An ode to Insanity

Harrison Salnar is beyond hope and is destined to reside in Ward 360 for possible the rest of his life until Dr. Lorelei Raiman starts seeing things from his perspective. It appears her job has gotten to her and she is slowly being consumed by insanity as Harrison gets better. Can Harrison Salnar remove the favour when even Lorelei has lost hope?


6. Solace in silence

   It was quiet in the cell, for once the boy, Harrison, had slept soundly since his incident with Lorelei three weeks prior. Though she had not personally come to visit him, he felt when she was near, in fact a few times he thought he heard her soft breathing and her thin appendages passing the food tray to him through the slot n the door with silenced words on paper promising the food was safe.

   "She's a nice doctor...too bad she wasn't around when I was here," his ghostly shadow floated about the pale space in Harrison's company. "Maybe I'd still be alive if she had been."

   "It is a cruel circumstance that killed you then, Ronnie?" He asked as he munched on a semi-loaf of corn bread; the quality of the food suggesting it came from the staff lounge and cafeteria, not the wardroom cafe as some called it.

   "Yeah, I was beaten to death in the boys bathroom after, violated me," he sobbed a bit and so Harrison held out his arm and tried to comfort the poor, unfortunate soul in it's despair. 

   "Poor Ronnie," he hummed as he put the tray aside, "I'm so sorry that had to happen to you, I truly am." He felt the embrace of the ghostly apparition hugging him back, then shortly after it began, it faded as they heard footsteps, hard tacking footsteps of a person in a hurried frenzy...a person in heels; Lorelei?


   A frenzied state, that's what brought her here again, to see Harrison in person once more in this dingy asylum. She knew now that this building, no, the Asylum as a whole was corrupted by some unforeseen evil that prayed upon the week of mind and soul, the poor children all had one similar commonality as she found. They were all on the same floor, the same ward even, and all except for Clyde and Ronnie were placed in the room where the previous resided and in the case of two, died. 

   "Harrison?" she tapped on the door, the key entering the lock, "I'm coming in."

   "Alright," He answered as the door creaked open as she slunk in quickly, closing it behind her as she settled in a collapsible chair. He could tell by her body language and the look in her eyes that something...had made her distraught or, she had or was going to do something rash. "Lorelei, what are you here for?" He looked at the camera in the upper corner of his room and saw the red blinking light, was not working; had she disabled it? Why?

   "Harrison, I..." she began as she fumbled with something in her pocket. "How are you doing? I see... you've gotten some physique back to you, that's good that you're eating again."

   "It's cause I know it's been you, your ring on your left hand and the calm, flushed pink in your nails give you away." He smiled meekly and stood up, walking calmly to her as he knelt beside her and hugged her. "T-Thank you Lorelei... You've been so kind to me..."

   "I...Harrison I, I can't take you suffering any longer, it's spreading like a cancer to me and now I'm running a course that...will end with me being either dead or here in your position and... I can't... I can't have" She left off as she felt Harrison squeeze her tightly in a hug.

   "I I leave this place, I will die, I know..." He smiled at her but the tears in his eyes were that of utter sadness and shattered hope; Lorelei in his mind had betrayed him she felt, and to do this to a child of only perhaps fourteen, it was...well it was unconscionable to anyone perhaps but the lowest of low, the maddest of the mad.

   "Harrison, I, let me guess...Ronnie told you?" She sighed heavily as in her peripheral she saw that shadowy black haze that so tortured the boy and even worse, she saw it take shape into a boy about Harrison's age and height. "I'm....I'm going to put you to sleep for a bit, Harrison." She stood up and hugged him before siting him on the bed and pulling down his waistband a bit. "J-Just long enough for us to sort this out and...well get you out."

   "I know...I know you mean well...Lorelei," His hand caressed her cheek as a tear ran free. "Why are you so sad? I'm sure this kinda thing happens all the time, euthanasia I imagine is quite...common." 

   "It is Harrison, now please, hold still." She sobbed quietly, fighting to maintain herself as she withdrew the hypodermic needle filled with a clear liquid, a slight tinge of muted blue hung about it as she flicked the tip to make sure there was no jam or air in the needle. "A-Alright Harrison, this is it...i-is there anything I-"

   "Stay with me, until I go to sleep." 

    "What, will," she didn't give her mind time to hesitate as she stuck the needle into his lower abdominal, almost his pelvic region by the fold of where the flesh of the leg met the rest of the torso. She knew if she hesitated, she might not be able to do it so with a quiet cry of internal pain, she pushed the plunger. 

26 November, 2003

Subject: Harrison Salnar

Harrison Salnar was found dead this day by Doctor Lorelei Raiman who has been presiding over this above mentioned patient since his initial internment here. At the time of discovery it was unclear whether or not the subject expired of natural causes or through some unknown way of suicide as seen as more likely. By request of the family, young Mr. Salnar's body was to not have had an autopsy performed and instead have his cremated remains returned to the family for burial. Having presided over his case since the inception, Dr. Raiman has elected to herself bring the corpse to the crematorium in the cellar and dispose properly of the body.


 It should thusly be noted that due to her appearing grief and lack of mental stability over the loss of Harrison Salnar, Dr. Raiman has been placed on administrative leave for the period of the remaining month and a half of this fiscal year. 


   Lorelei sat at her table reading over the report and letter of granted leave as a calm snow fell on her suburban neighborhood a ways away from the asylum that so tortured her. However in contrast to how many would have been in this situation, she was smiling as she sipped her cocoa; not just revelling in her temporary reprieve from the stress and insanity of work but, also as she had a new guest living in quiet retention with her. 

   "So how did you sleep?" she asked as she heard his soft and cautious footsteps emerge from the hallway from the room in which he had been cared for in while he slept. 

   "H-How did I get here?" the figure asked as he seemed to glide to the chair opposite of her. His body still seemed a bit malnourished but it was recovering with the help of the IV solutions she had attained from the ward's medical bay. "Ugh, my feels all hazy...Lorelei, how di- I dead?"

   "No Harrison, you're not," she smiled and got up, walking over to and hugging the confused youth who just clung to her. "Well not physically and technically, but legally, sorry, I did kill you in that sense."

   "But, you euthanised me, didn't you?" he asked with shivering fear. "I'm dead Lorelei, I'm a ghost, aren't I? Please don't lie."

   "No, you're not, what I gave you was a special relaxant that relaxed all your muscles and slowed your breathing and heart rate so much, it appeared as though you were dead from the dose I gave you." She smiled and cried in his arms. "Harrison, I wanted to help you but I didn't know how...I was...I was running out of time. So...this was all I could do."

   "You broke me out of the asylum?" He sighed and cupped her in his arms. "'re an idiot, you know that? You could lose your job, and what of...what of me, my family, I can't do anything if I'm a dead boy, now can I?"

   "I'm sorry, I just wanted to help you," she sighed and let go of the clearly dumbfounded and crestfallen youth. "Harrison I..."

   "Harrison's dead," he interrupted with a smile, "Lorelei, he's dead but I...I can have this new life... Oh Lorelei!" he hugged her tightly and smiled. "I should be thanking you."

   "Harrison..." she cooed, "Thank you..." She let go of him and returned to her chair as she began to write down a few lines of something. To the boy just awoken from a pseudo-death the words were too hazy in his still sleeping mind to put together, so in curiosity he asked her what they were.

   "They are words Harrison, Solace in silence between us," She smiled as she continued, formatting them into what he could now recognize as a type of poem.

   "A poem?"

   "An ode," she smiled, "An ode to us, and insanity."

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