An ode to Insanity

Harrison Salnar is beyond hope and is destined to reside in Ward 360 for possible the rest of his life until Dr. Lorelei Raiman starts seeing things from his perspective. It appears her job has gotten to her and she is slowly being consumed by insanity as Harrison gets better. Can Harrison Salnar remove the favour when even Lorelei has lost hope?


4. Internal Strife

   She came back today, that lady in the labcoat, Lorelei. So even though I am condemned to die a lost hope, she still visits; her visits are only like a dying hospital patient seeking euthanasia though, she is my euthanasia. Then again, s-she could be my way out, if only she could see the others, or atleast get Sean away from me....Help me Lorelei.

   He lay there, the marks on his throat that bore resemblance to fingers that though he claim weren't his, no one believed him; suicidal and delusional they labeled him, condemning him to rot in Ward 360.His eyes flecked with pale death, that disgusting rotting haze of black filled his head and so too his new cell of padded white and faded cream, tainted glaze on the far suspended lamp above.

   "Is today the day I die?" he croaked quietly as his ragged throat protested any real vocalization. 

   "No Harrison, you will not die today," Her voice was melancholy but sweet; sad yet, joyous with the slightest tinge of morose forlorn tactiture. Her chocolate brown hair bound in a formal bun, the white lab coat and thin, wire rimmed glasses. White button down with enough generous leeway to dilute the size of her markings as a female. That and the black trousers, she could've worn a skirt or blouse but she always wore trousers.

   "Y-you came after all," he smiled as he tried to sit up, the pain in his emaciated frame making any formal movement harder than one could imagine. "I'm..glad, Lorelei." 

   "So not only can you speak, but you do know my name, Harrison," for the briefest moment, she smiled slightly as if in joy of his sudden turnaround, even if it was a false moment of improvement. "So then Harrison, who told you I was coming? Was it Ronnie?"

   "You saw him?" He sat up straighter for a moment in fleeting hope but then he saw the glint in her eyes and he sank back n pained defeat. "I forgot, someone has to be around to record my death looked over the recording, didn't you?"

   "On the contrary, I was called by an associate who said you were sleeping, soundly in fact" her cool look may have fooled most but her body language is what he was now reading. The fourteen year old was reading her as if a master behavioral analyst was suddenly in control of his eyes. 

   "I see..." He curled into a fetal ball as he began to stare at the door which had been left open to allow ventage according to her; what a cruel tease. She knew he couldn't walk well from his induced emaciation. 

   "Harrison, you look a little down or rather...angry, is it because I've left the door open?" her actions were semi-deliberate she had to admit, she wanted to see, what would happen if she performed certain tasks that could serve as triggers. "I told you, it was only to allow fresh air in."

   "You're a cruel tease Lorelei, I thought, I hoped you were...better than that," he grumbled as he looked at her with mistrust clear in his faded orbs of clouded glass like film and fragility. 

   "You're very talkative today, that's good," she smiled slightly again as she scribbled down notes, that is, until Harrison made a strange and albeit chilling enough request.

   "Can I have the granola bar, the one there in your left coat pocket?" His look was certainty, he knew it was there though she couldn't fathom how. "I know you have on Ms. Lorelei, can I please, this once?"

   "Harrison, I-"

   "Can't you grant a dying boy this one wish, just once?" He asked as he looked to her with sadness but firm belief in his query. Finally she shakily took out the bar of apple and cinnamon flavoured granola and handed it to the boy, who, aptly tore into, and ate the short bar.

   "Ha-Harrison, how did-?"

   "Ronnie told me, he ah, also went through your pockets when you walked in" HIs look was that of disinterest though albeit honest response; this shook her to her core as a chill overtook her, a sudden..twinge of being watched. She tried to remain calm, turning her neck slowly about as if correcting a stiff joint but her eyes...oh her eyes darted about, for fleeting moments, catching what appeared to be strains of black haze, like, what Harrison perhaps saw?

   "Harrison, I..." she shot up and abruptly left, accidently dropping something on her way out, a shiny, metallic object that seemed rod in shape with a bladed end and rounded but; the key. Her movements were subtle but wrought with sudden fear and above all else the fear that, perhaps what her patient is seeing, has now encroached upon the fringes of her most distant and frayed sanity. She was almost out of earshot when she heard it, giggling...coming from Salnar's chamber.

   "That was funny, seeing her freak out like that," one voice chortled silently, almost a whisper. But, not Harrison's unless, he was talking to himself and changing his voice; yes, that could be it she perhaps thought in her mind but on the fringe, she thought, perhaps this "Ronnie" and the others like "Sean" and "Marcy" and then the last one, the older one, "Clyde" he said once, what if...what if they were real? Could phantoms be...

   "No!" she screamed in distress, "There can't be phantoms here! He's just, he's just screwing with me somehow!" She stood rigid as she felt a tug on her wrist and a whisper in her ear.

   "They're real, Lorelei, and now you can hear them, can't you?" he stood there, shakily clinging to her wrist and frame before gasping and collapsing to his knees where he banged the joint and cried out. To the horror she thought in the distant fringe of her hearing, she could hear wild laughter, voices laughing at Harrison as he now lay on the floor screaming in agony and fear.

   "Lorelei!" he screamed, "Do-Don't leave me, I'm sorry!" he pleaded with her as he even handed her back the dropped key. "Please! Don't leave me here! M-move me back, please! They have free reign and Ronnie and I are scared, please!"

   "Inside, you know we're real" a childish but somewhat cold echo ran into her ears. She stood there frozen in place as the world seemed to slowly crumble around her; the walls seemed to crack and rot to dust, the world spun and hazed as voices began shouting and a buzzing could be heard and then, screaming. It was too much, the internal strife of what she heard and felt clashed and tore at her sanity, nails of the insane creature tore into her mind, blood pouring forth she felt and then, it was still, absolutely still as the world around her hazed and faded away as one voice kept calling her name; Harrison's voice, it kept calling one thing over and over.

   "Help me," it called, "Help me, Lorelei...."

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