Bayverse - Megatron and The Transfan

It really wasn’t a usual day for Megatron.He hasn’t experienced a day ever since crashing into Earth then becoming frozen and studied by humans. Today the Allspark could finally be in his servos; so that four plans (yes, four) can come into play. The giant cybertronian jet like helicopter flew over the grassy plains to some side of the United States. The Autobots were heading somewhere that stumped him.|A Request for a Transfan who is obsessed with my stories. This ranges to 5 chapters, also,gist of this story is: Megatron comes to OUR universe,and somehow becomes Galvatron through some turn of events. Just read it.

(Stand alone)


4. Starscream

. .. October . . . . . 2014 . . . Jess tried to help Megatron get back; home. She honestly tried every source; but, there were a few links that Jess’s mother considered too dangerous for her daughter to go. Home is where the spark usually is, right? To Megatron, home meant his own universe; where this is a lot of familiarity such as Starscream and the Cube. Megatron had ‘fun’ frightening Transfans on the internet by recording himself at various locations that would be covered by humans in half an hour after the video has been posted. He did a couple selfies. The adventure’s Megatron and Jess had been encountering probably was worth coming here in the first place. “Jess.” Megatron calls her name. Jess looks up from her iphone-Ipad like device (That has a page up with a note-able scientist who’s trying to set up a space bridge) with a notebook on her lap. “What is it now, Swag-atron?” Jess teases the Warlord. Megatron ignored the last part of her comment. “Have you considered becoming a cybertronian?” Megatron asks. Jess’s face became abruptly full of shock and curious eyes, as the silver streaks in her hair appeared as simple background that faded behind that unique reaction. “I thought you’ll never ask.” Jess admits. Megatron raises one of his huge gigantic cybetronian brow at her. “Transfans, like me, wish every day to join the Autobots or Decepticons as robots.” Jess said, nodding her head. “A good majority imagine themselves to become techno-Organic or Cyber-Organic.” “What’s a Cyber-Organic?” Megatron questions her.His gigantic cybertronian brow lowers down from its previous height. Jess smiles at the gigantic, huge intimidating Decepticon. “A organic that is part cybertronian.” Jess began. “I figure the writer, the speedygal one, wanted to change things up using ‘Techno-Organic’ a lot and decided to use a word most tranfans might not use.” Jess explains for Megatron, making odd gestures with her hands. “It’s okay to be different.” Megatron taps on his chin-plating, his sharp unclean teeth and gruel breath can eerily frighten a child. “Cyber sounds like data, and technology to me.” Megatron remarks. Jess nods. “Some imagine themselves falling in love with the Decepticons.” She continues. Megatron’s optics becomes much larger. “We are turned into Organic lovers?” Megatron assumed, generally not liking the idea. “Armada Starscream fell in love with Alexis.” Jess pats on Megatron’s foot. “We are made invulnerable to the species who’s leftover bodies are disgusting dead shells?” Megatron basically summarizes what Jess said. “That is against the Decepticon cause. We do not fall in love with organics.” “Then what would you call it?” Jess asks Megatron. “Too attached to the task in hand.” Megatron said. “Now answer the question I had asked in the first place; would you like to become a cybertronian,” He makes a dramatic pause. “If there was a chance you could.” “Depends on the offer.” Jess said, going right back to her anime picture. The Warlord sighs, feeling attached—not in love—to this girl who’s been keeping him out of the center of human attention. _____________ _________ _______ . . . Three days later . . . . . Night, at some forest . . . “M-M---Master?” Starscream asks, his optics widening at the unusual armor Megatron has. Much to his confusion; Megatron’s armor is similar to a car-like-truck model which is basically a Sami-Truck and a cozy comfortable car merged together. His thin-small red optics has reached their maximum width. Megatron taps his large, claw like foot on the forest floor. “This is only temporary.” Megatron said. “Temporary?” The seeker squawks. “This seems like you’ve grown accustomed to Earth’s car modes!” Megatron’s teeth look clean—mostly because of Jess’s mother insisting he gets his teeth clean—and his breath smelled like mint. “It was the only vehicle available.” Megatron’s voice became like a man using a last-second-excuse for something his wife didn’t like. “Why does your breath smell like mint?” Starscream asks, disgusted by the smell. “Jess’s mother.” Megatron said, with a sigh. “She cannot drop the topic my hygiene even for the sake of her life.” Starscream’s heels dug into the ground. His heels slid back and forth in the ground like a woman trying to decide what else to bicker with her husband about. A Transfan can really tell Starscream had examined his master’s attitude in his mind then compared to what it had been before the freak event with the allspark. “How come you have not taken over the world with this earth’s allspark?” Starscream asks, his optics changed size to their normal level. There is rustling in the trees behind Megatron—caused by some raccoons, probably—who seemed angered. “Starscream, there is no Allspark in this world!” Megatron took a step forward. “You have made a grave mistake coming here.Exposing yourself like that in traffic . . .” Starscream obviously did not know much about this world. “Master, why?” Starscream asks. “You could get us killed.” Megatron said, looking over his shoulder. He looks back to the seeker. “Why?” Starscream asks, again. Megatron sighs. “We are fictional in this universe.” Megatron explains to the seeker. “And they know more about our future than we know about our history. The Autobots, the Decepticons,and the Allspark . . .” Megatron pauses for dramatic effect. “Are the works of human fiction.” Starscream gasps, putting his servos on the side of his faceplate. “HUMANS?” Starscream shrieks. “We can’t be created by humans! After all, they are the ones who should fear us.” “Starscream,” Megatron said. “If I took you to a building full of Transfans, you would be attacked by a bunch of females.” “No!” Starscream cries. “No no no no; I don’t want their filth on me!” Megatron did enjoy the reaction he’s getting from Starscream. “Master,” Starscream taps his digits together. “Why do you have a tattoo of me on your leg?” Megatron rolls his optics, hearing this question very often in hologram mode—when driving Jess to somewhere when not looking for a potential portal home—on the road. “You are hallucinating, Starscream.” Megatron said. “I do not have a tattoo.” “Must be losing my processor then . . .” Starscream assumes. When really there is a tattoo of Starscream on Megatron’s leg. “How did you get here?” Megatron asks. Starscream paces back and forth rubbing the side of his helm. “I had to open a space bridge from the other side.” Starscream said. “I’ve been searching for you, for solar cycles!” Starscream acts over-dramatically, as he stops pacing in the forest. He glances towards his leader.“Everyone’s –who’ve mistaken me for a hired pilot--been telling me that I, the loyal servant, look like a Dorito chip!” Megatron rubs his forehelm, while shaking it. “Starscream, you do look like a Dorito chip.” Megatron confirms Starscream’s fear, putting down his servo. “And that’s why I have the body schematic of a monster. I need to look intimidating when trying to get what I want; besides, I’m not designed to be a food product.” “Ma—ma-amaster?” Starscream is terrified. “You’ve changed!” Megatron rolls an optic. “That change was required to keep myself alive.” Megatron said. “Now tell me if this bridge is open.” Starscream looks at him. “How long has it been since you’ve arrived here?” Starscream asks, concerned for his masters sake. “Three or two earth months.” Megatron said, with the hint of a growl in his voice. His next thought about the seeker was; no more questions. Megatron grabs the seeker then slams him against a large, tough wooden tree and let the seeker gasp for breath in his strong grip. A group of birds flew out the tree startled by the random strike that sent branches shaking. Megatron’s optics appeared frustrated and irritated at the same time; for once. “Answer me, Starscream!” Megatron demands, tossing Starscream to the side. “Being far from the allspark is tempting me to get rid of your whiny-question-Dorito butt.” His voice sounds threatening, and the kind you would fear—just as it had been when he first arrived—from a huge monstrous robot. “Give me a straight answer about the space bridge!” Starscream coughs, his servos are in fists on the forest floor. “It’s . . . in the mountains . . .” The seeker gasps for breath, in-between his reply. “It …broke after I got here.” Our scene goes back a few distances to the forest life. It generally looks peaceful. “What do you mean YOU BROKE THE SPACEBRIDGE?” Megatron’s bellowing frightened off deer, bears, and some rabbits—who were sent running for their lives—running like a group of ducks had been shrunk into a herd. It’s like a tornado had landed across from a pond and near to the animals themselves. The scene returns to the two Decepticons in a likely tense moment. “It needs a few repairs.” Starscream said. “Define ‘a few repairs’ when your shoulders are gone.” Megatron’s voice is dripping in threats. The seeker smiles, as though he is glad to hear the more familiar side of his master. This tense moment eases. “I need human utility.” Starcream gets a blank reaction from Megatron. “It needs; plug ins, two microphones, a keyboard,four lightbulbs, one motorcycle, a Ginny pig in one of those exercise things, an umbrella,” Starscream makes a circle with his long, huge digits. “Toothpaste, and a brush.” Megatron glares at the seeker. “I do not enjoy your attempt at sarcasm.” Megatron notes. Starscream helps himself up, with a sigh. “No sarcasm.” Starscream said, shaking his helmet. “It needs toothpaste.” Megatron puts a digit on his audios. “Phone, call Jess.” Megatron got a odd look from Starscream. “Human technology is below our technology.” Starscream rolls an optic. “Riiiight.” Starscream sarcastically said. “And they can make a giant pizza into a robot.” Megatron’s shoulders lower down. “Master, did you make a giant pizza into a robot?” Starscream asks, a bit hoping he’s imaging things. “I did.” Megatron admits. ___ _______ ____ . . . A couple hours later . . . . . . Jess’s house . . . Starscream transforms and lands in the backyard, holding the brush Megatron had given him. “This is not the right brush!” Starscream shakes the brush both ways. “It’s too big.” Jess’s mother gets her phone out and takes a selfie with Starscream---with a big smile on her face—unexpectedly. It seemed a little random to Megatron. Starscream on the other hand did not appreciate human actions to be ‘just what they are’ and shot at the phone. Jess’s mother takes it out of Starscream’s sight. “Starscream,” Megatron starts in a low voice that slowly gets louder. “Do you really want to die in a universe you don’t belong in?” Starscream makes a complaint about the human device. “This is not the right brush.” Starscream then said. “Starscream, she got a brush.” Megatron tells him, “This is not what I meant by; brush.” Starscream is holding a hairbrush. “I meant TOOTHbrush!” “. . . Why do we need a tooth brush?” Megatron asks. “Master, we need a toothbrush to keep the Ginny pig going after the cheese!” Starscream explained. Megatron stares at the seeker as though he’s a child. “If you are smart and all,” Jess’s mother said. “How come you forgot Ginny pigs like carrots and lettuce?” The seeker did not have a reply. “I’ll get the carrots and lettuce, and the toothbrush.” Jess’s mother went inside the house. Starscream’s optic went towards Megatron’s direction; who hid under the shade of three tree’s almost surrounding him in the backyard. Megatron had choose to stay here until the bridge was fully repaired. He had to say ‘goodbye’ to a certain individual. “Is that Jess?” Starscream asks, as the screen door shuts behind Jess’s mother. Megatron looks up at the sky, with a sigh. “The woman is her mother.” Megatron said, looking down from the October sky. “She has not reached adult hood; yet.” A man is recording Starscream with a camera from the house next door. “Master; you act so . . .” Starscream walks towards the flower garden. Megatron’s optics grew huge. “Starscream, don’t step on the flower garden!” Megatron warns him. “This humans’ mother will make you replant all of them.” Starscream’s foot is above the garden so he puts his foot back away from it. “Master, you act comfortable in this place.” Starscream notes aloud. “Is there something you’ve not told me?” Starscream’s small metal optic brow is raised. “Are you actually . . . blending in?” “It’s for survival.” Megatron said. “Have you killed a human?” The seeker asks. “One.” Megatron held up one digit. “He said I was terrible mocking my own voice—ME, mocking my own voice?” Megatron taps on his chest. “It is the most ridiculous accusation ever made to me!” He puts his arm down. “These humans are fools saying things like this; when they are speaking to the actual Decepticon!” Starscream, actually intrigued to hear about Megatron killing a human, listened in “And his name was terrible.” Megatron adds. “How so?" Starscream asks. “It was; Blake H. Copperwear.” Megatron said. “I killed him when it was night, and no one could see who did it.” We see the man goes into his house; then plugs the device into his computer, and uploaded the video he had captured of Starscream and Megatron on the internet. The man begins making a few calls—perhaps concerned for the life of humanity at this point—to a few people in higher levels. “Starscream, do me a favor and scan a car.” Megatron tells the seeker. “. . .Master?” Starscream is puzzled. “It’s 1:20 PM, and, there will be joggers passing by this yard at 1:40 PM.” Megatron explains to the seeker. “Humans go jogging even if there’s disaster on the horizon, and some, just some, go jogging in the cold.” _________ ________ _____ . . . Two hours later . . . . Jess’s house . . . Megatron had fallen into recharge in the garage after Starscream had left with the three needed products. However, this afternoon was about to shake up. Cans hit Megatron but they expelled thick, heavy smoke commonly used to get criminals out of a house. The Decepticon leader jumps out of the garage—while breaking it into pieces---at the same time transforming into his robot mode. Megatron coughs hearing helicopter sounds and men shouting. One of his optics caught sight of Jess being taken away by suspicious humans. What?, Megatron quickly processes in his processor getting up, Why do they take her WHEN I’M THE THREAT they should be focused on? “Megatron, RUN!” Jess shouts, in the men’s tight grip. Jess’s mother was at work, fortunately, when the army surrounded the house and chaos had erupted. Bullets were fired at Megatron. So he blasts at the humans—who were using their guns against him—as what they were: a small ant army. These humans became a pest that had to be terminated by him. His thirst to kill terrible humans had returned, finally. But it wasn’t because of how awful they were it was because of Jess in danger not him being attacked. Since when did Megatron become an Organic-Lover? No he’s not in love; Megatron is just attached to the person who’s been around him in this confusing world. He could see she was being taken into an unmarked dark SUV—and he knew that government vehicles are always marked—that has some broken windows. Someone had called people in high levels, and then planned a kidnapping under their noses to get money off the girl who had been around a Transformer. The kidnappers dragged Jess into the dark SUV and closed the door, and then they drove off. “Jess!” Megatron yells, turning over a driver-less car—that was from the other side of the yard at some neighbors house—and stepped over a human. He blasts his cannons at the humans who were hurting him. But first he had to do three things; One, get Jess. Two, have Starscream get someone else’s garage, and third; go home. Megatron transforms into his Cybertronian Decepticon mode; flying over the vehicle with Jess inside. “Master, the space bridge is ready!” Starscream comnlinks Megatron. “Starscream; steal a garage and put it where the old one used to be.” Megatron orders him. He heard a complaint on Starscream’s end. “Don’t break it; you can find the old garage because it is in ruins. I trust you can get rid of these humans.” “It’s always one more thing with you,” Starscream sounds annoyed. “One more thing!” “Get it before I end you in this universe.” Megatron threatens him. “And then I will find a new second in command when I get back.” “Fine, master.” Starscream complies with his demand. Starscream flew back to Jess’s house seeing humans had surrounded it. Humans should be taken care of first, Starscream decided, and then the new garage. Flying above the backyard Starscream transformed into his robot mode.Starscream lands fist first on the ground—similar to a pose someone who knew exactly what they were doing after falling a great distance and were Hollywood-like-okay. The humans proceeded shooting at him. The seeker’s wings knock down a transformer pole creating electricity from both sides of the falling electrical exposed product. One of his wings shakes the third tree to the left. Starscream grabs two of the humans then threw them into the fourth backyard across from this one. “I have a garage to replace; you pesky rats never disrespect me.” The seeker straights his arms while positioning his laser blasters to the side of his arm. “Because, I am Starscream!” His laser blasters aimed at the attacking humans. “Shoot the Dorito chip!” A man yells. “Where’s the chip?” A woman, in dark uniform, yells. “I am not a Dorito chip!” The seeker shoots at all the humans’ dead center; either at their foreheads, shoulders, and chests. Starscream transforms into his jet mode and began shooting at the attacking humans who were still around the house. His shooting made one of the genuine official military vehicle tips over. The laser blasters’s shots made two other unoccupied vehicles (nearby the house) explode. One human steps foot into the garden; holding a big gun. “Step out of the flower garden.” Starscream said, in an over protective voice. “Or I will rip your face off.” “Die you metal transforming into people blob!” The human shot at Starscream. The gun’s force made the human drag his left foot backwards in the backyard. “I warned you.”Starscream transforms into his robot mode; standing behind the flower garden. We can hear the bullet pings strike his armor. Starscream does exactly as he promised; which killed the man, and threw the faceless-dead-body into the distance(towards a car store, specifically).Starscream did throw what he had taken off in the same direction. “Anyone else want to share his FATE?” Starscream yells, now holding the large gun. The humans had gotten Starscream’s point, and, well fled on foot because he destroyed most of their vehicles. “Ah, much better when they act like servants.” Starscream said, as he looks at his digits covered in the mess from killing a human. Starscream looks over his shoulder seeing a garage a few yards down that looks easy to pick up and take it over to this backyard. Starscream kicks at the ground where the former garage had been—which kicked up the former garage’s parts and made it go into the next yard—and admired his own clean up. “Garage, right.” Starscream reminds himself. . . .Scene change to Megatron’s chase . . . Megatron flew straight ahead to a street light from the unmarked SUV. I can only do this once, The Decepticon leader tells himself, and not get killed over it. Megatron transforms into his robot mode then fell on the road pretty much feet-first. He did not lose balance when landing on the paved light gray road with yellow streaks. “Moom, you told me the Easter bunny’s not real!” A child yells; standing outside a store with his mother. “But why is Megatron real?” The Unmarked van stops and then begins driving backwards. “No one runs away from me.” Megatron raises one of his servos that has a a small similar replica of Starscream’s laser blasters on the top. Megatron shot at the wheels, repeatedly. People were capturing the event on their cameras—it somehow got on live TV—and quite a few civilians ran into buildings then locked the door behind them. Those who were hiding feared Megatron’s large fushion cannon resting on his arm.The Decepticon leader walks up to the unmarked van still driving back. “Stay.” Megatron said, as the way he said it sounded like a heavy threat. He steps on the tip of the dark van. “I may be the works of your fiction, and, be insulted by your stupidity that no one will know what you did; but this does not excuse your move.” The parent, of the child who had complained about the Easter bunny, is hiding behind her big cart of groceries—no it’s really tall similar to a vending machine—while holding her son’s hand tightly. “And you must let that girl out, because I will use my fusion cannon your vehicle, I may not be my brother,” Megatron refers to Optimus Prime. “But I show no mercy to those who makes things worse than it has to be; do you realize that costs senseless lives? No! When we do—what we have to do—we do that with reason.” Megatron’s foot crushes the engine of the Van. “We don’t just destroy life by making the conditions right for it; we do it.” Megatron finishes his lecture to the soon-to-be-dead-humans. “And you should be held accountable by your own bad god. We are different from you; humans. That is why I do not align myself to your requests. Your greed disgusts me.” The men let Jess out. Megatron takes his foot off the dark van as Jess quickly went to the sidewalk. Megatron takes a step back from the vehicle while rising up his fusion cannon with deadly intent in his optics. His foot made a klink against the pavement. Megatron’s wheels turned slightly left on his armor. “Don’t!” One of the men shouts, raising one hand up. Megatron glares at the men. “Taking Jess sealed your death, why should I not give what you want?” Megatron reasons with their stupid move. The horrified men didn’t have a word to say. The fusion cannon went off on the dark van; creating a large explosive effect. Smoke and flames emit from the tragic sight that had been done by Megatron himself. The people who were there become silent perhaps too scared to say a word and yell. “Starscream to Megatron: the garage is ready.” Starscream comnlinks Megatron. “And I have sent the humans running off from the house.” Megatron looks towards Jess’s direction. “Good, we’ll be leaving.” Megatron said one digit on his audio comnlink. Starscream cheers on the other end; he is likely kicking a dead human corpse into a different yard. “One more thing.” He hears Starscream whine. Megatron then says in a voice not many could hear, “Put the dead bodies into the other yards.” “Fine.” Starscream said, probably pouting on his end. “And then we’re leaving!” Megatron terminates the comnlink with Starscream. Jess came to him—at a reasonable distance from the burning van—her body trembling. “I take it as you’re leaving.” Jess said, rubbing one side of her right arm that has a bruise from the deceased man’s grip. “Yes.” Megatron said. His red, dangerous optics appear considerate towards her. “There’s one thing I would like to do before going home.” Jess raises her left eyebrow at Megatron, guessing what it could be. Her right arm slid off the left shoulder’s bruise. A bystander can tell by Jess’s face that she is guessing death. “Are you going to leave me guessing?” Jess asks, tilting her head. “Yes.” Megatron said. “You must guess. And no; it’s not what you thought at first.” Her mouth became a perfect ‘o’. “Decepticons can’t read minds.” Jess said. Megatron, the tall and monstrous Decepticon leader, appears amused. “I read your face.” Megatron said. Jess rolls her eyes at his reply. “What is it, like really, what is it?” Jess taps her foot on the road. “Goodbye.” Megatron said, holding his right servo out—with what appears to be a small glove shoved on his right index digit. Jess looks down at the shoved on glove and smiles. “Goodbye, it is then.” Jess shook Megatron’s gloved digit. “For the time being, at least.” The small digit-hand shake ends, and then Megatron transforms into his cybertronian Helicopter-jet mode. He flew above the city towards the forest right up ahead followed by Starscream zipping right after him. Jess looks at the sky; feeling proud. She had provided shelter—and help—to the Decepticon leader. What she did get in return was a new garage.
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