Enchanted {COMPLETED}

I remember the first time we ever met. He was the prince to save me from my misery. The first to ever love me. He was everything to me.


18. Chapter 18|Planning out wedding

Meadow's P.O.V

 I was talking to the guy who owns the place me and Harry were going to get married at. Well also Veronica and Niall were going to get married the same day as us which I am really happy. "Ok now when are the weddings" the man asked us.


"It's going to be 2 weeks from now" he wrote it down in this paper full of dates and names. "What are your names lady's and your future husbands names" he kept his pen on the paper and looked at us. "My name is Meadow and my future husbands name is Harry"


I smiled and then he wrote. "My name is Veronica and my husbands name is Niall" he wrote it down and then told us to leave because he was going to organize the place. We nodded and left. "Ok now that that's taken care of, we have to pick out our wedding dress." I smiled at Veronica as we entered this shop full of wedding dresses. We looked through them and tried some out. 


I chose a long white dress and it was pretty puffy. I chose some white high heels with a white flower at the top. I bought a blue Necklace,a bracelet, and earrings. Veronica, on the other hand, picked a long white dress like me. She chose some white high heels with a bow at the end. She chose a white Necklace, Bracelet, and earrings.


We chose our wedding rings. I chose a white ring which had a jewel and another without a jewel. Veronica chose a white wedding ring with a diamond at the end and another without a diamond. "Almost done planning everything" i told Veronica as we took a break at a cafe.


"i am so glad and happy we are going to marry out future husbands soon" she took a drink of her coffee. I smiled and we went back to planning. I went back home to find Louis, Zayn, and Liam kissing their girlfriends. i cleared my throat and they all looked up at us. "Ok Girls! i was wondering if you wanted to be our Brides Maid?" 


Sophia, Eleanor, and Perrie looked at each other and they jumped up and down. "YES!" they all came over to us and got all excited. "Ok! I will pick out your dresses soon!" me and Veronica went into my room to talk about the wedding. "Finally done planning out the wedding" i laid down on the bed. "Yea! iM glad we are done" Veronica sat down on the bed. After a while, Veronica left to go to the room with Niall. Harry came in and jumped into bed. He kissed me passionately on the lips.


"I missed you and your kisses Meadow" He whispered to me and i smiled. "Me too and the baby's in me missed you too" i rubbed his nose. You could see a little bump. But after 9 months pass, the baby's will be born. Me and Harry knew we were having a twin boy and girl because we went to the doctor. He said they were baby twins which only made us happier.


We ate dinner and It soon got dark. I was laying in bed thinking of how the baby twins will be like. All I knew was that they will be beautiful. I smiled and cuddled up to Harry. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep...


Hope you are enjoying this book so far! I will be making a sequel called "My Baby"! Please comment down below on what you think of this movella so far!

Bye Pandicorns!



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