Bayverse - Megatron and The Transfan

It really wasn’t a usual day for Megatron.He hasn’t experienced a day ever since crashing into Earth then becoming frozen and studied by humans. Today the Allspark could finally be in his servos; so that four plans (yes, four) can come into play. The giant cybertronian jet like helicopter flew over the grassy plains to some side of the United States. The Autobots were heading somewhere that stumped him.|A Request for a Transfan who is obsessed with my stories. This ranges to 5 chapters, also,gist of this story is: Megatron comes to OUR universe,and somehow becomes Galvatron through some turn of events. Just read it.

(Stand alone)


1. Transported

It really wasn’t a usual day for Megatron.He hasn’t experienced a day ever since crashing into Earth then becoming frozen and studied by humans. Today the Allspark could finally be in his servos; so that four plans (yes, four) can come into play. The giant cybertornian jet like helicopter flew over the grassy plains to some side of the United States. The Autobots were heading somewhere that stumped him.

The year, at the moment, is 2007.

“Master,” Starscream flies closely behind the larger cybertornian jet-helicopter-Decepticon. He is wary of receiving the back jet flames from Megatron’s rear. “Why don’t we  fly over some other side—“

“No.” Megatron firmly said. “I will not let the Allspark fall from my grasp,” His voice sounds more determined than conquering Earth with a weaponized version of a jolly rancher. “Not this time.”

“But the weather is unpredictable!” Starscream argues.

Powerlines were all over the usually clean road.

“I don’t care.” Megatron ontenetninally blasts his side wing blades that ejected a small blast right at  Starscream’s cockpit.

Some of the Autobots stopped but no Bumblebee, the  one who has Sam and the Cube, is still going on.

“Ow!” Starscream twirls in circles, flying off a distance from the bigger cybertronain jet-helicopter.

Our scene lowers down to Optimues stopping in his tracks.

“Bumblebee, don’t go near the exposed power-source!” Optimus orders him through comnlink in Cybertronian language.

“We all take risks.” Bumblebee spoke through his radio using cybertronian.

“What-what-what?” Sam Witwciky, the boy with the cube, is with his ‘girlfriend’ Mikeala. “Is this going to throw them off our tails? I don’t understand!”

“You don’t need to understand.” Bumblebee used quotes in reply to Sam through the Radio.

“Let the car sort it out.” Mikeala said. “I thought you trusted driving your ‘first’ car.”

There is a storm brewing in the sky above a section of the road that does not have any cars what-so-ever.

“Take the cube out.” Bumblebee instructs Sam, his speed is pretty fast. “And drop it on the powerline.”

“What will that do?” Mikeala asks.

“More robot wrecking stuff, probably.” Sam suggests, holding the cube out the window. “You want this?”

Megatron zips through a cluster of tree’s.

“Give me the cube!” Megatron’s side cannons on his cybertornian mode stood up. “Or I will blast you into scrap metal. Humans are a ugly end.”

“Throw it!” Bumblebee yells, right as  Megatron flew above the road.

Sam threw the allspark on the road right on some exposed powerliness just as a very impossible electrical strike hit it. Forcunetly Bumblebee transforms while leaping out of the side-effect perimeter with Sam and Mikeala almost flying right above him.The Scout snatches the two human’s right as a white powerful wind gust sent him flying into some tree’s. The Allspark is  still there.

But Megatron is not.

“No!” Starscream yells, transforming into his dorito chip robot mode.The seeker clenches his helm while gritting his teeth. “Not again!”

_______                                    ______                                    ______

We see a girl in her backyard drawing on a notepad with a notice-ably sharp pencil.She appears to have hazel eyes, very pale enough to be defined as a vampire in the Twilight universe—which she is not--,an internet meme T-shirt, and obviously wore dark make up. She has a flat-screen phone like device similar to am iphone and a Ipad yet it does not have a brand name.


This girl is Jess, just Jess.

Jess looks up from her notepad; pretty much drawing anime.

“What is it?” You can hear her Australian accent very clearly.

“There’s a new chapter for one of your favorite stories!”  Her friend, who has no name what-so-ever, came running out holding a gift card.

“Tell me you were not looking at my Email!” Jess said,feeling a bit like her privacy was intruded.

Her friend waves the gift card sideways.

“You email was up on the computer, Jess.” Her friend said. “And it’s from that writer who writes something this is crazy with a good ring to it.”

Jess put the notebook to the side and picks up the unnamed brand device.

“You are forgiven.” Jess said, flashing one of her ‘It’s okay’ smiles at her friend.  “I wonder if Rollbar will meet his mother,” Jess smiles at her own note, as though she had waited for-ever for this. “And end her drepession, hopefully. And what’s the gift-card for?”

“I pirated something for you in this.” Her friend gave Jess the gift card. “You have five minutes to guess before a certain Decepticon breaks the party.” She winks at Jess.

Jess raises an eyebrow at her friend.

“Harry Potter?”




“A series that uses internet memes into a very good anime?”

“Hint: it is something you love.”

Her friend walks away from Jess shaking her head.

Jess had gotten out of a boring, and well, technically hard Chemotherapy that lasted six weeks. But now Jess is out of it and she’s in remission getting back her life from something that nearly prevented her from seeing Age of Extinction. Jess taps on her chin while folding her legs on top of another. There were two choices: check out the new chapter or take a peak what she pirated?

Pirating is illegal.

But then again, her friend seemed so hyped about it.

A giant flash blinds Jess; so she covers her eyes as a thundering loud crashing sound actually made  her fly into the door. Yes,she landed against a door that happened to be a screen door—not a hollow door because that would have hurt—forcunetly. Jess could smell smoke from the yard. She gets up hearing this strangely, and, very familiar voice.

“Where am I?”

Jess gasps, seeing the huge and very towering—but impossible to ever witness—Decepticon leader.

“Earth.” Jess said.

Megatron activates his cannons at her.

“You, what did you do?” Megatron accuses her. “The allspark was right in my grasp-“

“Until Autobots got in the way?” Jess finishes for him.

“No.” Megatron said in a way that did not sound nice. He steps back from the human. “Until  I was . . .” The war lord looks down to his right contemplating what had just happened. He touched the side of his helm. “Megatron to Starscream; answer me!”

There was no answer.

A light bulb went off in Jess’s head.

“Oh my primus.” Jess said. “It’s like all my favorite fanfictions have come true; except,you are here but I am not in your universe!”

Jess’s friend came out the house.

“Jess. What happened—“ The girl stops. “I’m not crazy, am.  .  . am I?”

“No.” Jess said, as a wide grin crept up her face.

“This is not a game.” Megatron lifts his cannon at the friend.  “I’m not on Earth.”

Jess and her friend laugh at Megatron’s denial.

“Megatron, you are on Earth.” Jess approaches the war lord.

Megatron shook his helm, taking another step back. He lowers his very huge cannon away from the duo.

“It can’t be.” Megatron is adamant he’s not on Earth.

The girls share a collective sigh.

“We are humans.” The friend said, rubbing her forehead. “Do the math.”

“I’m Jess,” Jess introduces herself, after picking up the giftcard and the other objects that were sent across from each other. “And, I have to say: this speedygirl is right about one thing writing you.”

“Writer?” Megatron  takes another step back, while taking a few moments to survey the scenery he is in.

“Someone who writes about you.” Jess said.  “The thing she’s right about is that you look so dang hot and attractive in that armor. Now; welcome to reality, Megatron.” Jess puts her hands together. “You are directly in the universe where you were created.”

Megatron stomps his foot.

“I was not created here!” Megatron lashes out, making the two girls take a step back. His voice initially was loud and furious just as he would be expected to react. His voice lowers at his next insisting reply, “I was born on Cybertron.”

“Um, how are you going to explain about this crater?” The friend asks.

“You did it, wanting to dig into China.” Jess said, pointing her hands at the friend like a DJ.The friend rolls her eyes. “And you might want to turn your energy signature off,” Jess uses her hands as though she is animated. “ Or whatever you do to damper that energy signal.”

Jess is shaking; excited to see the Warlord who someday will become sparkless and become a different mech who has a awesome attitude.

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