Enchanted {COMPLETED}

I remember the first time we ever met. He was the prince to save me from my misery. The first to ever love me. He was everything to me.


12. Chapter 12| Veronica and Niall

Warning! This chapter contains Making Out (sex) Contents. I will not erase any parts of this story but if you hate and do not appreciate making out parts, then read and stop until you see this sign:  (>3<)


Veronica's P.O.V

I was with Niall in our room on my phone texting some old friends. Niall stared at me but I didn't mind. After I was done texting, I put my phone on the counter and let it charge. I turned to Niall and smiled at him. "So Niall. Any plans for tomorrow?" I said to him as I stood up and was looking all over the room for my favorite purse. "Um yes. I'm taking you to Starbucks." I finally found the purse and sat next to him "What do you want me to wear?" I looked at his ocean blue eyes. "Um.. Something Casual."


He smiled and I nodded. We talked, laughed, and then silence fell upon us. Niall looked away from me and I was confused. He always looks at me? "Niall are you ok?" I grabbed his hand and he looked me in the eyes. He nodded but I didn't believe him, so I went with it. I was worried of him since I could see him nervous. "Baby, are you sure your OK" I looked at him in his blue dreamy eyes. "Veronica?" I grabbed his hand "What Is it Babe?" He took a deep breathe.


"Can I k-k-kiss you. It has been a long time since I h-h-have. ever once i got out of the hospital, i haven't gotten a kiss from you." he said in a nervous tone. I rubbed the palm of his hand with my thumb and smiled at him. "Aw Niall, you can kiss me whenever you like." I rubbed his cheek with my thumb and smiled at him. He stood up to shut the door and then he locked it. He went back and sat next to me. he grabbed my face gently and leaned in to kiss me, I kissed back.


He slipped his tongue in my mouth and explored soon enough I was doing the same. "I want more!" He said in between our kiss and that's when my eyes widened. I never thought Niall wanted to do it before he got married? Things started to heat up with every kiss. We stood up and he pushed me to the wall, kissing my lips,down to my jawline, and then my neck. I moaned and he sucked on my sweet spot and kissed it. I did the same with him, brushing my lips on his neck, when he moaned, I sucked on his sweet spot, and then kissed it.


He Kept kissing me, but was afraid of touching me. I could tell because his hand was trembling. "Touch me Niall. I'm All Yours. Touch me." I said in between our kiss. He grabbed my leg and put it on his waist. I jumped and both my legs were wrapped around his waist. We kissed for a while and I jumped off of him. I started to unbutton his shirt and took it off. I unzipped the zipper and unbuttoned the button on his jeans and he took them off. He was only in his boxers and then he unzipped my dress and He took it off. 


Our clothes and shoes were now lying on the floor. Leaving me with my panties and bra. We kissed again. I pulled gently on the hairs on the back of his head and he grabbed my waist. He picked me up and laid me down on the bed gently. He smashed his lips to mine and then slipped his tongue in my mouth. He started to touch My body which made me feel good. (>3<)


"Let's do it" he whispered to me while looking into my eyes. I smirked and nodded. We were soon naked and still kissing. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and explored. Soon enough, I was playing with his tongue. He kissed my neck and then he was on top of me. My legs wrapped around his waist while we laid in bed. He had a devilish smirk which was cute. 


I kissed his lips and than I felt his bulge in me, thrusting. Moans and groans were heard from each other. "Fuck Niall!" I yelled while I moaned. "Fuck!Fuck!" He yelled and groaned back, thrusting harder. "Fuck Niall!! You Naughty Bitch!!" I yelled. "God! Fuck Veronica! That's why I Love you so much!!" Niall moaned. We groaned and moaned. Soon there were cuss words coming out of our mouths. "Niall!!" I yelled at me as I placed my hands on his back and slightly dug my nails into his skin.. "Niall!!" I yelled back." I want you to ride me baby!" He thrusted into me harder and faster. His slapping hard into my ass. "Ah! Ugh! Niall! Oh ok! I'll ride you Babe" I groaned. He got off me and laid on the bed. I got on him and once again, his bulge was into me. i was on top of him; riding on him."Harder baby Harder!"


Niall yelled at me as he groaned. My back arched back. I groaned at the feeling of his bulge in me. He moaned loudly and I groaned as loud as possible. He pulled my hair and than placed his hands on my breasts; he rubbed and I groaned. Soon I collapsed by his side. We breathed heavily and tried to catch our breaths.


I grabbed Niall's hand. "I Love You Niall" I looked at his blue eyes while breathing heavily. He rubbed his thumb on my cheek. "I Love You Too Veronica".  I cuddled with me and he hugged me close to him. We covered our self with the blanket. I looked at the time, it was already 12:31 , so we slept cuddled up together; happily...


Hope you enjoyed this chapter!! I will make more chapters today soon! Please leave a comment down below to tell me what you think of this story! Thanks PandiCorns! (Its a panda part unicorn. Don't worry I'm a PandiCorn as well! XD) 


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