Sleeping Like a Zombie

Alena Clark, the modern Sleeping Beauty, has just been awakened by Phillip Hunter and thanks to the terrible Griselda Blake, the horrid curse casting witch, a zombie apocalypse has been brought upon the citizens of the entire kingdom. Can Alena and Phillip end the problem before it begins? [Short story for Penpals Writing Competition 2014]


2. Chapter 1 ~ Slumber Without the Party ❃Alena❃


  "....Happy Birthday to you!" the whole family cheered in joyful tone as the beautifully decorated cake, in the hands of Alena's mother, made its way towards the round table adorned with pink ribbons.

    "Make a wish, love," Evelyn said as Alena hesitantly stared at the candles, swirling with pink and white.

    While she was thinking of what to wish for she became quite baffled.  What was she to wish for?  She had anything and everything she could possibly want and need!  How could she know what she would want?

     "I want you to make a wish, Mama," she said in a reassuring tone, "I want to share my wish."

   She didn't know how her mother felt by her saying that but she thought her to be delighted by the fact that she shared her wish instead of using it.  After Evelyn, Alena's mom, said her wish and gave Alena a warm hug, everyone scampered into the living room as a crashing sound permeated the room.

   The cheerful thoughts that permeated the house were more than enough to summon, and enrage, Griselda.  She, being the bleak person that she was, abhorred the contentment of others and was coming to exhibit such things.  Griselda wanted to ensure that she wouldn't have to hear the horrible sounds anymore.  Wiggling her fingers ominous red light shot from Griselda's wrinkled fingers and onto her mother's body.  Her mother fidgeting and twitching as she rose from the ground.

     Alena stared at her mother with feelings of sorrow evident in her young eyes and horrified expressions spread across her face as the magic flowed into and upon her mother's body.  The black and red glare--shining off of the furniture and Evelyn's face-- swirled and thrashed as a bright yellow radiance glistened, escaping from her mother's form.  Alena wasn't sure what this was, or where it came from, but she knew it was something important that belonged to her mother-- solely her mother.  When that occurance settled upon Alena's eyes, she knew she would avenge whatever Griselda stole.


    Time passed and Alena learned various things any young woman should.  She learned how to fend for herself, the correct way to treat her subjects when she was to rule, as well as the view into the fate of marriage which was, as her mother preferred to put it, "A true honor that anyone would be wed to a woman who could have been easily passed over for another."

    Today was to be Alena's thirteenth.  She dreaded her birthday ever since she became three.  It was a cruel and continual reminder of the appalling day which her mother was no longer able to laugh her cares and concerns dust and became a stone-faced figure.  All recognition belonged to Griselda Blake, the kingdom's terrorist.

    "Come downstairs, Alena," Evelyn said flatly, without expression.  

    "Coming, Mother," she said, her insides eroding with the ache of sadness flushing all over and around her body.  She loathed sadness and hated seeing others experience it.  Even though her mother couldn't express her feelings she knew that on the inside behind the hard face of seriousness was a woman dying inside.

    As the adolescent approached the downstairs part of the castle she was greeted by an open door which held her mother and father talking of something about a spell.

    "Redmond, you know she has to find out eventually.  If we tell her now it is possible that we could avoid the spell entirely."

   "No, Evelyn, I already looked into those possibilities by discussing it with Godmother.  She said it is impossible to avoid.  If we told her it would only make the situation worse!"

   "Well then what are we to do?"

    "We have to be prepared for when the time comes.  As the point approaches us we must be present with her to support her."

    Alena advanced through the door into the golden walled room where her parents were being held.  She looked into her parents' burden filled eyes and knew that they were discussing a serious matter.  Alena, in her adolescence, hated secrets and, more specifically, them being kept from her.

    "Mother, Father, I heard you say that 'I have to find out eventually' and I want to know what it is that I must find out," the girl said to her parents, clearly irked that they kept anything important from her.

     Redmond looked to his partner for a look of reassurance and was greeted with a nod.  As he spoke with his deep and powerful voice the words they had held back for so long finally jumped into reality and set upon Alena's young mind.

     She couldn't believe what she was hearing.  She would fade from existence as soon as her life had begun.  Only a fool would believe that someone would love her of all people!  She would be asleep for eternity, and there was no way to stop it.


    Eighteen.  Today was the day she felt she would dissolve from the world, her existence cease.  

    She bathes in her bathroom making sure to take her time and indulge in the warm water that felt so pleasant against her chilled skin.  Once she is out of the tub, she put on her finest smelling lotion and slowly glides downstairs to have her final meal.

    Whilst she finishes her breakfast, Alena walks outside to the castle garden to have her final breath of fresh air that she will have in a long time.

    As the young girl was taking in the skyward view she noticed an old woman standing in the garden caressing the roses and she made her way over to the old woman.  The delicate wrinkles folding over her cheeks and her eyes, in the golden beams that were sunlight, making her beautifully brown and fragile eyes shimmer.  

    The woman had a cloak covering her entire body.  It was as dark as coal, the night without the moon-- it was the color of emptiness.  The aged woman walked slowly towards Alena taking her wrinkled hands from her shawl showing a delicate black rose.

     A black rose? When has there ever been a black rose? Alena thought, curious and perplexed.

     Alena reached for the black rose and the outstretching thorn punctured the soft skin of her finger.  


    Immediately after Alena fell to the ground from the prick of the rose's thorns Griselda took off her disguise and placed her hand upon the adolescent's chest to feel the absence of the essential heartbeat.  She adored feeling nothing there, whenever she murdered the lovers of happiness.  However, to no avail, the heartbeat was present.  With every movement she made upward to place herself in the upright position she became inflamed.

    Her pale face colored in with the redness displaying how deeply her ire was seeping through.  The punishment, which was meant to be dealt to the abhorred joyfulness of this appalling minor, had not come into effect.

    At that moment of her annoyed anger she cast a spell upon the dead to make them rise and agitate the well-being of the entire kingdom.  

   She made sure that whoever weakened the curse she set upon Alena would rue it.  No one interferes with her spells.  Ever.

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