book. Our Science teacher, Ms.Ramirez, came in and told the students to go back to their desks. Harry came to his seat which was next to mine.

"Hey Chick" He said in his idiotic British accent. I rolled my eyes and never looked at Harry. "Why don't you look at me Baby" I looked at him as a smirk grew on his face. but I was angry at him for bothering me everyday. "Shut up Harry, I'm trying to hear what the teacher is saying" I said in an angry tone. I turned my head back to the teacher "Ooh, Feisty" He whispered in my ear. I rolled my eyes and placed my head on my hand.


I ignored every thing he was telling me because it didn't interest me at all. Finally I thought in my head, happy school was almost over. I was going to my 4th class which was Science. I walked past Harry and his friends. "Nice Ass" I turned around and Louis leaned on the lockers as he said it in his stupid British accent but quite cute though. 

I turned my back to them. His friends giggled and whistled at me to get my attention but it didn't. I kept walking and finally got to my next class. As always Harry was there sitting next to me. Always talking about nothing and how great he is.

I got annoyed by him and couldn't take it no more. "Harry Can You Just Shut The Fuck Up Already!! All you do is talk about nothing!!" I yelled at him. His Eyes Widened. Only like 5 to 10 people were staring. I gave them the angry glare and they all quit staring. 


"Wow. Didn't mean to annoy you" he smirked. I knew he was annoying me on purpose. I rolled my eyes and the teacher came in. "OK Now Students. I will be choosing your partner and you will be working together on a project. You are going to answer these questions. Your partner and you will make a presentation on each other. Since some of you can't finish on time, I will give a week to finish this project.


I will give you the paper with the questions tomorrow" Our Teacher instructed us and I was happy because i love Projects. She got a piece of paper that was sitting on top of her desk and she was calling out the names. "OK now Jack with Brianna, Max with Jessie, Louis with Eleanor, Niall with Veronica, Liam with Danielle, Zayn with Perrie, and Harry with..." she paused. "Harry with Meadow" I was upset. I looked at him. He looked over at me and smirked. I got the most annoying boy, the one boy I hate the most..


I soon went to my 5th class. Harry was there but he sat next to Louis and i sat with one of my Best Friends, Veronica. "I can't believe i got Harry as my partner, Why couldn't it be Max or Jack." i whispered to Veronica as the teacher was teaching us history. It was all quite boring and I have already learned it anyway. "I know, Niall bothered me everyday. I got annoyed by him, until one day I punched him" My eyes widened. "You punched the strongest guy in the school?!" Veronica nodded and i laughed. "I can't believe Niall got punched by.... a girl!" i whispered yelled to her and we both laughed. Once the class was over, I went over to Veronica's house. We both talked for a while and did our homework together. then i had a sleepover. 


I was still awake, thinking about what Harry is capable of. I didn't want him over at my house. I told myself not to worry, my dog is there to protect me from the people he doesn't know. I smiled and closed my eyes. I then drifted off to sleep...


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