Two people shunned from the social median meet in a park. Talking leads to friendship and that friendship leads to love. Watch as the love between these two teenagers blooms when everything comes "Naturally".


4. The meeting (Sammie's POV)

School was finally over! I barged my way through the crowd of chattering girls, rough housing boys and bullies. I got out side and sighed. My black hair was a mess of frizz and sweat and my uniform was dirty.

I stood outside in the courtyard for a couple of minutes before someone bumped into me. That girl was called Angela Harris, she had long blonde hair and green eyes. She was the head cheerleader and her boyfriend was the captain of the football team.

She giggled with her friends while clinging to her boyfriend, Alfred Jones' arm. "Well, what do we have here girls? The defect is out on her own" she sneered. Her little posse snickered.

I sighed and scowled at her. "I'm going home goodbye" I said as sweetly as possible. I began to walk of when a strong hand caught my wrist.

It was Alfred. "What do you want jockstrap?" I asked. "Well, I was gonna say sorry for Angie and that if you wanted to watch practise sometime I would like to see you there" he smiled his winning grin.

Every other girl in the school would have melted into a puddle of goo. Me however I just smiled gently. "Well maybe, see ya later jockstrap" I gave him a salut before walking out the gates.

I plugged in my headphones and pulled my hoodie out is my bag. I switched my school jumper for the hoodie and sighed, feeling much more comfortable.

As I walked I lost myself in my music and soon walked into someone. I rubbed my head and sighed. "I'm so sorry" I muttered.

I looked up at the person to see a boy, the same age as me give or take a year or two. He had black hair and baby blue eyes. "Nah it's alright" he smiled

He began to walk away and I sighed. Things were hopefully gonna get better.

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