Enchanted {COMPLETED}

I remember the first time we ever met. He was the prince to save me from my misery. The first to ever love me. He was everything to me.


16. Chapter 16|Trouble

Meadow's P.O.V
I woke up to see Harry snoring softly. I kissed his cheek gently and changed into some skinny jeans and Harry's over sized shirt. Then I got my phone and went straight down stairs. I unlocked my phone screen and i received 5 messages.


"Hey I am going to stay at a friends house for 2 hours. How is Niall? Also I need to tell you something, bye bestie! ~Veronica

I wonder what she needs to tell me? I thought for a while but then read the next 4 messages

"Hey sister, it's me your older sister. I am going to visit you either tomorrow or the day after. ~Brianna

I was so happy she was going to visit me. I finally get to see her again and Harry gets to meet her! I read the rest of the messages.


"Meadow I am really sorry for bursting into your house yesterday, can you forgive me? ~Rose

"Hey Meadow. Remember me, I was your very first boyfriend. Remember, we were boyfriend and girlfriend for almost 5 years! Your mine so no one else can have ya! ~Robert"

I was shocked when I read the last message. What if he finds me and hurts my Harry. Soon I got another message and it was from.. Harry? 

"Hey beautiful where are you right now?
I giggled and texted him back

"Silly, I'm in the living room always waiting for you to come down there. Looking at you walking down here fascinates me"

"OK I'm coming."
I put my phone down and then there was a knock on the door. I open it slightly to see Rose right there. "Hey, do you need anything?" She nods. "Can I have some sugar please?" I smiled at her and closed the door. I got some sugar and opened the door again and gave her the cup of sugar. "Here Rose. Hope you have a great day!"  She smiled and i returned it.


"Ok you too Sister!" She went back home. I closed the door and turned around to be face to face with Harry. He smiled, picked me up, and set me gently on the couch. He sat next to me and smiled. 

He leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. We stared, kissed, and talked for awhile. "You look sexy in my shirt Baby" Harry smiled and I blushed. "Aw thank you Harry" I blushed some more and he chuckled.


He kissed me on the forehead and hugged me. We stayed like this for a while. "I better make the food, Harry" I told him as I stood up and was about to go to the kitchen until Harry grabbed my hand. I turned around and He knelt down on one knee.


"Meadow, I have kept this for so long until I could find someone in my life. Then I found you, no one is better than you. I love you Meadow and I want you to be with me forever. I don't want to lose you" 

He took a box and opened it up to reveal a diamond ring. "Do you accept to be my future wife?" I cried tears of happiness and nodded. He got my hand and put the ring on my finger. He got up and I kissed him. He smiled at me and rubbed his nose to mine.


"I Love You Meadow" he whispered to me as we were forehead to forehead. "I Love You Too Harry" I whispered back. I closed my eyes and we were like this for awhile until Niall came downstairs. "Where is Veronica? I am hungry" I looked at Harry and then at Niall.


"Veronica is at a friends house. Don't worry she will be back in 30 minutes." I smiled at Niall and he smiled back. I went into the kitchen and Harry helped me make pancakes. 

We set 3 plates with 3 pancakes in each. There were some in a different plate that was in the middle of the table. I heard a knock on the door so I went to open it up. I found Veronica with her shirt torn from the shoulders. She was crying and I helped her sit down at the couch. Niall came over and sat next to her, rubbing her back. "What happened Veronica?" I was worried about her. "This guy...Came over to me...and...and..he said he knew you. He knew who I was...even though I didn't know him. He took my arm and took me into an alley. Then he...ra...ra...ra...ra...raped me" she said while crying after each word. I could see anger in Niall's eyes.

 "Who was the guy? Did he say anything else?" She nodded. "What did he say?" She cried but Niall calmed her down. "He said he was your first boyfriend. Then he said if I told you that he raped me, he would find me and rape me again." Niall hugged her as she cried into his chest. I was pissed at him for doing this to my BFF. There was another knock on the door, Harry opened and someone pushed him away. "Who are you?!" Harry asked quite annoyed.

 "Ah Meadow. Come with me and I want you to be mine again!" Harry looked at him. "No Robert, I am with Harry, I'm engaged with him, and I will have a child of his. I don't need a slut like you in my life again" I stood up. "Who is this guy Meadow. Is he a relative of yours?" Harry walked over to me and I shook my head no. "He was my first boyfriend, Harry" I looked into Harry's green eyes. "Oh so your the bastard who raped my girlfriend, right?" Robert nodded while smirking and then Niall cracked his knuckles. 

"Now you will know who the real Niall is Bitch!!" He punched him in the stomach and started to beat him up. Harry came over and stopped Niall from beating him up. He sat down at the couch and then he covered his face. Veronica rubbed his back and comforted him. "Get the fuck out of here now!!" Harry yelled as he pointed to the door. He smirked and looked at me. He walked over to me and then he put a fist up in the air. He was going to punch me, I closed my eyes, scared that he was going to beat me up to death. I opened my eyes to see Harry holding his arm and twisting it. "Lay a finger on my girl, and I will send you to the hospital!!" Harry yelled at him as he twisted his arm more. Harry took him to the door and threw him out. He shut the door and locked it. He came over to me and kissed me with passion.

 "I will protect you and this child that we are going to have" he whispered to me. I smiled at him and then I went over to Veronica. "Veronica?" She stood up and was about to speak. But she knew exactly what I meant. She went upstairs and into my room. I followed her and turned towards her. "You wanted to tell me something?" I sat next to her. "Well, Im having Niall's child." She mumbled and then at the floor. "Dont be emaressed, i having Harry's child as well."  she cried tears of joy and hugged me, I hugged her and then The boys came in. "Why you girls crying tears of joy" Harry asked us and went in front of me as he held both my hands. Niall came over to Veronica and did the same. "What's wrong? Why you crying" Harry asked "I am having a child of your Harry and Veronica Is having Niall's Child" I looked at Veronica and then Harry. Harry's jaw dropped and also Niall's. Harry gave me a sloppy kiss on the lips. Niall hugged Veronica and kissed her cheek. 

"Our first born child Meadow." Harry kissed my hands and then hugged me. "When should we have the wedding Meadow?" Harry looked me into the eyes. "Two weeks from now Harry and we will have the wedding." I kissed his lips gently. We all went downstairs and ate some sandwiches. Then it got dark so we went to bed. "I Love You Harry" I whispered to Him as we laid in bed. "I Love You Too" he rubbed my cheeks and kissed me. I cuddled up to him and we drifted off to sleep......

Hope you enjoyed this chapter!! Please comment below on what you think if this story so far!! Thanks for reading everyone!! 
Bye PandiCorns!!

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