Missing Leo

"You are indescribable."

Leo, the boy that is best friends with every boy and every girl. The boy that is shockingly handsome, but never has a girlfriend. The boy that falls in love too fast and gets over things too slow. Gemma has known Leo since she was one, and he's loved her since the day they met. But after rejecting him too many times, Leo disappears and Gemma is on the hunt to bring her best friend back. Lead by the series of cryptic clues he left behind, Gemma discovers that maybe being his best friend was too little for her after all...

Thank you to JakeB Stories for coming up with the name!


1. Chapter 1

“Look at the stars Gem,” he says, resting his head on his scrunched up jacket. Slowly, I lie down and stare up at the sky. It is stretched out far, not black, but an indescribable colour. Stars decorate the colour, dotted out and twinkling bright. They are not yellow or gold or silver. They too are an indescribable colour.

“I see them,” I whisper and turn my head to face him. His eyes are bright and shine, just like the stars.

“What would it be like to touch a star?” he asks. I think about this carefully. It has never occurred to me, to think what touching a star is like.

“Why ask that?” I say and he turns his head to see me.

“Answer me first,” he says and looks at me with a mischievous grin. Laughing, I turn back to stare at the stars in wonder.

“Indescribable,” I say and smile. That word means so much, but it is only just a single, simple word. You could write an entire poem, an entire novel, an entire series on just what indescribable can mean.

“Now answer my question.”

“The question is beautiful, the stars are beautiful, you are beautiful. If the question is the stars, and you are the stars, then you are the question. The question is you. You are indescribable.” I try to process all that and come up with a witty but smart comment. However all that I do is let out a laugh and listen to it dance along the wind.

“I am indescribable?” I ask and Leo nods. Shaking my head, he raises his eyebrows.

“Really? Describe yourself then.”

“Um, ok, let’s think. Um, er,” I stammer trying to think of a good word. Leo simply laughs.

“See? Indescribable. My indescribable girl.” Suddenly I realise his arm is wrapped round me so I push it off.

“Leo I’m not yours.” Out of habit I shuffle a bit away but I can still the sad spark in his eyes.

“You will be one day Gem. One day.” I roll my eyes. Leo has this crazy fantasy that I’ll date him. But he’s Leo. Leo the ladies’ man, the boy I’ve known since I was one. Leo the slightly crazy, incredibly deep and thoughtful boy. If I ever dated Leo our friendship would fall apart. Besides, I don’t even love him and what is the point in dating somebody when you don’t love them?

The thing is, when you’re young, it never truly is love. All it is, all the ‘love’ is truly, is a thought. You purely think that you’re in love and therefore you are fully persuaded you are in true and compassionate love. It’s hard for your mind to actually overcome this incredible and over-powering thought and to actually pull you back to reality. In most cases it never does.

“Leo, I won’t,” I say. I know it won’t stop anything, but maybe if I’m persistent in saying no, he might be able to let go of me. To get over me. Leo’s eyes sparkle brighter than before, dazzled with laughter and something else.

“Who knows what the future holds Gem,” he laughs and I sit up. The wind ruffles my hair, running its breezy fingers through the brown locks and carrying my voice far away. They sky is no longer an in-describable colour, instead it is an inky blue, but the stars I still can’t tell. Around us is grass, silent and wavering, waiting for something to happen. But what? Quiet bird songs sing through the air, cutting any silence with their beautiful voices.

How one thing can be so perfect, I don’t know. But maybe this isn’t perfect. Maybe there is one flaw right here. And what is that? Simple.


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