Two people shunned from the social median meet in a park. Talking leads to friendship and that friendship leads to love. Watch as the love between these two teenagers blooms when everything comes "Naturally".


1. The Start (or character intros)

The way this story starts is with bullies. No not bullies because a girl is so perfect everyone hates her and she ends up depressed and then she begins cutting. No. Bullies like subtle sneers and small comments that one girl just brushed off. Little things like picking out flaws and shoving them in her face.

Samantha Olivia Davidson was a sweet girl. She was slightly snappy and temperamental, but overall she was sweet. The one thing with Samantha or Sammie, well she got bullied. The way of bullying mentioned earlier. She always brushed it off, but deep down inside she was hurting. The reason for her bulling, her appearance. She had long, black hair that shone in the light, pale skin, very uncommon for her town and red eyes. The eyes were her most prominent feature. No she wasn't perfect, she didn't look like a model or anything like that, her features are just being stated and described. Most people picked on her because of these, but others it was because she was so snappy and didn't really understand people. She is only one though.

Eric Fredrick was an aloof boy. He never really spoke and friends weren't his thing. Bullies, well, if he had them he wouldn't know. He would sit with his headphones in most of the day and pay no attention to things around him. He wasn't athletic or a bookworm. He didn't love to flirt with girls, but he wasn't gay. He was just quiet and you had to earn his trust. Times like school or work for him were hell. He had to sit and talk to people and pay attention to what he was doing. His family never payed any attention to him, but really he didn't care. He wouldn't pay any attention back.

They are the two our story shall be about. So, shall we begin?

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