1. Chapter 1

I don't live a good life, full of money like some of you do. I live in a tiny apartment in a pretty bad neighborhood. I live with my brother and my mom. Were on the verge of losing our apartment and my mom doesn't let me work. A week later, I heard a knock on the door, it was the landowner. My mom knew what was coming and was afraid. She opened the door and the man asked for money. My mom had nothing, so the man threw us outside on the dirty paved road and left us there. I was worried but knew what I must do.

I had a couple of magazines and newspapers with job offers. I saw one that would be good for us. A babysitting job in which we would have a place in their home to sleep. That's all I needed. We decided to go to the interview. It wasn't that far and we could walk.

We got there. It was a beautiful 3 story house with a garden that had plenty of flowers and bushes full of cherries. I was impressed and couldn't believe how I was standing there. We slowly paraded down the sidewalk looking up and down, side to side at the place. We finally got at the door. I rang the doorbell and waited patiently for someone to answer the door. I had decided to dress the best I could that day. I had a yellow sundress with a belt on that I had gotten for my birthday. It was the best thing I owned. I also had nice flats on and my brown hair was braided to the side. My green eyes were shining. I looked pleasant and I guess the guy that opened the door thought so too. His eyes widened and looked at me up and down. I looked at him intently, noticing how nice looking he was.

I managed to sputter a hi out of my mouth. He just smiled and invited us in. There were 5 handsome boys and one concerned father who gave me the job right away. It was weird because they looked old enough to take care of themselves. I decided to go along with it. They led me to my room, it was huge. I wasn't used to such a big bed. It was about the size of our house. I said thank you and the father left me alone with them.

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