Enchanted {COMPLETED}

I remember the first time we ever met. He was the prince to save me from my misery. The first to ever love me. He was everything to me.


9. Chapter 9-|Our Date

Meadow's P.O.V

I was in the kitchen eating breakfast with everyone else. Once I finished, I fed my dog some food and water. After a while, I was in my room alone with Harry talking and then it got silent. Harry spoke "I'm taking you on a date at 9:00. We will be going to "The Fancy Ivy". Its a restaurant." He pecked my lips and I smiled. "OK Baby. What do you want me to wear." My hands wrapped around his neck. "hmmm, I don't know.Impress me" he smiled and kissed my lips.


"OK I will find something" i left the room and knocked on Veronica's door. She soon opened up and smiled. "Hey I was wondering if Niall was taking you on a date today at 9:00" she nodded. "OMG Harry is too! What restaurant?" I smiled. "He is taking me to 'The Fancy Ivy.'" I hugged her. "OMG Harry is taking me their!" it was soon 8:30 p.m. Harry was Down Stairs talking to Niall and i was in the room with My friend Veronica picking out clothes. "I want to wear pants with a cute top" I stomped my foot as Veronica was holding a blue dress and blue pumps that had a blue bow on the edge.


"Oh come one. Please just wear this. if you look bad you can wear pants with a cute top. I promise." i took the clothes and headed off to the bathroom. I came back and then Veronica was shocked. "OMG Meadow! You look Beautiful! Now to do your hair style and put some makeup on." I sat down and she soon did my hair, She added blue eye shadow to my eyes, Red Lipstick to my lips, she put some mascara on me, and put some perfume on me. Veronica then gave me blue earrings,  bracelet,  necklace, and  ring. i wore them and looked at myself in the mirror. i was fascinated by myself. Veronica then gave me my iPhone 5 which was blue and a blue bag.

(What Meadow was wearing and what she had in the story) 

Veronica was changing in the bathroom and soon got finished as well. She was wearing a cute pink dress, with pink ombre hair, pink eye shadow, pink lipstick, some mascara, and she wore some perfume. She had on some cute pink pumps on. She was also wearing pink earrings, bracelet, ring, and necklace. She had a pink bag and a pink polka dotted iPhone 5.

(What Veronica was wearing, what she looked like, and how her hair looked like in the story)


We soon went down stairs and the boys looked up at us. Harry came up to Me and kissed my hand. "You look sexy and hott Meadow" i looked at Harry and giggled. "You look handsome and cute  My Harry" he smiled and rubbed my nose with his. "You guys, we have to go now!" Niall was at the door still looking up and down at Veronica. "OK let's go now" we all left and went to Harry's car. He opened the passenger seat door for me. "Thank you Harry" I went inside and Harry went to the drivers side and got in. Niall opened the back door for Veronica and she hopped in. Then Niall went to the other side and went inside the car. We soon drove off to 'The Fancy Ivy'.


We got there and there was a lady who looked at Harry. She started to twirl her hair and chewed her gum in a sexy way which she failed. "You got any reservations" she stared at Harry and then he spoke. "Yes under the name Styles." She tried to smile in a cute way. I rolled my eyes and she looked at a paper. "Yes you may enter" she gave us menus and she looked at Harry then she gave me a disgusted look. i took Harry by the hand and a man showed us where our table was. We sat down and looked at our menus. Soon a man came up and looked up and down at me. "What do you want to order?" I looked at Harry and he gave the waiter an angry face and he growled.


I kicked Harry's foot and he jumped. I looked him deep in the eyes and he knew that I was going to say something after the waiter left. "Um yes. I would like the salad please" I looked at the man and then I looked at Harry. "I would have the steak please, make sure its cooked well." He looked at the man with an angry face. He left and we waited for a while. "Harry its OK no ones touching this body except for you" I stretched my hand and got Harry's. He smiled and soon the man came with our plates. He left and we soon ate. We laughed really loud and we got stares but we ignored everyone. We soon started to talk and finished eating. Harry paid and We went outside.


We went inside the car and waited for Niall and Veronica. "Have I told you that today you look Sexy" Harry looked at me and gently grabbed my face. "Yes harry you have told me that ma-" he placed his lips on mine. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and explored. I did the same and we were kissing for like 5 minutes. soon Niall came with Veronica and We separated and they got in the car. My lipstick was smeared so i got a cloth i had in my bag and wiped it away. I gave a cloth to Harry and he wiped the lipstick he had when we kissed. We drove off and soon got back home. We got out of the car and intertwined fingers. We were going back inside but then we found someone on the front door step. Harry's eyes widened. "Who is that?" I whispered to him. "Its my.....


Dun dun dun!! Wonder who it is?? Well hope your enjoying this book so far. Please comment down below what you think of it so far. I will also be posting more chapters today I HOPE! Bye everyone!! :) :D XD



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